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(mind)Set: Optimistc, had a good day.
(physical condition) Set: Normal condition
Setting (location): My living room's sofa. With my wife
time of day: 22:00
recent drug use: Cannabis joint 1 hour before
last meal: Light lunch

Gender: m
body weight: 65kg
known sensitivities:
history of use: Used LSD 6 times, biggest dose 180µg. Ocasional consumer of MDMA, daily cannabis smoker. 2 previous breakthroughs, biggest dose 25mg


Substance(s): DMT
Dose(s): 30mg
Method of administration: Vaporized with VG


Administration time: T=0:00
Duration: Around 40 mins.
First effects: Instant
Peak: T=0:02
Come down: T=0:07
Baseline: T=0:40

Intensity (overall): 4

Pleasantness: 2
Unplesantness: 2
Visual Intensity: 4


Hangover: 0
Afterglow: Felt energic and inspired again for some days after


My second breakthrough had been awesome. An intense dose of pleasure and amazing visuals. The bar was too high, I had to drop all expectations for my third trip. I continued to focus on well being, relationships and did not plan for a future DMT session.

About three weeks passed from the last trip when I had another good day. Sun shone, I made some decent music, talked with friends and was back home with my lovely wife. We sat on the sofa talking for a while and felt like it. I asked her to sit me in a surprise dmt vap. She agreed. I smiled.

I loaded 30mg. My last 25mg were good and intense but I wanted to try a bigger dose. While 25mg fill perfectly in the liquid pad, these 30mg seemed to be a bit too much, some particles of dust felt out and the pad looked wet. I got some preflight anxiety right there.

I sat reclined and confortable in my sofa with my wife by my side and after a short meditation I lit it. I noticed more vap than ever. Instant effects, can't remember exhaling, I'm getting good at vaping.

Bidimensional patterns, like feathers, others flowery, with many color. They flash very fast going from one to another different, I can't remember them all but I could draw for weeks. It's very intense, my eyes opened after ten seconds but the visuals went ininterrumped. I don't remember doing it, only I know because my wife.

This patterns relaxed and I was in some sort of room, walls and floor made of brilliant plastic pieces. There were decorative elements, a lamp and some engravings. I saw a recurrent pink color here again, but the room was constantly changing in shape and colors, all of them vivid and reflectant. I felt again the time looping, like it wouldn't ever end showing me diferent combinations of that room. This time I had no fears. No voices.

Don't know exactly when or how but the plastic visions fainted so I was left with my eyes open looking at my living room. It was flooded with amazing hallucinations. I started turning my head around, fascinated. The whole place was interleaved with golden strings that moved with grace. The light vibrated. The walls had changing color. I looked at my wife and she was split in small segments like the pixels in a screen. She could not resist to emit a small giggle for my attitude. I said the first words with a big smile: "Where the fuck am I?". I swear casually in private by the way. My wife laughted and I followed. I asked her to take my hand, it was cold and sweaty.

The open eyes visuals were powerful. I looked at a painting in front of me, an illustration of a beauty woman face. It started coming out of the frame, hair moving like flames and head tilting. It was so realistic I said something to her along the lines: "Can you talk?". I recorded this session too and it was a fun moment to watch, me waving my arms to the paiting and asking her for an answer. She did not answer. My wife was having fun with me.

I looked another painting, a landscape, that morphed from its original form into a cloudy gas of colors, and then it reintegrated into the picture to become a cloud again later.

This visuals would last for some good 15 minutes more, during that time my wife and I would exchange words and jokes. It was a very fun moment.

The days after I felt energic again and somewhat inspired. Tobacco changed his taste too. I've had a hard time make something clear out the first part of the trip, even after many days. I suspect 30mg vaped at once might be too much for me. The way I opened my eyes and how cold and sweaty I was sound like tells. The first part was simply too fast and intense. I think I'll go down to 25mg on my next trip.

On the other hand I felt in love with the open eyes visuals. I never had those. LSD ones are different. This were realistic, integrated and seemed to have life on their own. I decided I want to experience more of this kind of visions so I would spent some time further researching MAOIs, pharmahuasca and sniffing freebase. No final decision has been made yet.

Thanks for reading.

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Very much enjoyed reading your trip reports! Im also interested to see your paintings of the pink cubes if youd like to share them in the near future. Welcome Smile
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