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Rue Tea Ala Zen (creates 4 MAOI level doses) Options
#1 Posted : 5/22/2013 9:24:49 PM

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2 x Saucepans (medium sized stainless steel pref)
1x Large Jar (1l 'pickle' jar is ideal)
1x Pyrex Measuring Jug
3x Coffee filters
1x Stainless Steel Sieve (similar size to saucepans, fine grade)
14.5g Syrian Rue seeds
1000ml Water (filtered pref)
6g (5-10) Fresh mint leaves
6g Fresh Root Ginger
6g (5-10) cacao beans

Bring 1000ml of water up to a rolling boil in saucepan 1. Reduce heat and immediately upon start of simmer add 14.5 grams of Syrian rue seeds. Maintain heat just beneath boiling point.

Slice up the fresh mint, crush the 3-5 cacao nibs (mortar and pestle pref) and slice off the pieces of root ginger. Place in the boiling brew and stir occasionally for 10 minutes while bring back to boiling point (rolling boil).

After 10 mins ensure heat is enough to reduce but not constantly boiling hard (soft rolling boil is best). Aim for at least 60% reduction. After a further 60-90 mins, when satisfied with reduction strain into saucepan 2 using a fine stainless steel sieve. (Do as you wish with the seeds, and assorted gunk we are done with them for now). At this point have the jar ready with a filter fitted.

Bring brew just back up to boil then remove from heat. Filter the fluid into the jar through a coffee filter. Re-filter into Pyrex measuring jug. Make note of the amount left, then return to saucepan 1 and bring back to boil, further reducing until at least 200ml is reached (I go for 150ml personally). It is ok to quickly pass the brew between the Pyrex jug and saucepan, over time, to check amounts (if needed). Upon the final transfer however, filter one more time.

Take final contents of the Pyrex dish and place into desired storage device. Now clean saucepans, equipment and area of brewing..

Further Notes:

Remember the above is a recipe created with 4 doses in mind. This is enough to trigger MAO inhibition (per dose) while minimizing nausea and not affording any overly powerful hallucinatory effects (without secondary catalyst).

The final amount can be reduced slightly more or less. I find 200ml is the highest workable amount. Remember to divide the final reduced amount by four or you may find things get quite unpleasant, more so than the taste.

The additional ingredients do nothing to mask the taste. They do seem to assist in countering nausea (ginger) whilst also offering possibility of potentiation (cacao+rue+dmt combo).

EDIT: Have now had three separate doses of this myself and seen three others each take a single MAOI dose also. Each time is has effectively inhibited, whilst no one as yet has suffered any nausea. This is especially good news for me as I have quite the sensitive stomach Thumbs up Thumbs up

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
#2 Posted : 8/26/2013 1:29:01 AM

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That sounds horrible with the cacao. Too stimulating. Maybe you don't get the stimulation from it?
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#3 Posted : 8/26/2013 1:37:15 AM

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It does taste horrible to be fair but then it tastes that way to me anyways. I condense down to around a full shot glass per dose.

I would probably not be the right person to ask if the cacao gave a stimulating effect as I munch them regularly without much of a buzz (well, maybe if I eat a couple of handfuls lol).

My main thoughts on this was the countering of nausea for myself with the stomach issues I have. Seemed to work Smile
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