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This reports my first DMT session. I'll briefly relate my two sub breakthroughs attempts and my first breakthrough.

(mind)Set: Excited and nervous, with some (high) expectations since this was the first time
(physical condition) Set: Normal condition
Setting (location): Close friend's house. Living room in a confortable couch
time of day: 18:00
recent drug use: cannabis joint 4-5 hours before.
last meal: light lunch.

Gender: m
body weight: 65kg
known sensitivities: none
history of use: Used LSD 6 times, biggest dose 180µg. Ocasional consumer of MDMA, daily cannabis smoker. No previous experience with DMT


Substance(s): DMT
Dose(s): 15mg, 20mg, 20mg
Method of administration: vaporized with VG


Administration time: T=0:00, T=2:00, T=4:00
Duration: around 30mins on first doses, bit longer on the last one
First effects:Instant after each toke
Peak: T=0:02 each toke
Come down: T=0:10 each toke
Baseline: T=0:30 each toke, bit longer on last one.

Intensity (overall): 3

Pleasantness: 2
Unplesantness: 1
Visual Intensity: 3


Hangover: 0
Afterglow: Felt energic for some days after


During the last two years I've grown interest in hallucinogenics and some months ago decided to do some LSD sessions with great results. Been a science minded person, I had to see with my own eyes those unbelievable experiences others were relating when using DMT too.

I got my hands on some spice and a VG.

I asked a close friend to sit me, at his place where I feel as good as in mine. I had readed on this forum about how difficult is to properly vap spice so I planed for a long evening with several attempts. I wanted a breakthrough on my first day but I'd start safe at 15mg.

Attempt 1:

I prepared a liquid pad with shaky hands. I underheated it the first time so not all the spice melt properly. Then I spent some minutes meditating. When ready, surrounded by three people I love, I went for it.

Seems like on my first toke I barely smoke any vap, probably I melt it only. I felt a light and strange sensation. I followed by another toke, this time I felt the vapour on my lungs. Suddenly a sound appeared growing in intensity fast, like a huge bumblebee, or some strange plane. I remember thinking, "Here we go!". Time briefly seemed to stop. My breathing felt very slow, almost halting. And then nothing, time went to normal and the sound was gone. I closed my eyes and noticed some faint visuals, flower-like geometries. Those went away fast too.

I opened my eyes and looked at my expectant group of friends. 10 seconds ago they were looking at me and now they were reading a book, or laying back. They explained my 10 seconds were in fact about 3-4 minutes. That shocked me. I proclaimed a success acording to the plan. I experimented with the vaping device, and felt some interesting effects, not a breakthrough definitively. Time to rest and enjoy the company.

Attempt 2:

An hour later I felt impacient, sat and meditate for half an hour. Then I began preparing the pipe and the liquid pad. Again I underheated the pad and not all the spice melt. I loaded 20mg this time.

Sitting relaxed went for a good toke. I wanted to take all at once so I emptied lungs and start inhaling. I noticed the vapour starting coming at 60% my lung capacity. When my lungs were full of clean air my throat and mouth was full of vap. I exhaled a lot of unused vapour.

Still I felt a powerful effect: Time seemed to stop again, I looked at my legs where a beehive pattern had replaced my pants. I moved my hand to touch the pattern and it left a beatiful trail of blue and yellow light. My head felt heavy so I layed it back looking at the roof. Some more geometrical, mandala-like visuals appeared, in a very dim white color that quickly went away. This time I noticed a stronger body feel, similar to waking up of anesthetics, it was pleasant and lasted 15 minutes or so.

Again my friends informed me that I spent like 4 minutes staring at nothing, when I felt it was more like 10 seconds, 20 top. I felt a bit frustrated for not taking the whole dose correctly, but the visuals were nice and the body sensation pleasant. I tried another toke to empty the VG but there was almost no effect.

At this point aborting a third attempt crossed my mind, I did not want to be greedy, but the evening with friends was flowing nicely, both attempts had been pleasant and my birthday was about to start. I decided a third attempt was due, we talked about the visuals I had for a while and relaxed.

Attempt 3, breakthrough:

Two hours later I was ready again. I realized I had to correctly pre-melt the spice, or the dose would be harder to take at once. So I did. This time the whole 20mg became liquid runing inside the pad. I did not raise the dose since my last vaping technique had beed obiously bad.

