FASA Method Outline for Beginners Options
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Hi Everyone,

I recently have spent quite some time digging through the FASA method threads. I found useful things scattered throughout the threads and decided to make an outline for beginners who are looking into FASA methods.

The Basics
WIKI Explanation of Benefits
The FASA Method: A Summary - DMT Fumarate and Beyond (just read the first post in this thread for now)
What is Fumaric Acid Used For? #1
What is Fumaric Acid Used For? #2
Anhydrous Acetone
Endlessness’ Explanation of Fumaric Acid Saturated Acetone (FASA) & How to Wash Excess Fumaric Acid Away From DMT Fumurates

FASA Extraction
Infundibulum’s TEK
Jorkest's D-Limonene and Fumaric Acid Approach
Approximate Volume of FASA (50mL for 100g MHRB)
Clouding, Washing Excess Fumaric Acid & Why You Add FASA Dropwise

Re-Crystalizing (Re-X) & Cleaning Up
Endlessness clean up (pics)
Narm's Iso Clean Up (pics)
Luuk’s Clean Up Recapitulation

Re Using Xylene
Amor_fati explanation

Trouble Shooting Possible Problems
Endlessness Outlines Common Problems
Crystals Melt
Xylene Cloudy But No Precipitates or Crystals

Conversion TEKS
The Conversion WIKI Page

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
Shoe’s Pictures of FASA in Action
TmC47’s pics of Needles
Antrocle’s Crystals

Thank you to everyone who pioneered the FASA approach. It's now my favorite method of finishing the extraction process.

Also, if you have any suggestions for helpful things to include, please post them. I'll be sure to update this OP as necessary.

Have Fun & Enjoy!

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Nice work WAP...this will really help Thumbs up
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cyb wrote:
Nice work WAP...this will really help Thumbs up

Thank You Cyb.

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Thank you for thisThumbs up
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FASX (Fumeric Acid Saturated Acetone /IPA /Water) is an extraction method to yield DMT-Fumerate. DMT-Fumerate is one of many DMT salts. It is used for the oral route (Pharmauasca) as freebase DMT can't be consumed orally, or for long term storage as salts are very stable molecules. DMT salts can be converted to freebase DMT, as well as the other way around. Most DMT salts are hygroscopic. They absorb water from the air and are permanently moist (a goo). DMT-Fumerate is the only salt that isn't hygroscopic. It crystallizes making it easy handle.

FASA stands for Fumeric Acid Saturated Acetone. It's created by adding Fumeric Acid (FA) to Acetone until the Acetone is saturated (SA). The methodology of FASA employs the solubility of freebase DMT, the solubility of Fumaric acid and the insolubility of DMT-Fumarate in Acetone. When FASA is added to Aceton in which freebase DMT is dissolved, the FA salts the freebase DMT into DMT-Fumerate which is not soluble in Aceton and precipitates. As it's the only thing that does it can easily be separated.

This can be used to convert freebase DMT into DMT-Furmarate: dissolve 1000g freebase DMT in 50ml dehydrated Acetone. Dissolve 309 mg of Fumaric acid in another batch of 50 ml of Acetone. DMT Fumarate precipitates out. If the Acetone is not dehydrated (some /all) DMT-Fumarate will stay dissolved in the water. In this case fully evaporate the solution to obtain the yield.

Instead of using Aceton as the DMT carrier solution, some non-polar solvents can also be used. This opens up the possibility to apply FASA to a DMT containing NPS solution used for pulling an A/B or STB extraction. DMT-Fumarate will precipitate and the NPS can be cleaned for re-use. Add water to dissolve excess FA and Acetone, or distillate. d-Limonene, Xylene and Toluene work as NPS.

Always test your solvent: add some FASA to a clean batch of solvent slowly drop wise to see if anything precipitates out. If the solvent stays clear, it's good. Next, dissolve some (25mg) of DMT in an other batch of solvent. Now, add the FASA solvent and DMT solvent together. If clouding forms (DMT-Fumerate precipitation) the solvent is good to use. Naptha does not work as FA precipitates out. If FA precipitates out of your d-Limonene, try adding some Acetone to your Limo (25ml Acetone per 100ml Limo) prior adding the FASA.

