a good eco tek easy for novice ? Options
#1 Posted : 6/19/2015 2:57:20 PM

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i would like to extract with water, winegar, sodium carbonate (also naoh i can use) and sunflower or peanuts vegetable oil, i would like to don't use harmful chemicals, the second extraction i've done i contaminated my fridge and my house smell like a lab, mask, glove....uff, i don't like it, for me it's enought to get a full spectrum or jungle and use in changas for now.

Can you suggest me a simple and good tek for this ?

I've read what it's called "specimen tek" and i like it, i whant to use sodium carbonate or naoh for the base not lime (q21q21 use lime and limonene i can find limonene and i don't know for lye).
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#2 Posted : 6/19/2015 3:17:11 PM

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If you can find drinkable grain ethanol in your area than you could try this method.

It uses:

Sodium Carbonate

Too bad q21q21's tek can't work for is one of my favorites! Anyway, hope this helps

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Avoid using sodium hydroxide (NaOH/lye) with vegetable oil, you'll just end up making soap. Sodium carbonate will work fine with a vegetable oil tek.

You can pretty much replace sodium carbonate in any tek that uses lime or lye and replace vegetable oil in any tek that uses limonine/xylene/toulene.
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Ok, thanks, i use naoh and made soap sometimes...yes, maybe too strong.
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