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#1 Posted : 7/5/2009 5:45:32 PM

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Well, the first thing to say is, that my poor peruvian friend never had a relationship with a woman and he's in his mid twenties. Poor fella!

He recently sent me this to post on this message board:

"It's hard to burn change in my new bong. But I managed to smoke 0.1g of 1:1 pau d'arco changa. I felt a beestorm going on in my head as I burned through the have to really BURN it!!!

Phase 1

Quickly, this familiar pastel pattern or small, interlocking circles appeared and spread around me. I felt to be in this rather cold environment and reality seemed to disapear. I started to sing

"You are so..beautiful! Wonderful! Magical!" My voice sounded like beeing in a cathedral.

But the picture soon withered away and I was 'down'. Well..actually I wasn't but I could stand up and walk.

Phase 2

I went to get my pre-loaded machine bong and smoked the harsh vapor....until I could'nt really recognize what I was doing. There was this strange thing in my hand and something burned in my....well...lungs? I thought "This is it, this is the right thing...take more...take more..take more. At some point, my hands couldn't operate properly and I decided to lean back.

The pastel pattern re-appeared. But this time the bee buzzing was stronger and my eyes felt like they were melting away. Strange sounds were heard like in an old Sci-Fi movies...plojng...pleeng...pliiiiiehhh ...with lots of delay. The pressure on my head grew stronger and stronger. It didn't feel it occured to me:


So I tried to let go...and the pressure dissapeared somehow and I got spun into the pattern. I felt like leaning on something and my vision went to grey and white. Then it happened:

I got the distinct feeling of beeing close to a loving woman. "Who are you?" I asked but got no answer. My legs were touching hers as I was sitting in the armchair. Her legs turned transparent, and I could see small bands of grey fabric swirling around. At this point I felt a bit of fear because it looked very realistic and I thought that an evil vision could scare me to death! But nothing happened. The womans legs turned back to a part of my armchair...I got up and danced through the house... are so beautiful...wonderful...magical!


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Nice report. I was thinking of trying to make changa, sounds like a good idea from SWIY's experience. Thanks for sharing!
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Sorry to here of you friends situation not sure I compleatly understand but a very nice report wonderful, beatiful and magical indeed. Thanks for sharing with us.

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obliguhl wrote:

Strange sounds were heard like in an old Sci-Fi movies...plojng...pleeng...pliiiiiehhh ...with lots of delay.

Yeah, i know the ones. Its like as well as the scencery getting distorsded so do your thoughts or words rather. But i feel inclined to say that its not jibberish. the words certianly have a definite feel to them if you know what i mean. Its like another language. Smoink...plershk haha. Only tend to get it on high doses though.
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