Ginseng as a admixture Options
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Ginsengs Magic

I love ginseng and it is maybe the only plant with recreational value that I would use dayly.
Ginseng alone is a very slight energizer and can give you a feeling of wellbeing.
It is very unique in its effects. It can give you more energie, it can calm you down if you are stressed, it can give you ematogen effects it can even be slight psychedelic on its own.
All things get easyer and more fascinating. Tt is a real live tonic with health increasing propertys in all senses.

But you have to get good quality Ginseng, And there seem to be different strains of ginseng with different qualitis/effects.

It is maybe the best combination to combine with other psychedelics.
It combines very well with nearby all classic psychedelics (Mescaline, Psilocybes, Amanitas.......)

I combine every entheogen with Ginseng. And I have the impression that it inhance the whole experiance and makes it much more magic and profound.

The experiance that I have had with entheogens combined with good ginseng had nothing to do with solo experiances they were so much deeper and halped me to better understand the mesages from the entheogens.

I have the impression that Ginseng allows a lot of psychedelics to unfold there whole potential.

It is remerkable that longlasting substances like mescaline whish especialy after the peak can get very hard and arduous, get absolutly miraculously the whole journey.
I feel that both Ginseng and the entheogen amplify each other, in their healing properties.

Did you havwe similar experiances ? Smile

And if you have no experiances with ginseng in combination, I advise to try it Wink
I think you will love it and maybe it will get also your preferred admixture Drool

I dont know if it is safe to combine with Aya maybe not ! So I DONT ADVISE TO COMBINE IT WITH ANY MAOI ! ! ! !

Also ginseng sholud not combined with high doses of coffein ! ( more than 1 or two cups) ore with other strong stimulantes !

Laughing Greetings from Dreamchild Wink


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I had never thought of combining ginseng with psychoactive substances but the attempt makes sense as it subtly alters alertness and awareness.
Gynostemma pentaphyllum (jiaogulan) would be another to try. It has many active constituents in common with ginseng (but is less stimulant) and it is more reliable in actually containing them (commercial ginseng products have often/usually had the active constituents removed for use in pills, etc.) and its much more affordable. Jiaogulan comes in bitter and 'sweet' varieties.

I'd be fascinated to know of others using either of these.
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Yes I would say that ginseng intensifys the effects without adding new effcts to the experiance.
Further the experiances often get easier to recall und the whole experiance get deeper with a claerer consciousness.

Yes jiaogulan might be another interesting Plant as a admixture. Smile I will try !

Ginseng combined with good Amanita is a very beautiful experiance
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Not sure if you are still reading this, but my experience with panax ginseng and DMT is a big disappointment. It's the other way around. When I have taken ginseng in the morning DMT doesn't have any effect that day, only a slight haze.

I read another thread with the same conclusion. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba seem to interact with the same HT-2a receptors, thats probably why the DMT doesn't work anymore.
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Ginseng has been used for thousands of years by chineese for energy and stamina its believed to be a near cure all for physical alments or deficiancys..

[cure all]..meaning chineese folk medicine...

Ginseng basicly boosts the oxygen content in the blood stream and is an old chineese miricle root that apears to have the shape of a human body with a head.. a trunk.. mid body.. legs ..and even sex organs..

Strangly enough ..i often would hear a tiny ..[squeel sound].. after digging up the root upon pulling the human shaped root from its earthly home..

Ginseng has an effect on bloood pressure and sexual stamina ive never heard of it having MAOI effects?...but anything is possible..
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