Question about Filter Paper Placement Options
#1 Posted : 10/23/2015 12:27:50 AM

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About to run my first analysis, and am not confident with my placement of the filter paper in the developing chamber.

First, the filter paper only somewhat adheres to the developing chamber wall. Should I put a drop of testing liquid on it or use some other method to ensure it 'sticks' and doesn't fall into the pool of testing liquid or the testing card?

Also, should the filter paper be set above the level of the testing liquid in the developing chamber?

Perhaps it would help me get this right if I better understood the function of the filter paper.

Thanks for your help!

Very excited about this kit and want to get it right.

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#2 Posted : 10/23/2015 12:44:55 AM

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The function of the filter paper is to ensure that the developing chamber is saturated with the solvent used to develop the plate. If the chamber is not saturated, solvent would evaporate from the plate during development. It is important to let the filter paper do its job saturating the chamber before placing the plate into the chamber for development.

You could bend a few millimeters of the filter paper around the top edge of the developing chamber and fix it with a rubber band wrapped around the outside of the chamber.
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Perfect! Thanks pitubo.
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Regarding the filter paper, it will stick to the wall of the container when you put the testing liquid/eluent inside , just tilt the container a bit with your filter paper inside and pour the eluent over it as you pour it inside the chamber and it will stick Smile
#5 Posted : 10/23/2015 7:32:53 PM

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Just put a review of the kit up. Hope you find it helpful.
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