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This is a clip from the show Dead Like Me. (Very brief plot synopsis: People act as "grim reapers" to ferry people souls to the after life. They live as human beings and are, for the most part human, and they ferry souls like a tedious job).

At about the 6 minute mark, there is a section where one of the characters, who earlier (see full episode if interested) had his soul removed from his body by one of the grim reapers and then had his soul put back in. From this experience he starts to create his own religion and starts coming up with terms for the experience.

The name of the episode is called Sunday Mornings, season 1 episode 9.

Go to the 6 min mark to here him coming up with terms for his religion and religious experience. The meter maid in the clip is the grim reaper who took his soul out.

Dead Like Me Clip

I find this show quite hillarious Laughing and I would recomend people to check it out. Thumbs up
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