Any tips on what to do if you make 'soap'? Options
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Anyone have any good advice on how to recover if you completely emulsify a mix and nothing will separate. Its more than an emulsion though. Using veg oil, its happened to me twice when i combined calcium hydroxide and sodium carb (making a weak lye solution) and then stirred too vigorously.

I've tried freezing, cooking, washing with sodium carb solution. Nothing works. I'm about to chuck this brown pudding, but it would be good to know if there is a solution if it ever happens again.

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The kicker is you can't use organic fats for your pulls in this tek....
You fundamentally made soap when you mixed the lye and vegetable oil, a stable emulsion.
Use a different NPS in this situation.

Oops sorry I just saw your title

Generally you have to add acid to the soap to crash out the fatty acids. Something to 'desaponify' what you had there. I think I know which acid I would use in highly diluted form but I can't recommend it because I don't know everything about the process and if you are working with those materials you probably can't obtain it all that easily.

It's worth mentioning that there's no reason to try for such a high ph with the foodsafe style tek, this can keep happening, and lowering the ph will resolve it but why not just avoid the problem? Or if supplies are limited folks have resorted to naptha-free lighter fluid as an alternative, that with your makeshift lye would work.

In addition using less veggie oil could reduce the chances of making soap. Idk there's a lot going on with this tek.

In addition a thinner oil like olive or even better- sunflower might be ideal.

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intosamadhi wrote:
Using veg oil,[...] i combined calcium hydroxide and sodium carb (making a weak lye solution)

This is exactly how I made soap when I was a kid!

I guess the moral of the story is, use either calcium hydroxide or sodium carbonate when extracting with veg oil but not both!

You might want to check the solubility of soap in acetone, or isopropanol... I have a feeling it's not (very) soluble in either of these solvents, and although it's not so 'food grade' (heck, you could use pharmaceutical grade of either if you're bothered), they're still both relatively benign. Ethanol might even work. You'll just have to dry out your lump of soap as much as possible before proceeding with this method.

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Add some caapi extract so your soap....

Fill up the tub with hot hot water, get the place all steamy like.

Add soap to the tub as it fills, so it gets all frothy like. Stir if need be--this tek requires that you soap solution be whipped into a watery froth.

Hop in and have one awesome bubble bath! Make sure you have a fully sober sitter for this one, in case it works and that soap makes you trip! Excerise proper precautions as entheogens plus bodies of water do have potential risks, so really, don't do this okay.

*disclaimer, don't do this.

*EDIT bubble-bathahuasca!
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