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#201 Posted : 11/4/2019 3:50:04 PM

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Yeah I would suspect that your plant has some Grandiflorus DNA. PC flowers are white. The fact that it has pink flowers, it flowered at a young age, it flowers profusely... all these factors point to there being some Grandiflorus genetics mixed in.

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Nathaniel wrote:
Can someone definitely identify these cacti for me?

These were sold as Bridgesii and got good reviews, whatever that's worth. They arrived quite hurt from obviously being stuffed together with spines poking each other. However, the spines were removed for shipping but I guess that was after the fact. Luckily they recovered fine from their injuries and now have some root growth.

So... I am a Bridgesii n00b and not entirely sure what to look for. Is it real?

Nathaniel I just noticed your pics. Did you get yours from "Desertview Cactus" on the Bay? It looks like it. Real stout, about 3 inches diameter with the spines cut for shipping. If it is their bridge it is totally legit. It just looks like PC Pach once the spines are clipped. The 1 foot cuts I got ranged from 600grs - almost 1100(!)grs. I cut off a 400 gr piece of it fresh, did a quick brew of the dark green flesh and got more than I bargained for. I extracted 7 kilos of it and got about .8 grs full spectrum mescaline acetate per kilo. The alk mix is really good too, one of my favorites so far.
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