The Essential DMT Guide: DMT Extraction Teks, Smoking DMT and other Routes of Administration Options
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The Essential DMT Guide

- Pharmacology: botanicals, dosing, etc.
- DMT extraction: how to extract DMT, best DMT extraction teks
- Oral DMT: ayahuasca, pharmahuaca
- Smoking DMT: how to smoke DMT, best devices to smoke DMT
- Other routes: sublingual, insufflating, nasahuasca, etc.
- DMT dosages: how much DMT to administer

Unlike many outdated DMT guides circulating online the data here is kept up to date with current information and the latest findings such as extraction innovations and vaping technologies.


1. Preface
- 1.1 About
- 1.2 Disclaimer

2. Safety
- 2.1 Set and setting
- 2.2 Dietary constrictions
- 2.3 Dosage
- 2.4 Metal stability
- 2.5 Addictiveness
- 2.6 Law

3. Botanicals
- 3.1 Active alkaloids
- 3.2 Harmala Plants
- 3.3 DMT Plants

4. DMT Extraction
- 4.1 Safety and products
- 4.2 A/B
- 4.3 STB
- 4.4 FASX
- 4.5 Eco friendly

5. Oral DMT
- 5.1 Ayahuasca Brew
- 5.2 Syrian Rue
- 5.3 Vinho da Jurema
- 5.4 Formosahuasca
- 5.5 Pharmahuasca
- 5.6 Safety oral

6. Smoking DMT
- 6.1 Enhanced Leaf
- 6.2 Changa
- 6.3 Direct flame
- 6.4 Glass Vapor Genie
- 6.5 Dabbing
- 6.6 e-Cigarettes
- 6.7 Wax atomizers
- 6.8 Mesh atomizers
- 6.9 Safety smoking

7. Other DMT routes
- 7.1 Sublingual
- 7.2 Insufflating
- 7.3 Nasahuasca
- 7.4 IV
- 7.5 Plugging
- 7.6 Safety other routes

8. Additional Info
- 8.1 Changa teks
- 8.2 Dabbing info
- 8.3 e-Cigarettes info
- 8.4 Jungle spice
- 8.5 General dosages
- 8.6 Combinations

9. Sources

1. Preface

1.1 About

This DMT guide is a summary of the common ways to prepare and administer DMT. The goal is to get everyone informed about the basic knowledge of how to work with entheogenic DMT plants for personal spiritual exploration. The guide teaches you how to extract DMT, smoke DMT and about all the other possible routes of administration.

The info given is meant to reflect the general opinion of the DMT-Nexus community. Sources are the Nexus Knowledge Section (Wiki, FAQ and DMT Handbook), complimented by all the relevant discussions on the DMT-Nexus Forum and my own research, findings and experiences. This topic can therefor be regarded as an extension of the Knowledge Section with up-to-date information.

1.2 Disclaimer

I've done my best to make valid statements based on the information at hand. However some info is based on limited accounts. Always obtain more information before taking any action. Don't hold me or Nexus responsible for anything. If anyone has anything to add or improve, please share.

Treat all knowledge on DMT-Nexus with respect. DMT-Nexus is against "DMT spreading": big extractions, selling or handing out to people normally not inclined to use. Sharing info through superficial YouTube videos can cause damage to the community. For more info see the "Attitude Page" in the Nexus Wiki.

Avoid DMT use in public places. If you do it outdoors, choose a quiet place where you won't get disturbed (nature). Be sure to protect yourself and also DMT's reputation: stay safe and don't act irresponsible while on it; don't get caught being on it in unlawful situations such as driving under influence. Don't give governments and media reasons to give entheogenics a bad name.

2. Safety

2.1 Set and setting

Traditionally DMT is used in conjunction with Ayahuasca (Caapi) as a medicine by indigenous communities. Shamans posses knowledge passed on over generations how to use plants to heal and progress. They are able to control the energy level with sacred chants playing a vital role. Participating in Ayahuasaca ceremonies organized by authentic organizations teaches you how to treat and work with the plants. When using outside of an organized ceremony: create a proper set and setting. Be at home or somewhere private. Alone is not recommended, be together with people you trust. Take your time to prepare and to recover (for oral use leave the day after free).

DMT can be the most profound experience you've ever had, or the most terrifying one, or both at ones. Listen to your intuition. Feel when the time is right. Prepare for an experience which could change your outlook on life. Whichever your chosen route of administration is and wherever you choose to do it, formulate a clear intention of why you are using it and what you are trying to achieve. This will serve and guidance and help.

2.2 Dietary constrictions

Harmala alkaloids are RIMA's which selectively and reversibly inhibit the enzyme 'Monoamine Oxidase A' (MAO-A). Because of the reversibility and selectivity RIMAs are safer than MAOI's. RIMA's are unlikely to elicit tyramine-mediated hypertensive crisis when combined with tyramine containing foods. A special diet does not need to be so strictly adhered to as with MAOI's. Eating excessively large amounts of tyramine containing foods such as red wine or old cheese within 24 hrs is still not recommended. Research "RIMA vs MAOI" for more info.

Although RIMA's are generally safer than MAOI's they still have highly dangerous interactions when combined with almost any antidepressant, stimulant or SSRI medication. This can cause serotonin syndrome or hypertensive crisis and even result in death! When you are on these types of medication you have to quit at least one month before taking any form of Harmalas. Preferably don't use DMT /Harmalas in combination with other substances. If you do, do an extensive research about the safety of the combination.

2.3 Dosage

If you are using a new batch of plant material for the first time, always start off with a low dose and work your way up in small increments. The optimal dosage may vary significantly from person to person. It is not possible to overdose on DMT and RIMA. There is no direct (neuro)toxicity on the body. However, too much RIMA can make you very sick physically. Too much DMT can be very intense mentally. If this happens, don't worry and just remember: you will recover.

2.4 Metal stability

Ayahuasca is a therapeutic experience and is known to cure depressions, stop addictions and promote mental and physical health. However, care should be taken with people suffering from mental disorders and instabilities such as schizophrenia and psychotic tendencies. The chaotic nature of the experience can trigger an escalation of mental issues. This can lead to an increase of psychological problems in individuals susceptible to such problems. You must be able to rely on yourself to have sufficient mental stability and/or strength to undergo the experience and face what surfaces.

2.5 Addictiveness

DMT and Harmalas are neither psychologically nor physically addictive.

