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Trouble salting DMT from limonene with vinegar Options
#1 Posted : 8/14/2015 4:01:13 AM

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~150 g ACRB was boiled 4x, tea was reduced to ~200 ml and made into a lime pudding.
Pudding was pulled with limonene.
Vinegar was added to limonene and agitated for 5 minutes (3x).

When Ehrlich's reagent is added to the limonene that has supposedly been salted, it turns reddish/purple, and there is no reaction when it is added to a drop of the vinegar.

This indicates that DMT acetate should test positive. So what am I doing wrong? This is my first time using limonene with DMT. I had success using it with 69ron's cactus tek so I figured I would try it out.

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#2 Posted : 11/15/2015 8:38:29 PM

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old post but...

Weird... I'd try salting a couple more times, and I'd first convert from the acetate to freebase before testing with the ehrlich. Im not sure if for some reason the excess vinegar interferes with the ehrlich reaction.

Otherwise check the pH of that vinegar. Or salt with another acid.

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#3 Posted : 11/16/2015 4:49:25 PM

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Is it possible that DMT (NMT) acetate may be significantly soluble in limonene? In which case multiple washes with distilled water would complete the extraction.

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#4 Posted : 11/18/2015 4:22:22 PM

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Hmm yeah I guess the vinegar could have mucked up the Ehrlich test, I hadn't thought of that.

I ended up just leaving the vinegar in the limonene for a couple of nights and hoping for the best. By the time I separated them the vinegar was pretty discolored and the limonene was pretty clear so I guessed most of the stuff in the limonene made it over.

Yields after basing and pulling with alcohol seemed pretty alright, couldn't tell you exactly since I just threw it in a re-x with some other goos/waxes I had around.

If I did this again I wouldn't use lime because I lost a pretty good amount of limonene in that lime/tea mixture. Also I'd probably salt with fumeric acid.
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