Want to trip on DMT but am scared Options
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i really want to try dmt.. i have done a lot of research and am super interested and feel like i need this in my life.. only problem is im scared as shit to.. i had a couple really bad shroom trips that have fucked with my head and scared me out of experimenting with other drugs.. any suggestions?

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It's that archetypical fear of standing on the edge and letting go. Meditation? Whatever make you feel mellow.... do that.

I think even the most seasoned spice smoker still has trepidation as the pipe touches the lips. You're just going to have to muster the courage to overcome that fear. Read some experience reports on here, talk to some folks, interact a bit and get as many viewpoints and opinions as you can.

Nothing really prepares you, but in my opinion, the comeup is so fast, you're just there, not a lot of time to worry or contemplate the ride like there is on shrooms.... just BOOM! You're in magicland.

Some folks will tell you to start with small doses and work your way up. Some will recommend starting at a certain dose. The whole gig is so personal, that's why I say, get as many viewpoints as possible.

Good Luck and Blessings
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Explore with more "grounded" altered states. Most people don't just jump into the deep end. They work their way there. Baby steps are necesary for success(for most people) in my opinion when it comes to these substances.

Researching infinite amounts won't really change much of anything when it comes down to the actaul experience.

A major thing that can be helpful is to know that you are "okay." You have to trust these substances and yourself to rush you down the river of mind and gently float you back to everyday consciousness.

Also, come at these substances with great respect. They are indeed powerful and hard to understand sometimes.

I wish you courage in your journey.
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pgeary wrote:
i really want to try dmt.. i have done a lot of research and am super interested and feel like i need this in my life.. only problem is im scared as shit to.. i had a couple really bad shroom trips that have fucked with my head and scared me out of experimenting with other drugs.. any suggestions?

i myself havnt experienced dmt just yet. simply because the time isnt right for me to aquire it. i am patient however and can hold out, even though the 'need' is increasing by the day. i dont want this for a high, iv taken no drug for its high, i am seeking something deeper, looking for an understanding to everything. i love science, but i do believe that the more they look at the physical world, the more they will have to keep looking. and to my disapointment, there are few scientists that will look into the things that cant be easily seen.

back to the point... i have also had some scary experiences from other substances. but the way i look at it is that you are recieving information., your own views and feelings are what build that information into whatever it is u see. i overcame that fear by simply believing that u see everything you need to. it just comes to you in the best way you can understand it. then try to understand it if you havent already. once id done that i didnt fear no more, because i felt, all the information is good information. your mind can just have a sick way of showing you so to speak lol

i hope you can overcome the fear my friend however u decide to interpret it.
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Being scared is normal and healthy if you can overcome it
'bad' trips can sometimes be the most beneficial

soundz like you will be ok with or without the experience
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One of the most terrifying things about classic psychedelics is the length of the trip. Although time seems irrelevant to you, it really just is a quantity of expirience. And if its a bad scary expirience you want it to end. DMT is like no other psychedelic in its power and duration. If you become terrified you may forget the entire expirience. But the good thing is, in reality, you are only gone for 10 minutes.
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Some say music soothes the savage beast.. Others say silence is perhaps best while attempting any deep travel. May I offer suggestion.

Pretty much everyone has one or two tunes, that when they hear them, instantly place them in a state of calm (of some form or another). I am not a massive classical fan by a long shot but this for example when I hear it always puts me in a state of meditative calm. More so than any other tune out there (and I have no real reason of knowing why).

Perhaps before you take your journey, you find a tune that places you in a similar state, placing intent meditatively as suggested in order to allay any unnatural fear and assist in taking those steps..

I know I ain't alone in agreeing that there is NOTHING wrong with some respectful apprehension. I would imagine it's the same as that moment just prior to stepping off a perfectly functional plane when skydiving, it's going against the bodies natural instincts (especially I feel if one has studied this molecule) Smile
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I know what you mean... My wife and I had been interested in DMT and done a lot of research on it over the course of a couple years. We actually had some for well over a year but were too afraid to touch it on our own.

It wasn't until an opportunity popped up with a group of close friends that we actually took the plunge. One of our friends was experienced, two were very eager to try it.. My wife and I were sort of along to watch but intrigued. We kept it to very small doses that day, just dipping our toes in. We held conversations with each person throughout the experience and relayed back what we were seeing and feeling. As our first three friends took their turns, the looks on their faces and their descriptions had us convinced... we couldn't not try itSmile

To keep myself from rambling, all I can say is that it was one of the most beautiful and magical days of my life, and I highly doubt any of the doses were more than 10mg but we didn't have a scale and our smoking method was less than optimal, so I hesitate to even put a number to it. I really feel like starting with small doses was the perfect choice for us at that time, in our setting. It was a nice way to get acquainted with DMT.. a friendly/awesome/beautiful "Hello DMT world" if you willSmile

To this day I still like to start each session out with one small dose and then decide whether I want to go further with the next or stay where I'm at. Once I misjudged my small introductory and got waaay more than what I was expecting... it scared me to death and beyond but it was truly enlightening and beneficial. I wouldn't have changed it if I could. However, if that had been my first experience, I can't say I'd be eager to try again. But since I've previously had so many amazingly positive experiences with lower doses, it's taken me some time, but I am very much looking forward to my next journey.

Personally, preparing for and setting up a comfy, clean space, doing yoga, meditating, drawing or anything to help clear my mind and relax is essential.

Good luck & safe travels=)
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thanks for the responses much appreciated
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Pgeary hi and welcome-

What is it that you are afraid of? Is it a fear of physical harm? Fear of the unknown? Fear of negative psychological effects? Fear of freaking out?

As others stated, it is completely normal to be nervous and have a healthy dose of "fear" going into this and as DeDao said, no reading or research will make much of a difference once you are in it. I read books, trolled the nexus for over a year and if anything it just made more nervous and "afraid" but once that vapor hit, it didn't matter... and by the time you pick your jaw up off the floor its over. Very happy

But as for practical advice (this is my experience):

Know and be confident that you WILL be just fine
Remember it only lasts a few minutes
Remember DMT has a long history (hundreds if not thousands of years) of use and is physiologically quite safe, it will be completely metabolized out of your body faster than shrooms take to kick in (this is regarding vaping spice)
As you go in and when you are in the trip, just keep telling yourself "I'm ok"
Take some time beforehand to read some inspirational trip reports
Be in a comfortable and familiar setting
Do all that you can to just let the experience unfold, fighting or resisting it is pointless and will only lead to panic.
Focus on the fact that this may be one of the most profound and thought provoking moments of your life, even if it is scary. That is OK and be ok with being scared, no big.

In my opinion, I wouldn't even mess around with a low dose, I find them to actually be more uncomfortable and less rewarding. A breakthrough wont leave you for much contemplation of any fear.

Ultimately, you know YOU best and know what you can handle and what it is you are looking for out of the experience.
I hope you have the solace you seek and know it's normal to be scared, in fact I'd say there would be something wrong if you weren't.

Breathe, clear your mind and just go for it.

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