Ayahuasca is used for treating various addictions with success. Usually it's an intense experience full of self-confrontation with therapeutic effects felt afterwards. This makes it a medicine, not a drug. The ceremonial setting consists of a lot of love and connectivity between participants who share their struggles as a group. For some this feeling of brotherhood contributes to a desire to keep returning to the experience, instead of focusing on integrating their lessons learned in real life.

Cases of DMT abuse are rare. Most people who start out smoking regularly tend to reduce their frequency over time. There are reports of people smoking DMT daily for prolonged periods. Those who do usually either get served a "denial of entree" into the DMT realm, or get "hyper-slapped" by DMT being told to focus on life in this dimension.

Most DMT smokers experience pre-flight anxiety. This is resistance to the experience by the ego. Unlike with other substances where the ego tricks you into using it, with DMT it tries to trick you not to. One could argue that DMT is not just none-addictive, but actually "anti-additive". However, anything can be prone to abuse for someone somewhere.

2.6 Law

DMT and Harmalas are illegal in most countries. Possessing plants and/or extracts is against the law.

It is interesting to think about why DMT and other ethnobotanical plants are banned by our society. A criteria for a substance to become a class 1 scheduled drug in the States is that it must have zero therapeutic use. Ayahuasca has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Improving ones outlook on life, increasing self acceptance and care and respect for others. Science is unraveling neurological benefits such as helping with depressions. This all while DMT and Harmalas have zero (neuro)toxic effects on brain and body. Something which can't be said for most approved medications.

Why the amount of effort put in indoctrinating citizens against ethnobotanical plant use through media and politics? Is it ignorance, pharmaceutical lobby, suppression of freedom, war on consciousness? Whatever the reason, we are entering an era of entheogenic renaissance where acceptance is becoming mainstream. This allows science to identify many medicinal properties of these formally forbidden fruits. Of course mass usage brings with it new challenges, as with every step along life's way.

3. Botanicals

3.1 Active alkaloids


DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family. Its presence is widespread throughout the plant kingdom. DMT occurs in trace amounts in mammals including humans where it functions as a neurotransmitter. The significance of its widespread natural presence remains undetermined. DMT is the only psychedelic known to occur naturally inside the human body. When ingested DMT has a psychedelic effect. Depending on the dose and method of administration its effects range from mild psychedelic experiences to very powerful ones with a total loss of connection to daily reality.

Harmala Alkaloids

To be able to take DMT orally it needs to be combined with a MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor) or a RIMA (Reversible Inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidase A). The role of a MAOI /RIMA is to stop your digestive system from breaking down the DMT molecule. When administering DMT orally, it is the digestive tract where you first and foremost want to have the strongest MAO inhibition. The way to achieve this is by orally consuming MAOI's or RIMA's prior or together with DMT.

The active enzyme inhibitors in plants commonly used in combination with DMT are the Harmala Alkaloids. Harmalas mainly consist of Harmine, Harmaline and Tetrahydroharmine. Besides stopping the breakdown of DMT they also have a psychedelic effect on their own. Other than allowing for oral ingestion of DMT, the combination of DMT + RIMA results in a synergy of effects. DMT triggers RIMA effects which don't arise without the use of DMT and visa versa. This is why smoking DMT + RIMA is different than smoking DMT without.

3.2 Harmala Plants -The Force-

Banisteriopsis Caapi (vine)

Aka: Ayahuasca, Caapi, Yaje
Actives: +-2.0% Harmala alkaloids (0.31-8.43% Harmine, 0.03-0.83% Harmaline, 0.05-2.94% Tetrahydroharmine

Banisteriopsis Caapi is a South American jungle vine of the family Malpighiaceae. It is the most commonly used plant to prepare Ayahuasca. It has a a long history of entheogenic uses as a medicine and "plant teacher" among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rainforest. The shamans of the indigenous western Amazonian tribes use the plant in religious and healing ceremonies.

Banisteriopsis Muricata (vine)

aka: Red vine
Actives: Same profile as Caapi

A nexus user performed a chemistry test and found the alkaloid profile of B. Muricata to be very similar to standard B. Caapi. Users report Muricata to be similar in effect yet more potent - requiring much less material for a solid dose. Some say Muricata is equality potent, this could have to do with batch quality.

Syrian Rue (seeds)

Aka: Peganum Harmala, Harmal, Rue
Actives: +-5.0% Harmala alkaloids (0.44%-4.30% Harmine, 0.25%-5.60% Harmaline, 0.10% Tetrahydroharmine

Sirian Rue is of the family Nitrariaceae. It is native from the eastern Iranian region west to India. Rue may have been used as an entheogen in the Middle East in ancient times. It can be used as an analogue of Caapi to create an ad hoc of Ayahuasca brew.

Passiflora (flowers)

Aka: Passion flowers, passion vines
Actives: unknown (0.2% in P. incarnata according to some studies)

Some Amazonian Ayahuasqueros add Passiflora to Ayahuasca as an admixture. They call it Chontay-huasca and say it adds color to the visions. Passiflora is said to be too weak an RIMA to be used on its own. But the studies on which this is based used poor extracting techniques. In theory some Passion flowers contain more RIMA than stated and could be used as enzyme inhibitors. However, more research is needed.

Caapi varieties

Ethnobotanical suppliers use color names to describe the Caapi being sold. Usually they are named by the local /mestizos /indigenous people. Their use of colors to describe the types of Ayahuasca is based on the nature and character of the visionary experiences as well as the physical color of the plant.

The problem is that there is no consensus regarding the classification of different Caapi vines, so some indigenous people may recognize 2 types, in another tribe they may recognize 10 types, and so on. These types may overlap or they may even be in contradiction with each other. Also botanists would not necessarily agree with those types, as sometimes classification from indigenous people is not based on how a plant looks, but also on its effects, purpose, etc. Different ethnobotanical suppliers seem to stock different varieties of Caapi. In fact, some of what is sold as red, white /whatever may even be of a different genus/species altogether.

Some Caapi's have very similar alkaloid/chemical component even if they have different names. Others may have quite different content even if they are named the same. The difference can be in ratio of alkaloids or total alkaloid yield. Don't believe in generalizations saying each Caapi color has the same strength and effect in different vendors. Check the suppliers section and see if the vendor has been reviewed.

