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#1 Posted : 11/20/2015 3:00:45 PM

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A recent post or two awakened in me an appreciation of the world-wide appeal of this site and the information it provides. I also recognize the effort that our non-English reading/writing members and visitors put into communicating in English.

Although I consider myself mono-lingual (with an embarrassingly small amount of French), I would like to do what I can to help improve this site for non-English readers. I would start with a Spanish version of the FAQ and popular Teks. This would have several benefits:

- It would broaden our audience using the second most popular language of the world, appealing specifically to those who live in the nations that brought us this incredible molecule (with the glaring exception of Brazil)

- It would make the site less economically and culturally exclusive, connecting Nexians with new perspectives and ideas.

- It would increase the accessibility of the most important and frequently visited parts of this site. The FAQ provides critical safety information that should be available to as wide an audience as possible.

- Both the FAQ and Teks could be dangerously mis-translated by the free on-line translation tools. A careful translation could prevent inadvertent harm.

Obviously, since I don't speak or write Spanish, my ability to help is limited. I consider myself an advocate and potential organizer of the project. I could use software to begin the process, but would need a native speaker to confirm the accuracy.

I would love to hear from Spanish speaking Nexians for their feedback and help-- moderator feedback would also be helpful.

Some day, we may even have Spanish sub-forums-- but that's for another day. Smile

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An alternative is for example implemented in the ayahuasca forum, where there are entries for other languages.

Not the whole site is translated, but people from other languages can contact the entry of their language for specific questions if they have trouble interpreting correctly the main English site.

Of course this means moderators active in those sections too.
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Thanks for the input, Jees--

That would be another option; one subforum could even cover several languages.

One benefit of doing an actual translation of documents is that after the initial work, less regular monitoring/effort would be needed by Nexian staff. I'll be curious what the moderators will say from their perspective.
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