10mg harmalin freebase sublingually + vapor + Shpongle Options
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It's there. The next step. The new step. The old step. 10mg harmalin freebase was sent to my peruvian friend and he advised me to post his findings with vaporized dmt.

"For 15 minutes I held it under my tongue. Slight euphoria. But still not relaxed. Well...the first tokes...It freaked my out to a degree, because I knew that there was plenty of room for a negative thought spiral..and the more I reasoned about it, the more it became reality. So I stopped and accept the challenge.

This black and golden velvet veil pouring into my soul,
3Dimensional Bands of multicolored wire...transforming into wireframe patterns
full of tiny hyroglyphs..the patterns unfolding slowly.

Noticing once again, that you are the one who makes life a positive experience..or not.
Rubbing the cat strongly doesn't yield more pleasure, than doing it very softly but concentrating on the experience. The same with every sensual experience. It depends on what you concentrate on. The last time they told me, that I always wanted things to go bad. They're right. YES, I know that this behaviour is slapping life in the face. It's horrible.

The PEAK experience lasts 8 minutes. Compared to 2 minutes with smoked freebase alone.
Pretty awesome! A relief to be longer in this real, having the opportunity to look at things, like in a lucid realize that you're dreaming a psychedelic dream. Shpongle - Connoisseur Of Hallucination

I thought it to be lame, but I was so wrong. It's lovely,
The living drops of molasse were dancing to it. They loved it.
MUSIC ...they LOVE MUSIC. Patterns unfolding to this lovely tune.
Again bands in their metallic shimmering glory...watery surfaces above my head
dancing drops of checked patterns..

The music hearing music while asleep..coming from every direction...
rippling through the space....the love it.

Live, we love it. Dance now. Concentrate on your future. Celebrate live. Celebrate love.

Patterns of mechanical eyes, hard to see but easy to feel...starring at me,
Shadows of people running running behind the metallic shimmering, translucent paravent

Oh what a joy to feel the snakeness of your body, to stretch two miles long,
to come back rejoice, to embrace life. To sing as loud as you can.

It's a new dawn. The new step. The First step. The old step.

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Sounds like someones in love...

Glad for you...

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung

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