Most generalized categorizations of Ayahuasca are not in line with research performed by members of the Nexus. For example: most black Ayahuasca sold was NOT found to have any Harmalas or related alkaloids and has been identified as Alicia anisopetala. Banisteriopsis Muricata (red Ayahuasca) has the same alkaloid profile as banisteriopsis Caapi. For an in-depth analysis on differences in alkaloid contents between various types of Ayahuasca see: "The Caapi Analysis Thread" by endlessness.

[size=6]3.3 DMT Plants -The Light-

Psychotria Viridis (leaves)

Aka: Chacruna, Sami Ruca
Actives: 0.1 - 0.6% DMT, MMT, MTHC

Viridis is the most traditional of all Ayahuasca admixture plants. The effects of Viridis are considered to be clean and friendly. A very "green energy". Viridis is sometimes reported to be too weak. But when it works it can have a very immerse effect with deep mental dimensions. The leaves of the plant are harvested. Due to leaves being light and the small percentage of actives in them, relatively quite a large pan needs to be used to be able to boil the brew in.

Mimosa Hostilis (root bark)

Aka: Jurema Preta
Actives: 1-3% DMT

Mimosa is mostly of a consistent quality than Viridis, but some report it makes them feel darker and more toxic. Mimosa seems more compatible with Syrian Rue than with Caapi. Due to its stable consistency and purity Mimosa Hostilis root bark (MHRB) is usually the plant of choice for DMT extraction.

Mimosa tea can also be extracted in cold water (CWE) for oral use. In theory Mimosa contains its own beta-Carbolines which get destroyed by heat. This means CWE results in more intake of RIMA's. It is also theorized that the extra non DMT alkaloids in Mimosa are either a substance with MAOI properties, or substances that potentiate DMT. This would explain why a CWE can be drank without Harmalas (much larger dosage required). However, nothing has been found to be an MAOI within Mimosa. Some speculate that Yuramine or a degraded Yuramine product may be the culprit. In addition to the Yuremamine and miscellanious beta-barbolines it's also possible that some of the bark's saponins, sterols, or chalcones are contributing to the CWE psychoactivity in some fashion.

Diplopterys Cabrerana (leaves)

Aka: Chaliponga
Actives: 1.7% DMT, 5-HO-DMT

Although less potent by weight than Mimosa, Chaliponga has the most powerful psychological effect. It is markedly different from Mimosa and Viridis. A common believe is that this is due to the presence of 5-meo-dmt. But in fact there is no significant 5-meo-dmt content in chaliponga. It seems to be more a rumor than anything else, as it has only been found in traces so far.

[color=orange]Acacia Confusa (root and bark)

Aka: Formosahuasca, Chinahuasca, Asian ayahuasca
Actives: 1.4% DMT, 1.2% NMT

Acacia Confusa is a tree native to South-East Asia and containing large amounts of psychoactive tryptamines in its bark and root bark (ACRB). It contains both DMT and NMT. In proportion, more DMT in the bark, more NMT in the root. It also contains Alkaloids with RIMA properties. Being active without the addition of Harmala alkaloids it is reminiscent of reports of cold water extracted Mimosa. People have reported difficult to handle journeys and very deep experiences with scary entry stages. A plant to treat with a lot of caution and respect. It's very important to start with a low dosage before working your way up.
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Hello some one, how you doing?

Haven't you been busyThumbs up ,

there's a lot of good info there and I'm sure it will be a great help to newcomer's.

A couple things I noticed that might need changing

1. Enhanced leaf/Infused herb has no MAOI/RIMA's in it, its just DMT infused into a herb.

2. Under the changa section there is 5MEO as an additive, I think there is some possibility that 5MEO doesn't go well with MAOI/RIMA's so it may be better to leave it out.

3. I think the dose levels of mhrb might be a little off in the Aya section, 10g can be a fairly hefty dose and could certainly leave one very sockless. Maybe 3/5/10 would be a better ratio.

Maybe it would also be usefull to link a few more relevant threads, minxs All About Aya would certainly be a good addition to the top of your Aya section. You could even have a list of the stickied topics from the different sections of the forum so all those were also in 1 place.

All in all I think you have done a cracking job.


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Not sure about the political correctness of your preface, but the compiled info is concise, very useful and well presented.

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Thanks for this nice compilation Thumbs up You obviously took much care compiling this.

I agree, it would be even more perfect if you would add some sources/forum links/quotes. Not because it seems inaccurate, which it doesn't but to easy get into more detail on the information.
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Very nice compilation Thumbs up
I agree on the part where you state that for Pharma is better to take the RIMAs & DMT at the same time, to me 100mg of harmalas & 50mg of DMT do the trick.
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Overall it's a good start... I always like seeing complex ideas consolidated.

To elaborate on some of the comments posted so far: I would do away with the entire preamble, simply state the intentions behind this thread and ask for comments on factual accuracy and links to relevant threads or other online resources. Keep editing, cleaning up, consolidating.
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(Thanks for the input. Edited over multiple posts below)

4. DMT Extraction

The following guide gives a summarized (up to date) overview of all the ways to extract DMT. It doesn't only teach you the steps, but also explains what is happening and why. The guide refers to teks listed in the sources section, with easy to follow step by step instructions and pictures. Reading through this guide will teach you everything you need to know about DMT extraction.

The entheogenic plants mentioned above are traditionally boiled into brews using water as a medium to dissolve their active alkaloids. Plant matter depleted of actives is discarded and the solution is boiled down to a drinkable volume. Traditional Ayahuasca brew can therefor be considered an extraction (versus eating raw plant matter). By using new knowledge and technology plants can be extracted to isolate their active compounds in the form of powders, crystals and oils.

- Constant potency for accurate dosing
- Enables other routes of administration such as smoking
- Eliminates undesired plant content

- Requires knowledge and effort
- Working with risky products (can also be done with all food safe products)
- May remove some full spectrum plant content

4.1 Safety and products


- Never use open fire near flammable solvents, use warm water baths or electric stoves
- Always work with solvents (especially hydrocarbons) in a well ventilated place
- Minimize exposure to solvent fumes, preferably wear a gas filter mask
- Check solvent msds contents. Online search: 'brand name' 'product name' msds
- Check that your solvent evaporates clean each time you buy a new batch
- Ventilate your DMT yield clean from solvent residue for 2-3 days, the DMT won't oxidate

- Wear gloves and eye protection when working with acids/bases
- Don't get any acids/bases in your eyes (by splashing or rubbing with hands)
- Only use stainless steel or glass hardware, no plastic or aluminum

You won't burn your fingers a-la fight club from the lye solution at the dilutions used, or intoxicate yourself from consuming an impure yield. DMT extracting is not super dangerous, but work clean and use some common sense caution.


