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(mind)Set: Expectant, calmed and determined
(physical condition) Set: Normal condition
Setting (location): Close friend's house. Living room in a confortable couch
time of day: 20:00
recent drug use: cannabis joint 4-5 hours before
last meal: light lunch

Gender: m
body weight: 65kg
known sensitivities:
history of use: Used LSD 6 times, biggest dose 180µg. Ocasional consumer of MDMA, daily cannabis smoker. 1 previous breakthrough vaping 20mg.


Substance(s): DMT
Dose(s): 25mg
Method of administration: vaporized with VG


Administration time: T=0:00
Duration: around 30 mins.
First effects:Instant
Peak: T=0:02
Come down: T=0:05
Baseline: T=0:30

Intensity (overall): 4

Pleasantness: 4
Unplesantness: 1
Visual Intensity: 3


Hangover: 0
Afterglow: Felt energic for some days after


One of the realizations of my first breakthrough was my own reason voice detached from me. That voice was quite chattery and I had taken, humbly, the decision of shuting it up for this coming experience. I meditated and reflected more than usual and made conciously work to be happy and to share that happiness with my family and friends. Then I waited until my desire and curiosity urged for more hyperspace.

It wasn't much time. I don't recall the exact dates, at most it had passed one month from the last. I asked the same friend to sit me, on the same place. The setting was almost identical but we were alone this time.

When I felt relaxed, after some minutes of meditation after some small talk, I lit it. I had raised my last dose from 20mg to 25mg and my vaping technique wasn't that bad this time. I inhaled the whole dose perfectly, to the bottom of my lungs. I don't remember exhaling.

Felt like falling, my eyes closed and I was in the dark. Not dark as when there is no light or you close your eyes. It was hyperspace darkness, dense and envolving. At the sides of my viewfield gray rocky formations appeared and dissapeared. I was moving fast between this rocky formations. It reasembled those flyby shots of the Grand Canyon you see in docs and films.

The sides started to grow forming a thinner canyon, I flew, still full speed, towards one of the sides through a small hole that turned into a big hole and I was again falling in the darkness. It was a fractal, I was falling through a dark, rocky, intrincate fractal. I restarted the circuit some times more, falling throgh rocks that were becoming brighter and brigther.

Somehow the light flooded it all. The falling stopped and I could see no rocks. Just bright, golden light, and in front of me, a swirling circle of even brighter white light. Then I had the strange sensation of been lifting my pipe, and lighting it up again. I was still submerged in the golden light but somehow I revived the seconds before smoking, as if my memory would play that moment, again, and again, and again, the swirling circle keep swirling and the golden light was there.

I was scared, my own detached voiced appeared in scene for first time, loud: "This won't end! You are trapped here, this is not ok". It repeated that kind of stuff while the swirling light kept going and the seconds kept looping.

Then, me. My "real" inner voice, the one I could conciusly articulate stated firmly: "Calm, you came here for this, let it go". Instantly the loop disolved, the detached voice went away, and I was projected at high speed into the most beautiful visuals I've ever seen. A soup of colors, amoebas, small creatures and fractal algae and currents. The colors where infinite, degrading into even more beautiful colors each time, and the creatures moved organically while I thrusted among them to see even more of them.

Yes, the visuals were awesome but those pale compared to how I felt. The instant I entered the soup the most profound sensation of well being and happyness filled me. It was like sex, food, music, party, been loved, everything at the same time. I had decided to record in video this session. When hours later I looked the video I saw my face converting from nothing into huge pleasure. I had such an smile and orgasmic gesture I almost felt a ashamed of having my very close friend seen me like that.

I navigated this soup and feelings for what felt a generous time that I'm thankful for. Both visuals and ephoria diminished slowly and linearly, leaving me in a calm, almost medidative-like state. I opened my eyes and had almost no visuals, just some residual glows. I said to my friend: "How fucking awesome... how awesome". He replied: "I could tell in your face it was a good time".

Again words would come slowly, but the experience was quite clear. Unlike my first time, there was no blank spaces or days of memory flashes to reconstruct the story. It was clear and I felt rewarded, big time.

The days after I was energic. I had again my taste of tobacco changed, but this time it wasn't bad enough for me to quit it. No new medidation upgrades acquired sadly. I did paint some scenes again.

After this, I knew I was going to smoke more DMT in the future, and I did.

Thanks for reading.

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And welcome... just two posts in.

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Sounds like a kick ass flight!!

Nice report! Always glad to hear someone's first experiences. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and re-live some of my first trips.

Keep those reports coming! Very much enjoyed reading! Thanks!
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