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#41 Posted : 11/13/2013 12:20:46 PM
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Sorry for the delay in replying here.

Poekus, we have access to standards confirmed by GC/LC-MS. We then do the tests with a standardized eluent, and write down the results information (Rf, or height of spot on the plate, plus color change with reagents), which is provided with the kits.

Substances covered include most tryptamines and phenetylamines of interest to this forum (DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, bufotenine, mescaline, MDMA, etc ), different opiates, research chemicals, stimulants, etc, as well as the adulterants or impurities commonly found in those substances.

If there is a substance that is not yet included in the kit, but is of interest to users, we can purchase the reference standard and include the information.

Regarding users adding results, there are two aspects we thought about it. Imagine that users testing a certain substance constantly get an extra unknown spot they cannot identify. We might be able to work out a deal so that users send the samples and we get them fully tested with GC-MS, to identify that unknown spot. Obviously we cannot do that for all users but specially if it is a common unknown spot and people express interest, we can look into this.

The other aspect about adding results is basically having a database where users can add their results, similar to what you have in, except that results are submitted by users. That would definitely be interesting to have and we are going to work towards that.

Elpo, no previous chemistry knowledge is necessary, everything is explained step by step in the manual.

As for mushrooms, yes this will work with mushrooms too.

We are currently in contact with one organization that expressed interest in helping us with funding, so that we can get this started one way or another. We will keep you all updated with any news we have.

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What happened? Did we not make funding?
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the title seems a bit misleading. TLC/reagent tests won't identify unknowns.
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They did not meet their funding goal Lichen, so the project is off for now. I got my refund immediately when the time expired.

TLConscious tells me that they have attracted interest from elsewhere, so it may not be completely dead in the water.
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