The following products can be used for extractions and purification's. Some are more toxic and dangerous than others. Choose the safer products. DMT can even be extracted with all food grade and household products. Some products are suspicious to order like Naphtha, Acetone and Sodium Hydroxide. Preferably buy in stores using cash.

- Acetic Acid (white vinegar) - food additive (A/B)
- Citric Acid (Lemon Juice) - food additive
- Phosphoric Acid
- Fumaric acid - dietary supplement
- Hydrochloric Acid (HCl, Muriatic Acid)

- Sodium chloride 'NaCl' (Table Salt) - food product, should have no additives
- Magnesium Sulfate (Epson salt /bath salt)

- Sodium Hydroxide 'NaO' (Lye) - soluble in water (1000g/L @25C) and ethanol, very high pH, suspicious (A/B)
- Potassium Hydroxide 'KOH' - soluble in water (121g/100mL @25C) and ethanol, very high pH, suspicious
- Calcium Hydroxide 'Ca(OH)2' (lime), poorly soluble in water (1.73g/L @20C) not soluble in ethanol, food grade available
- Sodium Carbonate 'Na2CO3' (washing soda) - soluble in water (34.07g/100mL @28C) poorly soluble in ethanol
- Sodium Bicarbonate 'NaHCO3' (baking soda) - should be changed to sodium carbonate by heat, food additive

Polar protics
- Water - can be tap water, but preferably distilled or filtered (A/B)

Polar aprotics
- Acetone '(CH3)2CO' - suspicious, part of human metabolism and present in fruits in small amounts

- Ethanol 'EtOH' (Alcohol) - food additive, usually 96% pure (4% water)
- Methanol 'MeOH' - toxic
- Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA, Rubbing Alcohol) - should be >99% pure, less toxic than methanol
- Butanone (MEK) - irritant

Non polar solvents (NPS)
- Naphtha (petroleum ether, C5-C9 distillates, 40-60 and 60-80 fractions) - for freeze-precipitating (A/B)
- Heptane /Hexane (aliphatic) - for freeze-precipitating, narrow spectrum, can be used for re-x
- Xylene /Toluene (aromatic, paint thinners) - for evaporating /back salting /FASX, pulls full spectrum (horrible smell)
- d-Limonene (citrus oil) - for evap /back salting /FASX, full spectrum, dietary supplement, fumes aren't healthy, ventilate
- Limonene (distilled d-Limonene) - same as above just more refined
- Cooking oil (sun flower, olive, etc) - for back salting, full spectrum, prone to emulsions
- Methylene chloride (DCM) - for evap, full spectrum, efficient at lower pH, requires clean-ups, suspicious to order
- Octane (petrol) - don't use: explosive, contains benzene and other additives
- Nonane (kerosene) - don't use: very unhealthy vapor

Grades: Food grade has high purity and undergoes food-safe processing. Lab grade has high purity, yet can be processed in unclean containers with residues of other chemicals. Lab grade can therefore can be toxic even though the product is food safe itself. Technical grade is of low purity and can contain miscellaneous chemicals. Preferably choose food grade food products. Tech grade can ruin the extraction or contaminate the final yield.

4.2 A/B

A/B (Acid/Base) is the standard extraction method for DMT. It can be performed using the products marked A/B above. The extraction results in DMT freebase which can be used for smoking or converted to a DMT salt for oral use.

Step 1 - acidifying
DMT is probably present in plants as water soluble DMT-tannate. Add water to the plant material to dissolve the DMT. In solution there will be protonated DMT ions (DMT.H+) and tannate anions. Add an acid and apply heat to help break down the plant material and dissolve the DMT faster. Water "dissociates" salts. For example adding vinegar will result in the dissociated acetic acid, i.e. H+ and acetate anions.

Step 2 - basing
Base the solution (raise the pH) to convert the protonated DMT ions into freebase DMT. If acetic acid (CH3COOH) is used for acidifying and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) for basing, the OH- from the NaOH reacts with the H+ from the DMT.H+ to form H2O (water) and freebase DMT. Freebase DMT is "oil-loving" (lipophilic) which makes it want to travel to the NPS added in the next step. The remaining Na+ (sodium ions) and CH3COO- (acetate anions) float around contributing to the ionic strength pushing the DMT into the NPS. After this step the freebase DMT will float around undissolved in the alkaline solution.

Step 2 - salting (optional)
Adding table salt to the alkaline solution is said to increase the ionic strength pushing the DMT into the NPS more efficiently. It also helps against emulsions, increases yield and reduces the amount of pulls required. Note: new data suggests risk of worse yields using salt. Use with caution. Preferably do a comparison with and without salt.

Step 3 - pulling
Add a NPS to pull the DMT from the alkaline solution into the NPS. When the NPS is saturated with DMT it is separated and new NPS is added. This is repeated multiple times to deplete the alkaline solution of all DMT. After this step the NPS will contain all freebase DMT.

Step 4 - washing (optional)
Wash the DMT containing NPS by mixing it with a sodium carbonate water solution. This cleans it from any lye (NaOH) residue and plant matter.

Step 5 - evaporating /freeze precipitating
Evaporate the NPS to obtain DMT crystals. Naphtha can be frozen to precipitate DMT (it saturates out at freezing temperatures). The naphtha can be reused for future extractions.

Step 6 - cleaning (optional)
Purify the final yield with a clean-up step such as a re-X or mini-A/B to obtain a cleaner yield (more white, less oily). A common scientific practice is to first obtain an non-pure yield by eg. using high temperatures or wide spectrum extracting solvents (such as DCM). This makes sure all actives are depleted from the plant matter. Next is doing a cleanup extraction on the non-pure yield by for example using a narrow spectrum solvent such as Heptane to obtain a pure final yield.

Step 7 - Drying
Ventilate your final DMT yield dry from NPS residue for 2-3 days in open air in a dark airy place. Nearly all smell should vanish. This is needed. Don't worry, the DMT won't oxidate.

