An Acacian Climb to the Flowers of Passion(Brew of Acacia Simplicifolia and Passiflora Incarnata) Options
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33 grams of Dried Passiflora Incarnata foliage, 11 grams of dried Turnera Diffusa folia, and 7 grams of Acacia Simplifolia dry bark were boiled on and off 3 times then re-combined for the fourth and final boil down. Estimated 750-1000ml H20 used and simmered down to less than 75mL of a thick Acacian brew. Finished the proceedings after about 1.5 hours and consumed the warm decoction after a few minutes of meditating. Was outside and it was warm and sunny looking into the towering trees beyond me. Was much more pungent than Phalaris/Peganum tea probably since more herbage was used. Love the essence and flavor the spirit of all these plants especially the Acacia brings forth. Drank everything in around 15-20 minutes noting a slight body high generating and a mild burring of certain objects before and away from me. After chilling outside for a few minutes I got paranoid of getting into "vibe central"(had just rained so forest was a soaked otherwise would have been there) so called my dog in and laid on the couch. Am glad all the poops were had before consuming the brew. Stomache was tiny-bit on edge. Definite body effects with slight ability to manipulate objects visually. Great meditative state. Effects were noticed pretty much immediately.

Had doubts if the Passiflora contained enough harmala alkaloids to inhibit monoamine oxidase fully and also if the Acacia Simplicifolia had in it enough DMT to be active since NMT(N-Methyltryptamine) is apparently non-active.{EDIT: NMT is active based on my own bioassays and a thread listed below. Though no literature thus far suggests psychoactivity per se} A. Simplicifolia's alkaloid ratio is 1:3 DMT:NMT with 1/8 being 2-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydrobetacarboline. Myself and others have smoked NMT isolated from Acacia Confusa root bark and the powerful activity of A. Simplicifolia proves to me that it is very active. Also reviewing the NMT bioassays on here validates my experiences. Also the Phalaris oral activity due to either beta carbolines or NMT/5-MeO-NMT.

Jonathan Ott found 30mg of DMT with 100-140mg of Harmaline to be active. From extraction yields of A. Simplicifolia I have estimated this bark as having a DMT content of 600-800mg(.6-.8%). Based on research conducted in a book called something like "Alkaloids of New Caledonian Plants" there is 3.6% alkaloids in its bark. (Have only found references for this book never have located an accessible text). DMT is usually 20-30% of the total alkaloid composition of A. Simplicifolia. From calculations I estimate that there were 40-60mg of DMT, 200+mg NMT, 20-40mg 2-MTHBC and 50-300mg harmala alkaloids from the Passiflora(most likely harmal or harman).

Passiflora; possibly another one of its alkaloids, Chrysine, is active as well.

The potion was definitely active instantaneously but was gentle and mild after the first hour. Enough so that I was able to cruise downtown and pick up some books I had lent a friend also went to the library to check out a book-on-hold. No paranoia, felt very confident, kept a nice pace, no nausea. Picked up a peanut butter cookie at the market and headed home. Chilled out on the couch again once I'd arrived back at the house. Smoked hash after a little while and noticed the effects greatly increase. (This is about 4 hours in). Ate the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and smoked more hash. 15 minutes later after eating the digestion was probably occurring but the Acacia still lay within my body. Started shivering and shaking(like what happens sometimes on mushrooms, I think it's a bad energy detector alert system) but thought it had to do with the tyramine content of the yeast, peanuts, and chocolate. After I went upstairs and hid under the covers, getting warmth and enhancing inner visions with the reduction of peripheral lights at the same time. This put the shivering to an end. Great meditative reveries ensued with mild closed eye visuals. Really gets your imagination going. Reminded me of Trichocereus Peruvianus experiences at times. Funny because on Peruvian Torch I felt an ayahuasca essence, too. These spirits are standing back to back locked and loaded. Some friends came over about 7 hours later while still feeling the undercurrent of the Acacia. Around an hour later another shivering episode subtly happened not prompting me to go lay down or anything, just a reminder to keep an eye on vibes in the room. One friend smoked some Acacia Simplicifolia extract with a smaller amount of Mimosa Hostilis extract and enjoyed their journey. I too had smoked the Mimosa Hostilis extract(50mg) and had a pleasant experience about 12 hours earlier(4 hours before brew was consumed). The DMT was smoked with Passiflora Incarnata, Turnera Diffusa, and A. Simplicifolia bark. The ingested tea essentially felt like the come down of DMT with lesser psychoactivity. Felt very shamanic. Easy to maneuver body and all. Drank water here and there but had no real desire to eat or drink. The afterglow the next day was phenomenal, perhaps more noticeable than the experience itself. It almost felt like the "Ayahuasca Potion" was still going at a lower octave the whole day. A day later I found a reference in 'Ayahuasca Analogues'(ER) to Gracie and Zarkaov's 'Notes From the Underground' and proceeded to look at their experiment on B-Carboline plants and combining it with synthetic DMT. The reference had to do with Passiflora Incarnata's noted lasting effects with smoked DMT. Gracie and Zarkov noted mild effects for 2-3 days after but mostly in their dreams. This validated my question as to why I felt the plants in my system for 2 days after consumption. Every time I smoked and ate effects would mildly resurface. Not visual or cognitively complex effects. Mostly just body effects. Was obvious to be a beta carboline/tryptamine feel. The Passiflora was both smoked and ingested so there ya go. Oneiric activity was not noticed until after the second day.(When the plant no longer resided in my body). Acacia Simplicifolia is largely understudied in pharmacology and understudied in botany so it is possible that this tree possesses a different psychoactivity. Every plant has a new lesson. Have seen a report of Phalaris lasting 36 hours but being intense. This is similar. Questions arise as to the actual duration of Passiflora Incarnata's non-harmala alkaloids and the beta carbolines in Acacia Simplicifolia.