FASA procedure example

Step 1 - follow a Tek of choice and pull with Xylene, Toluene, or d-Limonene
Step 2 - saturate a batch of Acetone with Fumaric acid to create FASA
Step 3 - add the FASA drop wise to the DMT containing solvent
Step 4 - keep adding until cloud forming stops, add some more for good measure
Step 5 - wait 24 hrs to allow all DMT-Fumarate to crash out
Step 6 - seperate the DMT-Fumerate crystals
Step 7 - wash the DMT-Fumerate with a fresh batch of Acetone to dissolve any excess NPS and FA
Step 8 - dry the DMT-Fumerate
Step 9 - clean the NPS for re-use.
Step 10 - convert to DMT-freebase if desired

When adding FASI (Fumaric acid saturated IPA) to DMT containing NPS, a separate layer of IPA forms under the NPS in which the DMT-Fumerate precipitates out. First the NPS is separated then the IPA layer is decanted from the DMT-Fumerate.

With FASW a separate layer of water forms under the NPS in which the DMT-Fumerate is dissolved. First the NPS is separated then the water is evaporated. Some Fumaric acid will remain. This can be separated with an Acetone wash (see below).

CASA stands for Citric Acid saturated Acetone. When CASA + FASA is used, DMT-Fumerate precipitates in the Acetone. This eliminates the need for a basing stage. See the Tek: "The FASA Method". Note: some people report an oily orange layer form on the bottom with this tek. Might be due to their acetone not being anhydrous enough. Dehydrating the bark might help too.

Fumaric acid solubility and DMT Fumerate ratio
The solubility of FA in Acetone and water is 6mg/ml and in IPA 5mg/ml. About 1/3 unit of Fumaric acid (in weight) converts 1 unit of freebase DMT (in weight) to DMT-Fumerate. Using excess FA is not a problem as residue can easily be cleaned from the yield by washing with fresh Acetone.

To estimate how much FASA volume you need to make to use on NPS from a plant extraction, you can use the following guideline: 3% max DMT yield and 0.5 part FA to 1 part DMT. This means 100g bark contains max 3g DMT for which 1500mg FA is needed. This dissolves in 250ml FASA/W or in 300ml FASI. Stop adding when no more clouding occurs.


Cleaning excess Fumaric Acid from final yield:

Step 1 - obtain anhydrous Acetone, or make anhydrous using a desiccant (see below)
Step 2 - add a fresh batch of anhydrous Acetone to the DMT-Fumerate
Step 3 - excess FA will dissolve in the Aceton, DMT-Fumerate will not
Step 4 - filter and dry the DMT-Fumarate

Cleaning excess d-Limonene from final yield:

Step 1 - obtain anhydrous IPA, or make anhydrous using a desiccant (see below)
Step 2 - dissolve 1000 mg of DMT-Fumarate in 30 ml boiling hot IPA (water bath)
Step 3 - quickly filter with cotton (especially if undissolved solids are observed)
Step 4 - put the hot IPA in the freezer and leave for 1-2 days
Step 5 - filter the precipitated DMT-Fumarate and dry
Step 6 - weigh the DMT-Fumerate to check if all precipitated out

Cleaning excess plant oils /full spectrum elements from final yield:

Step 1 - Perform an IPA boil, see above
Step 2 - Add your yellowish DMT-Fumerate to some MEK and shake
Step 3 - Decant the DMT-Fumerate (it doesn't dissolve), dispose of the MEK solution
Step 4 - Dry the DMT-Fumerate, it will be white


Converting DMT-Fumerate into freebase DMT
For a smokable product first clean-up the DMT-Fumerate, then:

Option A - dry method:
Step 1 - mix 1 part DMT-Fumerate with 1 part sodium carbonate
Step 2 - add enough water to turn it into a paste
Step 3 - spread it out and let it dry completely
Step 4 - dissolve it in acetone and filter solids (redo 3x), discard solids
Step 5 - evaporate the acetone dry
Step 6 - scrape of the residue which will turn waxy

Option B - wet method:
Step 1 - add 20g sodium carbonate to 50ml hot water and mix well (you won't use all of this)
Step 2 - decant the saturated solution away from any undissolved sodium carbonate into a new container
Step 3 - put the DMT-Fumarate in a glass container and add some hot water to dissolve it
Step 4 - add a small amount of the sodium carbonate saturated solution until it starts clouding
Step 5 - keep adding until no more clouding or color changes occur, then add a bit more for good measure
Step 6 - store in the fridge of 3-5 days to precipitate all DMT
Step 7 - decant water away from crystals remaining in the container. Use a coffee filter to collect any floating crystals
Step 8 - optional: rinse the collected DMT in fresh water to remove excess sodium carbonate
Step 9 - evaporate dry at room temperature
Step 10 - optional: freeze/thaw remaining solution to check if any more crystals precipitate out

Option C - Naphtha pull:
Step 1 - dissolve DMT Fumerate in water
Step 2 - add a basic solution (pH >11)
Step 3 - pull with naphtha
Step 4 - freeze precipitate, dry

Converting freebase DMT into DMT-Fumarate
For oral use.

Step 1 - dissolve 1g dirty freebase DMT in 10ml anhydrous acetone
Step 2 - filter with a small bit of cotton in a funnel, discard any solids
Step 3 - add 600mg Fumaric acid to 100ml anhydrous acetone (FASA) and make sure all dissolves
Step 4 - add 50ml FASA to the DMT Acetone solution, wait for the clouding to settle
Step 5 - add additional FASA dropwise until no more clouding forms
Step 6 - separate the solids (DMT-Fumerate) by decanting, discard all liquid
Step 7 - wash the DMT-Fumerate with fresh anhydrous acetone (dissolves excess Fumaric acid)
Step 8 - filter the DMT-Fumerate and dry at room temperature

Converting Sodium Bicarbonate into Sodium Carbonate
For if you can't find pure food grade Sodium Carbonate.

Step 1 - weigh your sodium bicarbonate, and put it onto a non-aluminum pan or oven-safe dish
Step 2 - place in the oven at 400 F (200 C) for one hour to one hour and a half to release CO2 and water
Step 3 - alternatively you can put in a stainless steel pot (no other material!) on the stove for for 20mins
Step 4 - let it cool down and compare the weight to before

Note: the resulting material should have lost around 20% of the original mass. If it didn't, leave it for longer in the oven.

Anhydrous solvents

To make a solvent anhydrous you add a desiccant (drying agent). One of these is anhydrous Magesium Sulfate (MgSO4). This can be made by heating Epson Salts (Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate) above 200 C. Anhydrous MgSO4 can absorb 204.7% of it's weight in water. 50g can absorb around 100ml water.

Step 1 - Heat Epson Salt on an aluminum foil in the oven for 2 hours at 200 C
Step 2 - if you oven allows it, increase temp to 250 C for the final 30 minutes
Step 3 - take out and weigh the MgSO4, it should be around half the original weight
Step 4 - store the anhydrous MgSO4 in an air tight container
Step 5 - take 50 grams of your anhydrous MgSO4 and pour it into a 0.5 liter container
Step 6 - add the solvent, shake vigorously for a few minutes
Step 7 - the MgSO4 will absorb all of the water and sink to the bottom of the can
Step 8 - let it settle for 1-2 days until the solution is totally clear, with the powder on the bottom
Step 9 - use a glass pipette to suck the solution from the bottle, stay away from the bottom
Step 10 - discard the remaining solvent when the volume nears the MgSO4 layer

Using warm acetone with magnesium sulfate increases the chances of condensation reactions of the acetone itself. These reactions generate water. Therefore, dehydrate in a cold place and separate the solution from the MgSO4 when ready. Don't leave acetone standing over MgSO4 in a warm place for any great length of time.