Additional information

Acidify for > 2 hrs (optional: freeze overnight and thaw). Basify for > 1 hr. The longer the acidifying and basing, the more DMT enters the solution. You may acidify for a day and base for a day for example. Perform 45 minute pulls, carefully steering /rotating at 7-10 minute intervals for around 30 seconds. Freeze precipitate for > 18-24 hrs. Dry final yield for > 1 hrs with fan and then > 2 days in open air.

pH levels
Aim for a pH between 3.5-4.0 for the acidifying stage. A not low enough pH may not break sufficient DMT free from of the bark. A pH too low may cause more plant oils to get extracted (darker yellow yield). pH 4 is optimal for a white yield. Add plenty of acidic solution to submerge the bark. The basing stage should be between pH 12-14. A much larger amount of Lye is used than pH 12 to prevent emulsions. Use sufficient Lye, but not too much or the solution will become too viscous (thick) making it harder for the DMT to travel to the NPS.

Acidifying: 40-95 deg C, basing: 20-60 C, pulling 20-60 C. The pulling temp depends on the NPS type. For Hexane/Pentane-Naphtha heat to 40 C, for Hexane/Heptane-Naphtha heat to 60 C. For low faction Naptha room temp can be used, up to 40 C. You can go up to 60 C with an additional clean up step. High heat pulls DMT faster (less pulls needed), but pulls more plant oils (less pure yield), requiring a clean-up step. Some people pull the last pulls at a higher temp, keeping the purer and less pure yields separate. Note: when heating during pulls, heat the entire solution, not the NPS. If you only pre-heat the NPS it will cool to the solution temp as soon as you add it. Warning: high temp pulls cause more solvent fumes. Make extra sure your ventilation is good when doing high temp pulls.

Number of pulls
After 3 to 6 NPS pulls the alkaline solution should be depleted of all DMT. The amount of pulls needed depends on the temperature, volume, viscosity, NPS type, etc. Different naphtha brands can have different petrochemical mixtures with different pull effects. Keep the last pull separate and check its yield. If significant pull again.

Freeze precipitation
Do not disturb the dish before 18-24 hours are up, the crystals may not form properly otherwise. The higher the saturation and the colder the temperature, the faster the crystallization and smaller the crystals. Very saturated very cold naphtha yields smaller crystals fast. Less saturated less cold naphtha yields larger crystals slower. The final yield is the same. It takes a very low saturation to not precipitate out any DMT. If in doubt freeze for several days or evaporate the NPS down to a lower volume prior freezing. When separating the DMT from the frozen NPS don't use coffee filters. Some DMT might dissolve into them. Instead simply decant the NPS away for the crystals.

Ratio's and scaling
Per 1g of bark:
10ml - 20ml total solution volume including the bark, acid, base (usually 15ml)
0.25g - 0.75g salt (usually 0.50g)
0.5g - 1.0g Lye (usually 0.75g)
0.5ml - 1.5ml Naphtha (usually 1.0ml)

Warning: it is not advisable to do large scale extractions (ethics and law). The Nexus is pro small extractions for personal use only. Keep it safe and don't sell DMT. Also, Using single containers to extract large amounts of bark at ones results in yield loss (lower efficiency).

Problem solving

If an emulsion forms during the pulling stage sprinkle with plenty of salt. If that doesn't work add more lye. Heating helps too. Another option is vibrating the emulsion loose. If everything fails, just wait. The first pull can occasionally take up to an hour to separate.

Dark solvent
Sometimes the NPS layer becomes very dark brown. It seems to happen mostly with STB extractions, powdered bark and heated pulls. The exact reason is unknown. Wait a few hours and see if the color settles and the solvent layer gets clearer. If that doesn't help separate the pulls as you would normally and do a sodium carbonate wash. If this isn't sufficient do a mini A/B.

Oily yield
The main cause of sticky oily yield (not usable) can be a NPS with the wrong contents. Mainly if Naphta is used, which is a mixture of several ingredients. Make sure to check the msds contents of the solvent. Another cause can be too high temperatures. Use a cleaning step below to purify oily yield yield.


If you want to eliminate any lye or other impurities from the DMT containing NPS, you can do a sodium carbonate wash:

Step 1 - DMT is pulled in a NPS (naphtha /heptane /hexane)
Step 2 - add 5-10 grams of sodium carbonate to 100 ml of water (basic solution)
Step 3 - mix the two solutions above and shake well (emulsions will not form)
Step 4- separate the NPS from the basic solution and discard the basic solution

To clean up oily DMT you can do a re-x (re-crystallization):

Step 1 - add 1g of DMT to 40-50ml of near boiling naptha using a warm water bath
Step 2 - add the DMT and let the naphtha cool down for a couple of minutes
Step 3 - observe impurities start to precipitate out
Step 4 - discard the impurities and freeze/precipitate the naphtha

If you want to remove plant oils and organic substances for whiter DMT do a Mini A/B:
Note: this step is needed when extracting ACRB

Step 1 - combine all NPS pulls together (or dissolve impure dmt into a NPS)
Step 2 - create an acidic solution and add the NPS to it
Step 3 - wait for all the dmt to travel to the acidic solution
Step 4 - separate and discard the yellow NPS
Step 5 - basifiy the solution and pull with fresh NPS
Step 6 - clean the NPS from any remaining lye with a sodium carbonate wash (optional)
Step 7 - freeze, decant, dry

An other way to clean up dirty /impure freebase DMT obtained from an A/B tek is to a FASA wash:

Step 1 - create anhydrous acetone, see "Making anhydrous solvents" under FASX below
Step 2 - convert the DMT into DMT-Fumarate, see "Converting DMT-Freebase into DMT-Fumarate" under FASX
Step 3 - (optional) clean the DMT-Fumerates, see "cleaning" under FASX below
Step 4 - convert back to freebase DMT, see "Converting DMT-Fumerate into DMT-Freebase" under FASX

Some teks tell you to do a defat (wash) after the acidification stage. This means adding Naphtha to the acidified solution to extract impurities into the Naphtha which is discarded. This step is now considered outdated as its inefficient at cleaning and wasteful in terms of time, Naphta and yield loss. Another cleanup not advised is washing the NPS with charcoal, this can easily result in yield loss.

