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sublingual dmt furmate... bioassay Options
#41 Posted : 3/30/2009 9:33:50 AM


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damiana wrote:
just put under the tongue 50mg harmala 15 mg dmt furmate

harmala is yucky BLAGH! just swallowed heh

I was referring to this experience, I am wondering if the MAOI can be taken with the DMT-Fumarate together sublingaully, to eliminate the need to take an MAOI orally and waiting an hour to take the DMT suglingually. Know what i mean?


that was a booster dose
and i assume it could be taken sublingual however it taste horrible and is just as effective swallowed so i see no reason not to swallow it but i dunno try it out an let me know
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#42 Posted : 3/30/2009 9:35:22 AM

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SWIM tells me it didn't work very effectively, the DMT-Fumarate mixed with the MAOI both taken sublingually, concluding the MAOI has to be already active in the blood for sublingual DMT to work. How much pure harmaline or harmine is needed orally for optimum DMT sublingual dose is his question? If anyone knows that would be great. Thanks @@(~100mg pure harmaline is the answer).

#43 Posted : 11/1/2011 12:43:42 AM

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I was wondering any updates to this conclusion...

WIll Harmalas and DMT taken together sublingually not work well...

Because I still really like the idea of making Hard Candy with the two...I realize Candy will creata a combo of Sublingual and oral.

But it could be so much more pleasant tasting...
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