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So this experience occurred about a year and a half ago in the spring time. I had taken LSD and mushrooms several times in my high school days but in a recreational way. This was also before I had consumed oral DMT / harmala brews. This was my 4th or 5th LSA experience and by far my most powerful psychedelic experience before or since.

Morning glory Prep;

1. I purchased 6, 1.5 g packs of heavenly blues and 2, 1.5 g packs of pearly gates (they were labeled blue star but I planted some this year and they just began blooming this week, they were mis-labeled).
2. Placed seeds in a large ziplock bag, rolled it up and pounded them with a hammer (best way I've found), prepared one cup of room temp water acidified to ph-4 using lemon juice.

3. Lightly stirred every 5 min for 30 min in dark room.

4. Filtered through cotton ball.

Passion flower prep;

1. Boiled 100 g P. Incarnata 3x on rolling boil, 1 hour each boil.

2. Filtered, combined and reduced to about 1/4 cup.


Combined both morning glory and Passiflora brews, added sugar and consumed over the course of one hour.


My intention for this night was simply to learn, I went outside and sprinkled some tobacco on my baby ipomoea vines.
I don't remember the timeframes, but after about an hour, went to a friends to smoke cannibis. He wasn't home when I got there. By the time he arrived, images were popping into my head, differnt from visuals more like in my minds eye and photographic. Images of plants mainly. When he arrived we smoked, it became quite intense and I left for home knowing by now things were getting real.

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Once in the house, I was having very intense OEVs, of plants morphing and growing, I realize that plants are geometrical creatures. I even wrote that down, "plants are the ultimate geometrical curiosities."

I felt a bowl movement coming so I went to the bathroom, while on the toilet the physical word began to break up into fractals, I became somewhat freightened. Hurried up to go lay down.

Went in the other room and sat on the recliner, that's when it happened, a voice told me to just surrender (and since that night I no longer have anxiety issues), then, breakthrough. All of a sudden I was in a differnt realm. Something like a Mayan temple maybe? I was "standing" at some sort of floating walk way made up of things which to me appeared to be those little elbow pipes that plumbers use to make a 90 degree turn in a water line (perhaps that's just how my mind interperated what I was looking at). That's all I remember of that space.

The next place I found myself in was a space which seemed to me to be outside of the universe, outside of space and time. Anyone who has read the entheogen review will perhaps remember some people talking about a "spinner" they encountered on LSA. It was like a wheel where one section blasted out all matter and energy in a Big Bang, the the next section contained a funnel? That said matter and energy was collected into to be blasted back out of once again, ad infintum. In that moment I knew everything there was to know.

Then I returned to my body, asked my self why I had been shown these things, the voice said, because you wanted to learn." I then had various visions of plants to utilize (don't remember all of them). One was the bald cypress tree. That's what I saw, the knees, where the root bark is accessible. (Of course I still don't know what to use it for, could taxodium spp. contain tryptamines? I know they contain many, many akaloids, but no research that I know of on its root bark), This went on for a short while.

Then I came down almost immediately about 5 hours in, left to ponder what I had just went through. Went to sleep ecstatic.

I've taken morning glories and HBWR many times now (and grow both), I've combined them with Passiflora and rue. Passion flower, for me at least, produces an insane trip that is very, very visual. Rue just doesn't do it for me with the seeds.

On a side note, I've also achieved mao inhibition with a similar amount of Passiflora and 7 grams of acacia.

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
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Sorry for the necro bump but this is by far the most interesting experience with LSA seeds I've read anywhere online. I've been experimenting with them lately and quite like the more calm acid high effect with a more shroomy spiritual feeling, without having to take LSD. I've had a bad relationship with synthetics. Stopped taking LSD even though it was my favorite drug because I got a bad trip almost every time I took it, but with morning glory I had a great time and watched cartoons with my friend, felt reminiscent of my first times taking acid (which I was way too young for at the time). Have read a lot of reports of the seeds where people say a bad trip seems very unlikely with some saying things like "there's no way you could have a bad trip on this stuff." Probably is possible but fuck it seems so much more gentle than LSD.

Main problem is the nausea, which I am hoping I can get rid of by playing with different food safe extractions. Had a great trip on 2 seed packets of heavenly blues, ~3gs minor visuals, increased perception of all senses, mental stimulation, giggly, with some light body load but I've also taken way more and felt basically sober but really unpleasantly drunk and felt hungover for the whole next day. Not sure if it depends on maybe seed quality/freshness/strain mutations cause all the times I've tried it were heavenly blues. My 3g trip I also combined with smoked passionflower which I found to be real nice, calmed down the trip kind of while also making it more intense.

After the 3g trip I took way more a couple days after, like 30g of different branded heavenly blues + a ton of cinnamon to counter vasoconstriction but just got that crazy drunk but mentally sober feeling which wasn't the best. I wonder if it was the tolerance or if it was a bad brand, planning to try them out again in a week once my tolerance is surely gone.


Anyway, I don't know of any other morning glory reports where the user experienced full on visions like this. I really want to try this combo but might use caapi instead of passionflower. Any updates or further experimentation BundleflowerPower?
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Your experience sounds about like 300 seeds then correct? combo of heavenly blue and pearly gates. Enjoyed reading, great report mooai! Sounds like you found yourself outside of space/time, and then returned to your body later....very interesting. I have read a few others report good experiences in combo with passionflower like yourself. You did everything perfectly, worked in low/dark light, used a hammer, ph of water was acidic, filtered well (cotton ball is awesome). Well done. Look forward to hearing more from you.
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