A/B procedure example

- Add 50 g shredded (coffee grinder consistency) MHRB into a pan
- Add 200 ml of an acidic solution (pH 4)
- heat to 70-80 C for 2 hours, occasionally stirring
- decant the solution and add 200ml new acidic solution, repeat 3 times (3-4 pulls total)
- filter and discard plant material
- combine the solutions and simmer down to 400 ml
- place solution in a 750ml bottle, cool down to room temp
- Add 40 g Lye dissolved in 100 ml cold water into the bottle, shake
- Leave the solution for 1 hour at room temp
- heat the bottle to the temp corresponding to the NPS type (eg. Naphtha)
- Add 50 ml Naphtha to the bottle
- Fill up the bottle with water so the Naphtha reaches just below the top
- Carefully rotate bottle for 30 sec, place back in the heat bath for a 8 min settle
- Repeat the last step 5x (around 45 minutes total)
- After the 5th settle separated the Naphtha into an empty jar using a pipette
- Perform 3-6 pulls in total
- Store the last pull separate from the rest
- Place the pulls in the fridge for 2 hr
- Place them in the freezer at around -15 C for 24 hrs
- Carefully decant the Naphtha away from the DMT (save the Naphtha for reuse)
- check the yield of the last pull, if needed pull again
- Ventilate the DMT dry for 1 hour
- Weight the dry yield and perform a re-x
- freeze precip, decant Naphtha, ventilate
- Dry the DMT in dark cool place with fresh air for 2 days

A/B Teks

The following methods (teks) give detailed instructions how to extract using A/B. Refer to the Sources section below for links.

- Cybs 'Hybrid ATB Salt' tek - choose if it's your first time extracting (note the salt warning mentioned above)
- Cybs 'MAX ION' tek - has additional steps to increase yield
- Earthwalkers ACRB tek - for extracting Acacia (ACRB)

4.3 STB

STB stands for Straight To Base. It follows the same procedure as A/B without the acid step. STB converts the DMT in solution directly into freebase DMT. The acid step in A/B decreases the amount of time it takes to break apart the cellular plant matter in which the actives are located. Also, water soluble DMT-salt enters the solution faster than non-soluble freebase DMT. STB is usually used for powdered back. If the bark is not powdered a >24 hours wait period is required prior NPS pulling instead of a >2 hours wait as with A/B.

A/B - STB Comparison
- A/B is faster to perform than STB
- A/B can increase yield, especially if the solution is frozen after the acidification step
- A/B with too low pH can cause more plant fats/oils in the DMT yield (less pure, more yellow)

Mimosa (MHRB) can be extracted using STB. Acacia (ACRB) is more fat-laden and needs to be extracted by A/B.

STB procedure example

Step 1 - base with high pH
Step 2 - pull with NPS
Step 3 - separate (evaporate /freeze /salt out)

The following teks give detailed instructions how to extract using STB. Refer to the Sources section below for links.

- Lazyman's tek
- Noman's tek
- Dream Weaver's tek

4.4 FASX

FASX (Fumeric Acid Saturated Acetone /IPA /Water) is an extraction method to yield DMT-Fumerate. DMT-Fumerate is one of many DMT salts. It is used for the oral route (Pharmauasca) as freebase DMT can't be consumed orally, or for long term storage as salts are very stable molecules. DMT salts can be converted to freebase DMT, as well as the other way around. Most DMT salts are hygroscopic. They absorb water from the air and are permanently moist (a goo). DMT-Fumerate is the only salt that isn't hygroscopic. It crystallizes making it easy handle.

FASA stands for Fumeric Acid Saturated Acetone. It's created by adding Fumeric Acid (FA) to Acetone until the Acetone is saturated (SA). The methodology of FASA employs the solubility of freebase DMT, the solubility of Fumaric acid and the insolubility of DMT-Fumarate in Acetone. When FASA is added to Aceton in which freebase DMT is dissolved, the FA salts the freebase DMT into DMT-Fumerate which is not soluble in Aceton and precipitates. As it's the only thing that does it can easily be separated.

This can be used to convert freebase DMT into DMT-Furmarate: dissolve 1000g freebase DMT in 50ml dehydrated Acetone. Dissolve 309 mg of Fumaric acid in another batch of 50 ml of Acetone. DMT Fumarate precipitates out. If the Acetone is not dehydrated (some /all) DMT-Fumarate will stay dissolved in the water. In this case fully evaporate the solution to obtain the yield.

Instead of using Aceton as the DMT carrier solution, some non-polar solvents can also be used. This opens up the possibility to apply FASA to a DMT containing NPS solution used for pulling an A/B or STB extraction. DMT-Fumarate will precipitate and the NPS can be cleaned for re-use. Add water to dissolve excess FA and Acetone, or distillate. d-Limonene, Xylene and Toluene work as NPS.

Always test your solvent: add some FASA to a clean batch of solvent slowly drop wise to see if anything precipitates out. If the solvent stays clear, it's good. Next, dissolve some (25mg) of DMT in an other batch of solvent. Now, add the FASA solvent and DMT solvent together. If clouding forms (DMT-Fumerate precipitation) the solvent is good to use. Naptha does not work as FA precipitates out. If FA precipitates out of your d-Limonene, try adding some Acetone to your Limo (25ml Acetone per 100ml Limo) prior adding the FASA.

FASA procedure example

Step 1 - follow a Tek of choice and pull with Xylene, Toluene, or d-Limonene
Step 2 - saturate a batch of Acetone with Fumaric acid to create FASA
Step 3 - add the FASA drop wise to the DMT containing solvent
Step 4 - keep adding until cloud forming stops, add some more for good measure
Step 5 - wait 24 hrs to allow all DMT-Fumarate to crash out
Step 6 - seperate the DMT-Fumerate crystals
Step 7 - wash the DMT-Fumerate with a fresh batch of Acetone to dissolve any excess NPS and FA
Step 8 - dry the DMT-Fumerate
Step 9 - clean the NPS for re-use.
Step 10 - convert to DMT-freebase if desired

When adding FASI (Fumaric acid saturated IPA) to DMT containing NPS, a separate layer of IPA forms under the NPS in which the DMT-Fumerate precipitates out. First the NPS is separated then the IPA layer is decanted from the DMT-Fumerate.

With FASW a separate layer of water forms under the NPS in which the DMT-Fumerate is dissolved. First the NPS is separated then the water is evaporated. Some Fumaric acid will remain. This can be separated with an Acetone wash (see below).

CASA stands for Citric Acid saturated Acetone. When CASA + FASA is used, DMT-Fumerate precipitates in the Acetone. This eliminates the need for a basing stage. See the Tek: "The FASA Method". Note: some people report an oily orange layer form on the bottom with this tek. Might be due to their acetone not being anhydrous enough. Dehydrating the bark might help too.

Fumaric acid solubility and DMT Fumerate ratio
The solubility of FA in Acetone and water is 6mg/ml and in IPA 5mg/ml. About 1/3 unit of Fumaric acid (in weight) converts 1 unit of freebase DMT (in weight) to DMT-Fumerate. Using excess FA is not a problem as residue can easily be cleaned from the yield by washing with fresh Acetone.

