Research: "DMT - a tool to extend survival in clinical death?" needs crowdfunding Options
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Hi All,

A team of clinical researchers is attempting to gain funding for a large project on DMT and death. If you have some cash to spare, I would encourage donating.

efrecska wrote:
We have started a crowd funding project on DMT in clinical death (in other words: against oxidative stress). Please, help us sharing this link with those who might be interested or supportive:

Brief Summary of the project:
We are a group of basic and clinical researchers who follow the line of investigation started by Stephen Szara’s groundbreaking clinical studies with dimethyltryptamine (DMT). We are among the first ones who broke away of the mainstream scientific view of DMT as a psychopathological agent and proposed a somatophysiological role for this endogenous tryptamine, which is naturally occurring in the body. Our main tenet is that DMT is involved in the healing and regeneration of cells, it helps the body to survive extreme stress like clinical death. Our group has already provided experimental support of this concept in the field of immunology.
We need your support to expand our work into hypoxia (low oxygen) studies, which are in the stage of in vitro ("test tube"Pleased phase.


Ede Frecska

Please see this thread for the original post from Ede Frecska.
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