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Free lab test for your (garden or local) plants !!! Interested?? Options
#121 Posted : 10/15/2023 7:39:49 AM

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thanks for offering this. Is there a list with the results available?
I am struggleing with sourcing plant material for extraction due to customs and would be delighted to find some local alternatives.

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#122 Posted : 10/15/2023 6:57:22 PM

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Over the years I´ve been posting results in threads such as these:

Cactus Analysis thread
Acacia Analysis thread
Mimosa analysis thread
Phalaris analysis thread
Caapi analysis thread (I got a bunch more results on this hopefully to post in the next couple of weeks or so)

If you can do extracts on local plants sustainably or grow them and extract, post here and we´ll get it tested.

Be well
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