Questions about smoking DMT Options
Mr. Bojangles
#1 Posted : 5/7/2009 12:13:35 AM
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The whole process of properly vaporizing DMT seems extremely complicated to me. Could someone help clarify some things?

1.I hear people talking about sandwiching their spice between some type of leaf. What is this leaf and where do you get it? Or are they just talking about MJ?

2. From my understanding, if you're properly heating it it's suppose to melt?

3. When vaporizing it, is there suppose to be any smoke? I've never vaporized anything before.

4. Are you suppose to let the flame hit the top leaf layer of the 'sandwich' and then keep pulling until it reaches the spice?

5. Will the spice stay cherried after you exhale your first hit? No need to re-light it?

Sorry if any of my questions are unclear.

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#2 Posted : 5/7/2009 3:50:48 AM

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The idea is to gently heat it to it's boiling point, but not burn it.

SWIM uses an ash sandwich as it won't catch fire. Hhhe inhales through the bong and slowly moves the heat towards the top of the cup until it fills the chamber.

It's best to get it in one hit... otherwise a third or 4th could prove logistically impossible.
#3 Posted : 5/7/2009 4:43:10 AM

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It tends to be a hit and miss approach at the start, find out what works best for you. Personally, when using crystal I put down a layer of herb - I usually use Calea Zacatechichi but anything from tobacco to weed (not advised though) to ash can be used. I then sprinkle the desired amount of crystal over it, but don't put another layer of herb cause I find this way doesn't allow you to know if its melted properly. Then I'll hold my lighter close to (not on) the crystal to heat it up and if its still not melted properly after a little bit I'll suck through the bong really slightly to get the heat moving through the cone. Usually after around 20 seconds all the crystal has melted into the herb, after that I get myself ready and then hit the cone as I usually would - like soulfood said getting the hit in all in one go. Good luck!
#4 Posted : 5/7/2009 9:02:40 AM

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also, if you don't like to get it in one hit, you can use the sandwich method which makes you smoke more...

I usually use Blue Lotus (thank you Forum Smile ) for the sandwich... like this i'm smoking up to 4-5 tokes from the bong and get a slow coming up until the last toke finally hits me. also, blue lotus is fun to smoke and smells very "flowery" Smile absolutely a must try
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#5 Posted : 5/10/2009 2:34:53 AM
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Few more questions, when properly vaporizing the spice, does it give off smoke similiar to weed smoke in thickness? And do I start inhaling once the spice is melted? Thanks for all the help so far Very happy
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#6 Posted : 5/10/2009 2:44:28 AM
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The smoke is less dense that MJ (On it's own anyway). Long, slow tokes is the key, being carefull not to burn the spice. Hold it in as long as possible, unless there is more to go. SWIM finds that on a high dose if he holds the first toke to long (45sec) he loses motor function and cannot get in a second or third toke. Most of it is in the first one anyway, he just hates to waste ANY. I would try for 20 seconds though. It really does make a huge difference.
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