After some breathing meditation I layed back, a bit more horizontal this time. I light it up, inhale slowly first and notice the flavourful vapour instantly, inhale a bit harder and the rest comes, my lungs were fulling of DMT and I could notice.

The raising noise appeared again, this time much stronger. I could not keep my eyes opened and my body felt heavy. While slowly closing my eyes the dark side of my eyelid became patterned with small squares. The best way to describe this pattern is to visualize an endless lsd blotter page, with colorful geometry on a dark background drawn on each tab. This pattern quickly turned into the walls of a tunnel-like room.

In this tunnel a few big, perfect geometries appeared flying to me, slowly. This figures where simply planes and lines. The colors where very vivid. Some where white, an impossible perfect white, and others where bright pink. This pink colour will appear on my future trips, again and again. They had no shadows and were perfectly lit. The edges sharp. The whole scene had some flickering light on it, like a broken fluor light.

At this point I realized a very, the most, interesting thing. I was hearing my own reason voice, not articulated by me consciously, and the source of the voice didn't seem to be my own head. The voice appeared to be placed at my side so I could hear my inner voice through my ears. This voice seemed to be a bit scared. "This is very strange. This is what you wanted. Look that pattern, remember to tell about it to {lovedone}. This is strange. Is the noise normal?. That noise won't stop" and so on. After the trip I concluded that my reason voice had been nagging and chattery.

The visions continued on that same tunnel for a while. Pink lines and white cubes and planes kept coming towards me. While the visuals were spectacular, I didn't feel specially pleased. I had a feeling I can best describe as "been at a hospital". The flickering light and noises played a big role on that. During this phase I also felt at some point a burning sensation in the tip of my tongue. I remember my own nagging voice saying: "See, you burned yourself noob"

Then things started to become gentler. The dark patterned walls turned into a huge grey space. Three enourmous cubes appeared in front of me. Two at my sides, another at the back of these two, in front of me. I had the sensation of flying between the side cubes, going towards the third one in the back. These cubes were gray with some simple and very cool patterns in black, white and brink pink again. I felt relaxed, the nagging voice was gone. Later I would paint this scene on paper as It was both simple and beautiful.

All the visuals had a common thing, they all looked like computer generated graphics. Video game scenes. Nothing felt organic; colors, borders, geometries and movements were all impossibly perfect.

Visuals started to faint. I opened my eyes, looked at my surrondings. I enjoyed some subtle hallucinations on the pictures of the wall and the face of my loved one whom I had started looking. She was expectating; my first words: "How odd.. This was really weird". More words wouldn't come out until some minutes later. I needed a good week to reconstruct and narrate the experience as you are reading it, and I still suspect something is missing between the tunnel and the cubes.

It felt very extrange. What I've seen was clearly artificial but It felt very real. The sensation of hearing my own voice detached was powerful, and had me thinking a lot about it. During my reflexions on this matter I decided I wanted to shut that voice down on my next trips. I went bed satisfied for the experience, and thinking on how odd everything felt.

The next days were good. I felt energic and, for 5-6 days, dropped tobbaco since it's flavour was totally different. This was surprising, healing was not an objetive I had in mind, neither I intended to stop smoking. It was about the bad taste. I also felt the urge to paint what I had seen and I did. The bright pink color rooted on me. I'm still working slowly on recreating some scenes on the computer.

I noticed another strong side-effect, this one long lasting until this very day. My next medidation sessions grow in time and intensity, like magically. I've been doing simple breath meditation for 3-4 years. I started in order to calm my mind and work more focused. I used to do 30-45 minutes sessions at most. The day after the breakthrough I sat to meditate for one hour and half, so easily and focused in a way I never had done it before. I like to think my mind has some more food for thought, or non-thought.

Reading other's experiences, I concluded my first breakthrough had been a middle ground experience. Not very intense or meaningful if you like, I wanted to see more. Some days later I was already planning for my second trip, equipped with what I learned it proved to be a much more memorable experience.

Thanks for reading and thanks to this community for the info and help provided.

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enjoyed reading this. some pretty interesting after effects!
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I also felt that burning sensation on my tounge that you decribed, great report!
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Great report! Thumbs up
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Thanks for sharing!
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