First weekend of vapping DMT, reptilians, self improvement and ego death. Options
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I've been lurking here for long, but this was worthy of sharing.

First weekend where I had time with 30gr bark STB extract, 2 batches 1 clean and 1 greassy.

First atempt, I did it propperly, meditated for half an hour. Trip mindset: "Show me what to build". Ayahuasca style visuals kick in, bright and joyfull colours, triangles and endless circle rotating tunnel. Went into a 3 plane as if looking from a cube from the inside, where dragon/reptilian like snakes came from one plane. And rotating spirals from another plane. Awsome visuals, but no teachings, I felt the pressence of a female motherly figure, observing was fine, when interfering with what I saw I made the events playing before me angry, and it would spiral out of control pointing towards me, I thought "okay okay, I wont bug you" and it went away. Overal a pleasant experience.

Second night, I had some B.Caapi vine, mixed it up, added some weed, and vaped it, slacking on the meditation department. I was guided in by the pressence of a Man, and saw pointy flames of red and blue ying-yang style, wrap themselves as texture over round objects. The visuals made me touch infinity, sadly not remembering too much of these visuals, more mind play; identity style. Grasping concepts of our psychology, and understanding "why I behave as I behave in common day things". Understanding Fear and Love, and how contributing is most important. Near the end, I felt (or wanted to feel) I was in a circular room, I could control a robot-like figure, and add "experience points" to any door I wanted. My first subconsious reaction was to add points to the "be succesfull at business door", realizing I already was, I should add points to my weaker characteristics, and decided to add XP in the "getting things done mentality" and "stop procastrinating now department". After 3 rounds with weed in between, I was pretty messed up and decided to have one finishing blow, and going straight to bed as soon I regained first control of my body back.

Dreaming that night, was uhm, quite scary with retrospect, didn't feel like scary at that moment, but, wow. So this was the dream, I was feeling all empowerd with these new skills I attained due to vaporizing. Very impressed and very content, in my dreams I was naming it all outloud. And suddenly I said something like : "You can take everyting from me" (lost in translation). I snapped out of my vibe, (still dreaming, and I was like no way, I'm not going to do this, chaos emerged, the dreamworld collapes, and nothing but the universe was left. I was vocaly fighting a demon that wasn't there. I fought the demon, with dragonball Z like fireballs and explosions, but the universe swallowed me, final thoughts were "this is not how it ends" and everything ended in a purple explosion originating from me.

-Question: Do you think aswell, that a dream interpretation could be : "You just sold your soul to the devil, in exchange for lousy self improvement" ?

Third Night, slacking very much now, lazy couch style, bad light, no calm before the storm, and to make matters worse, I was down to my greasy brownish stuff, mixed with some caapi. First hit, was my first as it feels like failed launch, I touched the spirals, and sawe glimpses of pointy flames. But I broke out of it, snapped awake, and this was bad, everything felt like infinity, the clock was friggin scary, I was stuck in a forever loop.

Ignorantly thinking, I had a too low of a dose, I nearly doubled it, and took another go at it quite quickly afterwards. Oh boy was "I" up for a ride: Infinity, endless loops spirals of identity, I was reduced to nothingness, I was forever trapped in everything. I didn't exist anymore, not in the sense of Dying, but like zooming out from your identity, zooming zooming so far that makes me infinityly small and insignificant. I snapped out of this mind-tripping quite quick, and witnessed the transfer back into a reality where I was constrained again to my current body, blissfully unkowing of the other layers where I existed. Oh and boy that clock was frigging scarry, didn't feel nice at all, comming down felt like loosing my mind, being stuck forever and ever, a true glimpse of insanity, as the nothing is real fealing of the "butterfly effect" combined with the timerupture of "donny darko". It was like the matrix combined with multiverse theory, and I was forever stuck in the moment of uplink where the mind transfers into the matrix bouncing back and forth.

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Anybody from Lisbon?

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Interesting. Never tried ayahuasca but from your description there is some resemblance to magic muchrooms - ego death, eternity, infinity and so on. I had weird visions while waking it midnight and one time I did saw vision of reptilian alien with "Sahasrara" purple disc on side. What was meaning of that is mystery for now but hope DMT can help find answerr.
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