36g A. Simplicifolia bark, Juice from lemons, Calcium Hydroxide, Xylene, Acetone.
-2 Pulls yielded an estimated 200mg of goo-oil w/ some all white near crystal substance. Smelled strongly like tryptamines/Acacia Confusa extract.
-Pull with 91% IPA after the acetic boil down.(Poured the IPA through bark and filtered).
that yielded 40-50mg of red Acacia goo. IPA pull said to be mild but revealing in small doses loaded in a joint.
-Leftover goo in pans were washed with 91% IPA and poured over some Artemisia Vulgaris and set to dry, occasionally adding a heater to the room(middle of winter). Resulting herbs dried were seemingly gummed together by alkaloid solids. Subjects smoked est. 50mg crystal DMT from assumed Mimosa Hostilis with an added bowl of A. Simplicifolia changa proved to be 2 of 4 people's most vivid out of body experience. Note 1 bowl was shared with the group.

Prefer A. Simplicifolia extract to A. Tenuiflora personally.

Regards to NMT activity

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Last visit: 01-Dec-2020 interesting report thank you ChimpZ..

i have very limited net time right now, but can make a few quick points:
- the amount of Passiflora incarnata would be, in experience, not enough to fully activate oral tryptamines..
a successful full activation with P. incarnata was reported here..but it sounds like the effects were noticeable from the amount in your report..the content does vary, and flavonoids can also produce MAO inhibition
- glad you made it through ok, but no i wouldn't recommend yeast, peanuts or chocolate for a full blown MAOI brew..the physical symptoms could be a lot more extreme/unpleasant with greater MAO inhibition
-and yes NMT is certainly active as you've concluded..see the thread entheogenic effects of nmt

it is good to have some reports on A. simplicifolia..i am interested in the species' growth rates outside its island home..
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Thanks for the feedback.
Currently have a PNW Acacia set up and a Cen Valley,Cali Acacia set up as well working with A. Simplicifolia.
Might be able to have more info next year when they're past the seedling stage.
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In terms of growth rates,
I have planted hot-water-soaked seeds in a poor soil mix and they performed extraordinarily well even without a humidity dome.
Was in an interesting art space with a giant window resembling a green house. That may have helped. Smile
Over the course of a few weeks it reached around 4+inches and I consistently sprayed it throughout the days. These were started in the middle of June while temperatures were 105-110F so the extra heat may have stabilized their blast off. Beautiful phyllodes emerge very early on. About a foot earlier than A. Melanoxylon.
If you have troubles cultivating this plant, please consider growing it alongside another Acacia so as to improve the nitrogen and health of the soil giving the babies less difficulties to evade.
Also, Earth Worm Castings are a must for Phalaris and Acacia growers.
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Nice. Passiflora can certainly be used as a force bearing plant, glad to see people experimenting.
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I was wondering if you have ever consumed a brew containing only acacia simplex bark, and if so, was it psychoactive? I think there may be endogenous RIMAs in this tree which may explain why such a low dose of passionflower still resulted in an active brew. For the time being, my simplexes are far too young to be harvested and I am eager to dig up all the information I can on this terrific tree.
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Chapter 2: Acacian climb to the moving mountains...

I have brewed up Simplex(Simplicifolia) since and can confirm it's mild activity by itself.

I had sent some Acacia goo to a friend to try out...
Last night in 2 separate cities, some friends and I smoked Acacia Simplicifolia extract.
I smoked 30mg on a mountain. They split an estimated 100mg amongst 3 people.
3 separate bong loads each person said to have had a "beautiful" experience, still
got them thinking deep today. For one friend they said, "
the main set of visions was about 7 minutes but there was a lot to unpack.
And I don't think I blasted off completely. Pretty far, but there was still a thread
holding on." "We all sat around for about half an hour thinking about what we saw...
different representations of the colors."
Soon I will send this extract off to be analyzed.

