LSD has changed, has anyone experienced something similar to this? Options
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Recently I've had an LSD trip after 3 months of psychedelic abstinence, being almost 6 months since my last LSD trip.

I've noticed that the overall experience was very different from what I remembered. By the time I was peaking, it felt almost identical to DMT but more refined and a twist of its good old LSD character.

Before that abstinence I have been drinking a lot of ayahuasca, and the visuals were extremely similar. The headspace was also very different, almost completely absent of its analytical and cerebral side. It definitely had a spiritual component to it, which felt like direct communication to the other side.

Which leads me to this... On my last ayahuasca journey, I heard a voice that told me I have a lot to learn from mescaline and that my next journey should be on it. I ignored that voice 3 months ago as I was pretty sure I'm done tripping, but that voice appeared again on LSD recently.

Has anyone had this happen to them? I'm not complaining or anything, it seems actually great that I get to re-live everything I experienced from plant medicines on LSD but it's amazing how an experience can shift so drastically after time passes and other experiences are gained. It used to be just a thing that twists my mind, amplifies my emotions and changes certain perceptions, now it's much more than just that.

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Yeah, i've experienced something simmilar. I think it has to do with a change in attitude concerning the experience. I innitially used to take it in a social setting, wich is realy great. I had the deepest discussions with people, and also a lot of fun. But when you do it in a dark place, on your own, it realy becomes a whole different kind of experience. When there is no conversation, no thought, no distraction, the experience can begin to 'flow' and take you to places you wouldn't have thought possible.
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I believe that plant medicines stay with us forever.
Our mind-body-spirit system syncs up and adapts to those medicines.
Once we shape our systems with those spirit medicines, non-selective things like LSD can take us back through those channels.
LSD can do basically anything we want it too.
That's a good point too, the attitude definitely affects the experience.
Also, I think it'd be very wise to follow that voice and take some Mescaline.
Mescaline is such a great medicine that opens your channels and helps you channel more of your soul into this world. Smile
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YOU have changed my friend Smile
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Just like DMT breakthroughs "break through" our preconceived notions of what a breakthrough was, I think we can have radically different experiences on all types of psychedelics with enough time in between journeys and the right alterations to set and setting.

A few years ago, I used to believe in the (what I now believe is a) myth that the magic from LSD wears off after about 7-10 uses. I now wholeheartedly disagree with that sentiment and think that every trip can be the deepest and most powerful one yet depending on the things we do surrounding that trip.

This becomes even more complicated when we begin mixing substances, as it seems you did with aya and LSD. There is always more to explore!
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teotenakeltje wrote:
YOU have changed my friend Smile

I dunno how many thumbprints you must be taking for it to be like DMT but then again I've experienced DMT-esque vibes on large amounts of cannabis after a long abstinence so one never knows

The vibes of psychedelics change with the operating system they are implanted within

Any number of fractal adumbrations in the fitting of the glove of reality could be attributed for these sorts of changes in the experience...the accumulation of perspective
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Well I've vaped DMT on an acid peak once, and since then LSD has DMT flavors constantly, in my experience DMT adds more layers to the psychedelic trips of LSD at least it does for me.
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RAM wrote:
A few years ago, I used to believe in the (what I now believe is a) myth that the magic from LSD wears off after about 7-10 uses. I now wholeheartedly disagree with that sentiment and think that every trip can be the deepest and most powerful one yet depending on the things we do surrounding that trip.

I can see where you're coming from. Maybe the reasons are different, but for me, even though LSD is a 12 hour experience with intense physical stimulation, muscle tension, etc., mentally it is much less intense (dose for dose) compared to plant substances like mushrooms. Even though LSD is harder on the body, I could easily take it every 2 weeks, or even weekly if I really, really wanted to (and lots of people do). I found the magic of LSD wears off quickly when taking it that frequently, which is not too surprising, really.

I find that taking it that frequently has had a considerable toll on my mental state as well, I found it takes a big ol' chunk out of my short term memory in a similar way heavy weed smoking does.
LSD is absolutely magical in its own right, but is not as self-regulating as mushrooms are for me.
Mushrooms set my life straight in every possible way and satisfy my tripping needs for a month or longer (sometimes 2, 3), whereas LSD is more recreational for me.

I am still relatively new to it, but I think I will start to take it less frequently and in higher doses from now on. Will be taking both AL-LAD and LSD at a festival soon though, which I am immensely looking forward to. Lysergamides definitely have a crystalline pure magic of their own. I have never experienced colors the way I have on LSD, ever, and the afterglow and worthwhile realizations are entirely different from plant medicines.
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teotenakeltje wrote:
YOU have changed my friend Smile

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