I'm going to be injected with DMT in the name of science Options
#1 Posted : 10/12/2016 7:26:43 PM

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Hello Nexus,

Some news I thought some of you may also find interesting...a friend is helping fund an upcoming IV DMT brain imaging study being conducted by Imperial College London. His friend is the PhD student spearheading it, under the supervision of Dr Robin Carhart-Harris and Professor David Nutt. The study will be investigating the effects of different dosages of DMT on the brain via EEG and fMRI. I'm signed up for the pilot study...two study days, a week apart, in November. On one day I will receive the placebo (IV saline), the other I will receive my allocated dose of IV DMT, and obviously I don't know which order I shall receive them.

Have to say, think I'll be nervous on the day. But a pretty amazing opportunity and I'll be sure to document my experience and share it here. I think another Nexian may also be "on the bus", but I've not heard from him in a little while, if he reads this maybe he could chime in?

In other related news, I am trying to make arrangements for a follow up brain imaging study on 5-MeO-DMT by the same seems the DMT study protocol can be adapted for a 5-MeO-DMT study, and I think this compound will be a really interesting one to research, having received even less scientific attention to date than DMT, and the Imperial team are probably the best people in the world to undertake such a study. The Imperial team are pretty interested in psychedelics on how they affect the ego, and it seems 5-MeO might be a great tool with this in mind, given its great efficacy for ego dissolution. Speaking to David Nutt and other members of the Imperial team, it seems they are keen to conduct such a study (with a study protocol in development), and my friend seems interested in supporting it, and I've spoken to the Beckley Foundation who help sponsor a lot of Imperial's psychedelic research here in the UK, and they too seem keen especially with a co-funder on board.

So watch this space! Thumbs up

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Exciting news man, what an opportunity!

I'm definitely curious to hear the trip report. Happy and safe journey to you! Thumbs up
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It makes me happy to hear that you will have this tremendous opportunity real soon.
Not many people will have the chance of experiencing IV DMT in a safe environment. The fact that you will be able to compare routes of administrations is very valuable. I only wish you the best of luck and will watch this space for updates Smile
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Super cool. I want to hear your experience when it's all said and done. Cool
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Very interesting and what a great opportunity! I wish you well in this endeavor. As above folks have already stated, I too look forward to this report. Not many people get that chance for rigorous/scientific and dose-dependent experiences. Nervousness is a good sign. Smile

Safe travels.
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What if there is no discernible difference between the placebo and the DMT?
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Wow, cool. It will be very interesting to read your reports on participating in this study.

I echo your sentiments regarding 5meo DMT, and would love to see attention paid to this compound by the scientific community. It is stirring up a lot of interest in the new age community, it would be nice to balance that out; i feel personally that it is one of the most important ones out there far s is potential to effect life changing benefits tfor its user.

Definitely keep us posted and we'll informed on this.Thumbs up
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That's an amazing opportunity - I cannot wait to see the published results.

I had hoped I might be able to get my PhD at the Imperial College, but sadly, it wasn't a realistic possibility. Still hoping that maybe I can get over there one day as a post-doc, or maybe, one day in the far future, as a faculty member Twisted Evil

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Fantastic! Safe journeys.
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Best of luck Bancopuma.. really looking forward to hearing of your experience Smile

I'm actually really interested in hearing of people's clinical based experiences who have already had experiences prior.. I remember Nick Sand wrote an interesting article speculating that the setting of the Strassman studies (hospital-like setting with wires and devices everywhere) likely played a part in the inclination to a more extraterrestrial context for some subjects...that was to subjects whom to my knowledge had no prior experience with dmt so it will be interesting what an already experienced psychonaut will experience in this type of setting.

Happy travels to the beyond!
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Where do I sign up?
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Very awesome indeed, Banco
I can't wait to see the results of this experience.

Will definitely keep an eye on this thread for updates.

Good luck friend Thumbs up
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I will be eagerly watching this space. Safe travels Bancopuma, and please be sure to keep us apprised of the results. I'm really curious to see the fMRI results; it's the Hubble telescope of neuroscience right now.
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pinkoyd wrote:
I'm really curious to see the fMRI results; it's the Hubble telescope of neuroscience right now.

Not quite infallible.

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Bancopuma wrote:
The Imperial team are pretty interested in psychedelics on how they affect the ego

Awesome! If it is one thing that is needed to be studied scientifically at present, it is the human ego. I also really hope this contributes to legalization in at least one country. If anything it would be great to see DMT used in a psychiatric setting or similar. It would make a lot of people including myself feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing.

Best of luck Thumbs up Cool

P.S. Keep in mind that during your trip massive magnetic fields and radio frequencies will be pulsating through your entire body, probing the hydrogen nuclei and picking up tiny changes in the blood flow of your brain. Wowza!
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I heard Dr. Carhart-Harris speak a few months back, and he seemed incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy. It's funny because at the talk I went to he briefly mentioned that "a DMT study might be in the works" with a smile, and here I see it has come to fruition!

Good luck - I'm excited to hear the results.
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WonderfulThumbs up
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I hope you can be of better value than this:
Doc to assistant: Shall we tell it was the placebo?
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Good luck, quite extra ordinary Thumbs up
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^^^ Laughing Laughing Laughing
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Wow that's awesome !! Where do sign up for that
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