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Freebase percentage AND pH calculator Options
#21 Posted : 7/26/2009 5:38:07 PM


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<whew> I thought for a second there maybe beakers would start flyin'

Espiridion attached the following image(s):
5994_chemistry_cartoon.gif (52kb) downloaded 309 time(s).
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#22 Posted : 4/24/2012 5:07:03 PM

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thanks so much for the PH calculator for bases/acids in solution, this is a great tool! This calculator should be linked in the Wiki/stickied, it has been so valuable for me!
#23 Posted : 8/24/2012 11:34:31 AM

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Calculator updated in the OP

Need to calculate between salts and freebases? Click here!
Need to calculate freebase or salt percentage at a given pH? Click here!

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