To estimate how much FASA volume you need to make to use on NPS from a plant extraction, you can use the following guideline: 3% max DMT yield and 0.5 part FA to 1 part DMT. This means 100g bark contains max 3g DMT for which 1500mg FA is needed. This dissolves in 250ml FASA/W or in 300ml FASI. Stop adding when no more clouding occurs.


Cleaning excess Fumaric Acid from final yield:

Step 1 - obtain anhydrous Acetone, or make anhydrous using a desiccant (see below)
Step 2 - add a fresh batch of anhydrous Acetone to the DMT-Fumerate
Step 3 - excess FA will dissolve in the Aceton, DMT-Fumerate will not
Step 4 - filter and dry the DMT-Fumarate

Cleaning excess d-Limonene from final yield:

Step 1 - obtain anhydrous IPA, or make anhydrous using a desiccant (see below)
Step 2 - dissolve 1000 mg of DMT-Fumarate in 30 ml boiling hot IPA (water bath)
Step 3 - quickly filter with cotton (especially if undissolved solids are observed)
Step 4 - put the hot IPA in the freezer and leave for 1-2 days
Step 5 - filter the precipitated DMT-Fumarate and dry
Step 6 - weigh the DMT-Fumerate to check if all precipitated out

Cleaning excess plant oils /full spectrum elements from final yield:

Step 1 - Perform an IPA boil, see above
Step 2 - Add your yellowish DMT-Fumerate to some MEK and shake
Step 3 - Decant the DMT-Fumerate (it doesn't dissolve), dispose of the MEK solution
Step 4 - Dry the DMT-Fumerate, it will be white


Converting DMT-Fumerate into freebase DMT
For a smokable product first clean-up the DMT-Fumerate, then:

Option A - dry method:
Step 1 - mix 1 part DMT-Fumerate with 1 part sodium carbonate
Step 2 - add enough water to turn it into a paste
Step 3 - spread it out and let it dry completely
Step 4 - dissolve it in acetone and filter solids (redo 3x), discard solids
Step 5 - evaporate the acetone dry
Step 6 - scrape of the residue which will turn waxy

Option B - wet method:
Step 1 - add 20g sodium carbonate to 50ml hot water and mix well (you won't use all of this)
Step 2 - decant the saturated solution away from any undissolved sodium carbonate into a new container
Step 3 - put the DMT-Fumarate in a glass container and add some hot water to dissolve it
Step 4 - add a small amount of the sodium carbonate saturated solution until it starts clouding
Step 5 - keep adding until no more clouding or color changes occur, then add a bit more for good measure
Step 6 - store in the fridge of 3-5 days to precipitate all DMT
Step 7 - decant water away from crystals remaining in the container. Use a coffee filter to collect any floating crystals
Step 8 - optional: rinse the collected DMT in fresh water to remove excess sodium carbonate
Step 9 - evaporate dry at room temperature
Step 10 - optional: freeze/thaw remaining solution to check if any more crystals precipitate out

Option C - Naphtha pull:
Step 1 - dissolve DMT Fumerate in water
Step 2 - add a basic solution (pH >11)
Step 3 - pull with naphtha
Step 4 - freeze precipitate, dry

Converting freebase DMT into DMT-Fumarate
For oral use.

Step 1 - dissolve 1g dirty freebase DMT in 10ml anhydrous acetone
Step 2 - filter with a small bit of cotton in a funnel, discard any solids
Step 3 - add 600mg Fumaric acid to 100ml anhydrous acetone (FASA) and make sure all dissolves
Step 4 - add 50ml FASA to the DMT Acetone solution, wait for the clouding to settle
Step 5 - add additional FASA dropwise until no more clouding forms
Step 6 - separate the solids (DMT-Fumerate) by decanting, discard all liquid
Step 7 - wash the DMT-Fumerate with fresh anhydrous acetone (dissolves excess Fumaric acid)
Step 8 - filter the DMT-Fumerate and dry at room temperature

Converting Sodium Bicarbonate into Sodium Carbonate
For if you can't find pure food grade Sodium Carbonate.

Step 1 - weigh your sodium bicarbonate, and put it onto a non-aluminum pan or oven-safe dish
Step 2 - place in the oven at 400 F (200 C) for one hour to one hour and a half to release CO2 and water
Step 3 - alternatively you can put in a stainless steel pot (no other material!) on the stove for for 20mins
Step 4 - let it cool down and compare the weight to before

Note: the resulting material should have lost around 20% of the original mass. If it didn't, leave it for longer in the oven.

Anhydrous solvents

To make a solvent anhydrous you add a desiccant (drying agent). One of these is anhydrous Magesium Sulfate (MgSO4). This can be made by heating Epson Salts (Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate) above 200 C. Anhydrous MgSO4 can absorb 204.7% of it's weight in water. 50g can absorb around 100ml water.

Step 1 - Heat Epson Salt on an aluminum foil in the oven for 2 hours at 200 C
Step 2 - if you oven allows it, increase temp to 250 C for the final 30 minutes
Step 3 - take out and weigh the MgSO4, it should be around half the original weight
Step 4 - store the anhydrous MgSO4 in an air tight container
Step 5 - take 50 grams of your anhydrous MgSO4 and pour it into a 0.5 liter container
Step 6 - add the solvent, shake vigorously for a few minutes
Step 7 - the MgSO4 will absorb all of the water and sink to the bottom of the can
Step 8 - let it settle for 1-2 days until the solution is totally clear, with the powder on the bottom
Step 9 - use a glass pipette to suck the solution from the bottle, stay away from the bottom
Step 10 - discard the remaining solvent when the volume nears the MgSO4 layer

Using warm acetone with magnesium sulfate increases the chances of condensation reactions of the acetone itself. These reactions generate water. Therefore, dehydrate in a cold place and separate the solution from the MgSO4 when ready. Don't leave acetone standing over MgSO4 in a warm place for any great length of time.

Sodium Sulphate and Calcium sulphate are much weaker Lewis acids and thus much less prone to catalysing condensation reactions in the acetone. But they work a bit slower than MgSO4. Calcium chloride can't be used to dry in acetone.


A good way to start is using Cyb's ATB tek, followed up by "Spice Extraction - The FASA Approach". Base with Calcium Hydroxide or Sodium Carbonate. Lye can be used, but is not necessary. Pull with d-Limonene, Xylene or Toluene. Salt out with FASX.

