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Aum_Shanti wrote:
100 Salt form is approx 85 FB form.

AFAIR the original works about Harmalas, the yellow color is actually due to water inclusion into the structure (hydrate), and that pure dry HCl salt would be white/transparent. AFAIR it can be got by using strong HCl acid. But would again have to look up, if I still remember this correctly...

This would basically mean, one would have to consider also the water weight, when converting.

This makes sense. Harmala hydrochlorides are fluorescent only if dissolved - maybe the water complex interacts with UV light, giving it that nice golden glow.

Auxin wrote:
I dont think I've ever seen someone intentionally make the anhydrous hydrochloride salts.

Well I have recently converted harmine freebase to HCl salt by simply dissolving in HCl(aq) and evaporating the water, cycling the evaporating dish between oven and fan.

I wanted to drive the water and excess HCl out quickly so I used higher temperature (120 °C) - to my surprise, the harmala crystals got darker brown on top like if burned.

Maybe this is the anhydrous form or maybe I really burned it... I don't know.

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