Sodium Sulphate and Calcium sulphate are much weaker Lewis acids and thus much less prone to catalysing condensation reactions in the acetone. But they work a bit slower than MgSO4. Calcium chloride can't be used to dry in acetone.


A good way to start is using Cyb's ATB tek, followed up by "Spice Extraction - The FASA Approach". Base with Calcium Hydroxide or Sodium Carbonate. Lye can be used, but is not necessary. Pull with d-Limonene, Xylene or Toluene. Salt out with FASX.

- Spice Extraction - The FASA Approach" (A/B tek of choice, xylene/toluene, FASA)
- The FASA Method" (A/B tek of choice, NPS of choice, FASA)
- The FASA Method: A Summary - DMT Fumarate and Beyond (CASA, acetone, FASA)
- Amor fatis Nontoxic Approach to Spice Extraction" (dry A/B, d-limonene, FASW)
- BLAB The Big Leisurely AB" (A/B, d-limonene, FASI or FASW)
- Jorkests D Limonene and Fumaric acid Approach" (STB, d-limonene, FASW)
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I've been experimenting with the different FASA/I/W teks and FB conversions.

I found this to be the most efficient route for obtaining pure DMT (Fumerate).

DMT Fumerate:
1: Use Cybs A/B Salt Tek to obtain freebase DMT
2: Dissolve the final yield in acetone
3: Filter undissolved material using cotton in a funnel or syringe
4: Add FASA until no more clouding
5: Wait until the DMT Fumerate precipitates
6: Decant the solution, add fresh acetone to wash, decant again, dry

Freebase Conversion:
1: Dissolve DMT Fumerate in water
2: Add a basic solution with pH >11
3: Pull 3x with Naphtha
4: Freeze precipitate, decant, dry

Doing FASA on Limo /Xylene /Toluene results in a yield which smells like the NPS. Xyl and tol are toxic and very unpleasant smells to work with. Food grade Limo residue is safe for oral use, but some brands precipitate Fumeric acid. It also needs to be distillated (frequently) for proper use. In any case, the yield is contaminated and needs to be cleaned. This requires additional time and work.

I prefer the A/B naphtha freeze method instead. The FASA conversion is a good clean up step to turn sticky yellow, or dirty /contaminated DMT to clean bright yellow /white. Many plant substances don't dissolve in the acetone. These are filtered out. Many plant oils stay dissolved in the acetone after FASA is added. End result is clean DMT Fumerate which smells like pure DMT salt. Also, you know exactly how much DMT you have to start with, so you know how much FASA you need max. No need to worry about adding FASA too fast, Fumaric acid can't precipitate out in the acetone when adding too fast, as it does in NP solvents.

As for the conversion from Fum to FB, I didn't like any of the wet /dry /freeze sodium carbonate options. Some failed, others were a pain to work with, and all of them resulted in sodium carbonate residue in the yield. Easiest, safest and purest way to convert is to base with Lye, pull with Naphtha and freeze precip. Due to the small volume of liquid, 3 pulls were enough. No need to do much shaking. An acceptable amount of yield loss occurred, most due to discarding impurities and non DMT oils.

When doing FASA + FB conversion as a clean-up after an A/B, there are less oils in the FB yield. I found these oils sometimes had the smell of undissolved Naphtha. The yield after this technique hardly smells (of anything) at all.

The added value is that by freeze precipitating naphtha, you can recycle the NPS for re-use. You can also recycle the leftover Acetone into FASA by placing it back in a container with excess Fumaric acid. Quite sustainable..

The whole FASA/I/W road map is interesting. But imho the best way to use this innovation is after an A/B tek. This gives DMT Fumerate for storage and oral use. To convert back to FB, simply perform a mini A/B.

The disadvantage of this method is that the yields are not full spectrum (orange /red) or half spectrum (yellow, dark yellow), for the people who desire that. It also uses toxic Naphtha and corrosive Lye.
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