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(mind)Set: Expectant, calm.
(physical condition) Set: Normal condition
Setting (location): Music studio sofa
time of day: 20:00
recent drug use: Cannabis joint 1 hour before
last meal: Light lunch

Gender: m
body weight: 65kg
known sensitivities:
history of use: Used LSD 6 times, biggest dose 180µg. Ocasional consumer of MDMA, daily cannabis smoker. 3 previous breakthroughs, biggest dose 25mg


Substance(s): DMT
Dose(s): 15mg, 15mg
Method of administration: vaporized with VG


Administration time: T=0:00, T=0:45
Duration: 1 hour aprox.
First effects: Instant
Peak: T=0:02
Come down: T=0:07
Baseline: T=0:40

Intensity (overall): 2

Pleasantness: 3
Unplesantness: 0
Visual Intensity: 3


Hangover: 0
Afterglow: Energic and creative for some days after.


On my last dmt session two things happend: I had too much and I loved the amazing open eyes visuals. Some weeks later I was planing a more relaxed evening; music and small dmt doses. I wanted to experience something less intense, likely on the sub breakthrough range, and hopefuly get more time of open eyed visuals.

There is this nicely equiped musical studio I use. I spend quite a time there with my close friend. We usually do electronic music, mainly techno. It has some good synths, drum boxes, turntables and awesome monitors. There is also a sofa.

My friend started playing some techno tracks, on the minimal side of it. He is good at mixing. Volume was high, not club like but I could feel the physical vibrations on my body perfectly. Chest, neck and head resonated at their frequencies. I layed back in the sofa, covered with a blanket. The room was dark, only a small black light illuminated the turntables and the mixer.

Now this might seem as a strange setting, but exploring music and dmt was one the intents of this evening. High volume techno is probably more pleasant to me than most imagine, and that sofa is definitely safe ground. I had no doubts about the settings. I had less preflight anxiety than ever, probably helped by the fact that I had halved the dose.

With the 15mg loaded pipe ready I listened the music for some minutes waiting for good liftoff soundtrack. I lit it on a relaxed breakdown. My eyes felt heavy, and my skin melting. Skin melted sounds awful, but It was a sensation I enjoyed. Some sort of intense massage. I speculate the vibrations of the music on my body triggered that new sensation for me.

Closed eyed, fractal flowers and plants appeared. They grew at the beat of the music. The colors where pink, grey and white. I would open my eyes, see the studio, close them again and see a diferent flower grow. I enjoyed it much and for 4-5 minutes plants continued to appear. When visuals fainted I layed there enjoying the sleepy body feel and the music for 20 or 30 minutes. Then I stand up and danced for a while. Prepared the pipe with the same dose and danced some more.

Again on a calmed section I lit it from the sofa. With closed eyes I could feel a light, far away, moving at the beat and heating my body. It was very pleasant. I had some more tunnel like visions, sensation of falling, and more flower fractals. Things appeared, grew, changed colors or shapes at the beat of the music, all the time. I enjoyed that very much. Best audio visuals I've ever seen, and I've seen some. I danced some more when I could stand up.

At the end two hours of music had passed. I enjoyed the evening very much, hugged my friend thanking him. It felt relaxed, easy. The union of music and dmt produced some awesome effects that I will explore further.

On the other hand I must recon the kind of techno played wasn't optimal. At several points the sudden breakdowns disturbed the experience. When a buildup was ocurring visuals followed, on the drop visuals and music would detach in way I did not enjoy. Also the kick drum was a too heavy anchor, a clock you could not avoid listening. I did enjoy the noisy buildups. For my next musical trip i'll carefully select the music; kickless, noisy, hypnotic and strange.

Unfortunatly I did not get any open eyed visual that I wanted so badly. Room was too dark and nothing appeared other than with closed eyes.

My curiosity towards harmalas is growing, I want longer experiences.

Thanks for reading.

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