My experience on the extract was quite humbling. As if the tree was talking to me.
Kept thinking this is the "imaginary realm". The mountains were waves.
Closed eye visuals took me to a person walking with a large camel through what seemed to be Africa,
and the term "Camel Thorn" kept on ringing in my head.
Memories of loved ones and deceased relatives arose..
I've felt so detached from people I love lately. This Acacia extract reminded me once more.
It also reminded me to not push things too far, or go over the edge.
I thought of cliffs as blessings. If we keep going we'll fall into the ocean..
Reminders that it is okay to exist in boundaries, the universe is boundless.
Visions were flickering like a windmill, or blinds being open and closed constantly.
Felt stress in my chest. I smoke a lot of blunts, Acacia suggested to ease up.
No need to escape, where you goin?
I thought of my dog who passed away. He was the whole reason I found out
about Phalaris grass. He kept on eating grass everyday so I had to google
if there were psychoactive grasses. To my surprise there was.
I have so much love and so much loss of that love it bends my soul.
We all keep moving. Luckily breathing. Luckily free. Blessed, able to smile.
Society is a showdown. Strengthen your karate kicks.
The duration of my experience is unknown.
I checked my phone at 6:51. Loaded up the dreams and ganja immediately after.
After the Acacia wore off, I checked the time and it was 7:45.
Definitely had me sitting there thinking about what just happened so it makes
sense that so much time went by.
It did seem to linger a bit longer than Acacia Confusa extract.
I'm wondering if there was any 2-methyl-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydrobetacarboline or N-Methyltryptamine in
the extract.

What I did was mix vinegar/water/bark.
Microwaved for 2 minutes. Stirred. Microwaved 2 more minutes. Stirred.
Added equal amounts of Calcium Hydroxide to the bark.
Stirred in room temp. naptha and shook it vigorously in a mason jar.
I kept this saturating overnight, shaking every now and then.
I evaporated the naphtha/acacia the next day on pyrex.
Scraped up the goo. I got about as much goo as the size of a dime.
Very potent. One dab's worth is strong enough.

Not much to say besides this plant should be dearly protected and cultivated
as much as we can.
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I've been trying to nail down a proper dosage for P. incarnata, sufficient for MAOI, and have seen everything from 1kg to your 33 grams. In retrospect, do you feel like you should have/could have taken more of the passiflora foliage or have you tried it in different amounts? I probably prune a couple of KG from my vines regularly just to keep them from overgrowing other stuff. I've also heard the fruit, or fruit rind is significantly higher in alkaloid content which gets me to wondering about the flowers as well... sure would smell nice if nothing else lol.

Someone asked about A. simplex's growth rate outside of it's natural habitat, and I can report that it grows pretty rapidly in the summer in the southern Appalachians (zone 7b), but it tends to be really humid here averaging around 70%-80%. It seems slow to root at first but once it gets legs it grows fairly rapidly for a tropical, and during the winter seems to thrive under a 5,500K LED or two. It's a beautiful plant when it fills out, my first one got leggy but as soon as I topped it, it responded quickly with several branches. Didn't have much luck getting it to root but I think I botched my humidity due to mold concerns. Anybody try the simplex foliage?
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With the passiflora I'm not too sure about MAOI activity.
I'm sure if I added another ounce it'd be a whole nother experience.
The effects did persist for 3 days after this. As I recall this is the only
entheogenic plant combination that has done this in my lifetime.
I'm still wondering why it lasted that long. My thoughts were chrysin or 2-MTHBC.
I was growing Simplex in Central Cali zone 9b, then Northwest 7b.
Barely grows up in 7b and will die even in a greenhouse over winter in the Northwest.
I have some babies growing now in SoCal and they seem happy amongst the other Acacias.

Note: The plants I was growing in 2014 were seeds sourced from New Caledonia.
Those plants seem to be very potent and the seeds grow exponentially faster than
seeds I've gotten out of Florida.

I do have Simplex seed pods I'm going to run an extraction on and Bio-assay.
I was told some have used the pods in an ayahuasca type brew using Syrian Rue as MAOI.
As for foliage, that will be tested soon as well. Hopefully some people who grow around its
natural habitat can do more work with these.
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I'm keenly interested in the foliage, as these horror stories of acres of stripped trees is heartbreaking to hear and I feel like anytime we can further the cause of sustainability, then we've done a great deed. Simplex is appealing I think due to it's reported potency in stems/stembark, but it's a lot of work in areas outside it's natural habitat, I get PTSD every fall when the weather starts turning LOL Definitely interested in hearing more info if you try it or hear of success elsewhere with foliage in particular though. All my acacias tend to drop alot of material as they adjust to indoors over the winter and I always just swept them up and tossed them.... no more of that rubbish LOL
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