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The Traveler
#1 Posted : 8/3/2009 11:30:39 PM

"No, seriously"

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Hi all new people, welcome to the DMT-Nexus!

As you probably already found out, the Welcome Area is the only place where you can make new posts. During the period that New Members are restricted to posting only in the Welcome Area, there are no restrictions from them viewing the full content of all regular Forum areas. For example, New Members can see the entire contents of any threads in such areas as Suppliers, Ayahuasca, Hyperspace Tavern, etc. Clarifying, New Members can enjoy the content of all areas when logged on. New Members are restricted from posting in non Welcome Area sub-forums until they are promoted to full Membership.

You will be promoted to full membership when you have shown enough maturity in your posts. What this maturity is, is up to the moderators and voters.

It helps to get promoted if:
* You take the questionnaire. This questionnaire will enable you to show your true intentions to the membership of the DMT-Nexus
* A full member vouches for you
* You keep making valuable posts, this can be experience reports, helpful answers & questions, literally all contributions!
* You write an essay why you want a full membership, this essay doesn't have to be long or without spelling errors, it just has to be genuine

Again, the decision to promote you to full membership is up to the mods and voters! There is no minimum amount of posts you must make or a minimum amount of time you need to spend here, if the moderators and voters think you earned your full membership then that will be the moment you get your promotion!

Kind regards,

The Traveler

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