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#1 Posted : 10/20/2007 5:38:55 PM

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Whats up guys this is my first post but ihave been lurking for amonth or two my dog his name is swim and he is an experienced psychedelic user he has experienced lsd hbwr mushies rolls foxies amanitas and salvia more lsd rolls and mushies than all of the others but ever since swim found out about nn dmt he had been really wanting to try it but figured that would never happen since no one he knows had ever heard of it but after a litle research he figured he could run a couple experiments and thanks to youall especially noman swim was successful twice swim has finally tried spice and he said WOW Shocked this stuff is unbelievable but swim has no scales so measuring was done with eyes first attempt small amount felt incredible very good body buzz second attempt doubled the amount had crazy visuals like colored smoke coming of the floor and walls and againfelt incredibley good he was really surprised how quickly the spice hits you but thanks to this forum and the posters swim will be able to spice it up many times to come sorry about the lack of punctation and structure but im posting on a ps3 also i had an idea during freeze precip could you insert a string or stickor a metal rod into the naptha and have the crystal form on for easier removal sort of like rock candy any input would be appreciated
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#2 Posted : 10/21/2007 7:14:38 AM
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A string won't do you any good on a freeze precipitate, it works much better if you allow the solvent to evaporate over a long period of time, I'd say 1-2 weeks. For bigger crystals you should use a base crystal from a previous freeze precip and fasten it to the end of the string.
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