- Spice Extraction - The FASA Approach" (A/B tek of choice, xylene/toluene, FASA)
- The FASA Method" (A/B tek of choice, NPS of choice, FASA)
- The FASA Method: A Summary - DMT Fumarate and Beyond (CASA, acetone, FASA)
- Amor fatis Nontoxic Approach to Spice Extraction" (dry A/B, d-limonene, FASW)
- BLAB The Big Leisurely AB" (A/B, d-limonene, FASI or FASW)
- Jorkests D Limonene and Fumaric acid Approach" (STB, d-limonene, FASW)

4.5 Eco friendly

To avoid using non safe chemicals there are eco friendly teks which use household food-grade products only. The best of these is endlessness post "Extracting DMT with ethanol, vinegar and sodium carbonate":

Step 1 - mix Mimosa powder with sodium carbonate @ 1:1 ratio
Step 2 - add water to make a paste, spread it in a wide dish and let it dry
Step 3 - do 3x 1 hour pulls with 95% ethanol (200ml pulls for 100g bark)
Step 4 - evaporate the ethanol dry
Step 5 - redissolved reddish/brownish wax in warm white vinegar, filter it
Step 6 - mix the vinegar with excess sodium carbonate, spread it on a plate and let it dry
Step 7 - pull with ethanol again, filter, evaporate
Step 8 - check purity and repeat cycle if needed


- IPA / acetone can be used if grain alcohol can't be found.
- Some users reports good results with Calcium Hydroxide (lime) as it's less soluble in water /ethanol than sodium carbonate.
- One user had a white powder precipitate out of his lime /IPA solution after several days. Filtering resulted in cleaner yield.
- Another option is to freeze the sodium carbonate /ethanol solution to -20 deg C. At this temp all excess sodium carbonate will precipitate.
- Citric acid can be used instead of vinegar, said to result in a cleaner product.

Eco Teks

- endlessness: Extracting DMT with ethanol, vinegar and sodium carbonate
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5. Oral DMT

5.1 Ayahuasca brew

Ayahuasca is any brew made with the Ayahuasca vine (Caapi). Ayahuasca has to have the Ayahuasca vine in it, or it's not Ayahuasca. Adding a DMT containing plant to the brew is just one of many possibilities. This topic will focus on this combination only. Pharmacologically, Ayahuasca contains the necessary enzyme inhibitors that allow DMT to be orally active.


The standard way of brewing is to first of all have the material powdered/grinded or pounded as fine as possible. Then:

Place the plant material in a stainless steel pan. Never use aluminum - it dissolves in acidic solutions. Insert more than enough water to totally submerge all the plant material (important!). Preferably use mineral or distilled water. Tap water can have too high pH and diminish yields/potency. Boil on low fire (simmer) for around 3 hrs. Filter the brew (with an old T-shirt) to separate the liquids and solids. Store the liquid separately. Add fresh water to the solids and boil everything again for 3 hrs. Do this for a total of 3 times. Put the liquid from all boils together. Reduce the liquid on low fire/simmer to a manageable amount, like for example 70ml per dose.

Option 1: Some state that adding acid to the brew will increase the potency (specially for non-powdered plant material). This is not strictly necessary (and neither the traditional indigenous way), specially if your plant is finely powdered as Alkaloids in the plant are naturally in water-soluble form. Adding acid will make the taste much worse. Don't use lemon as it is said to taste horrendous. Some use phosphoric acid, or Vitamin C crystals. White distilled vinegar is said to leave the least amount of taste (ACV tastes far worse). One tablespoon per liter of water should be more than plenty. Prepare for a fouler taste. If you can afford it buy a water distillation device. When distilled water is left standing open for several days, the pH will drop. This results acidic water with in no taste degradation and best purity.

Option 2: Use egg whites to soak up the tannins that cause bad taste and nausea. Egg white are used on Caapi and Mimosa. Other plants don't need it. Opinions vary: some report loss of potency, others don't. Some say the brew must be made acidic in order not to loose potency. Ether: add raw egg white to the unreduced boil and let it harden; or fry egg white into a flat pancake and add this to the unreduced boil. Some keep it in short, others for an hour. Filter and discard the egg white.

Option 3: Soak the left over plant material in vinegar for a day, then freeze and thaw it, then boil it for another hour or two. This should have a significant amount of alkaloids, which can either be extracted by basing and filtering like the Easy Caapi Extraction Tek. The alkaloids can be added to the main brew or consumed separately in some other occasion. If you choose not to extract, it will taste too bad to consume orally due to the vinegar. Slowly base it with sodium carbonate until it stops bubbling and/or reaches a pH of around 6. This should make it taste better.

The RIMA containing plant can be boiled together with the DMT containing plant, but specially if its the first time with a particular plant batch, its recommended to brew the two separately. This way you can find out the potency of both plants by drinking a small amount.


Traditionally the DMT and RIMA brews are combined into one drink. Depending on the strength and effect, additional dosages are taken over several hours. Caapi seems to go very well with Viridis and Chaliponga.

Tip: Eating something light just prior/after drinking the brew activates the stomach. If your stomach is empty chances are it will not digest the brew. There are plenty reports of people who don't feel effects, give up, have some food and find themselves in for a surprise.


Banisteriopsis Caapi: light 50g, moderate 100g, strong 150g
Banisteriopsis Muricata: light 15g, moderate 30g, strong 45g
Psychotria: light 25g, moderate 50g, strong 75-100g
Mimosa: light 3-5g, moderate 5-7g, strong 7-10g
Chaliponga: light 7g, moderate 10g, strong 15g (some people report they need +20g)


Ayahuasca brew usually contains a relatively high ratio of Harmalas to DMT. The Harmalas and other spectrum of unknown actives in the vine are seen as medicinal. Traditionally DMT is only considered an activator. In modern times higher ratios of DMT are common due to the demand for visions. Not a bad thing perse, maybe a compensation for Western societies suppressed spiritual history. Learning that visions are not the main thing is part of the process.

High ratios of Harmalas cause heavy body loads. Yet the physical struggle is said to have healing properties. The mental struggle is accompanied with therapeutic insights. By not making DMT overwhelm the experience, you stay in your personality domain - focusing on life in this dimension. Some say Ayahuasca makes them look at life and see what needs to be fixed, now, instead of looking back at the end of it when it's too late.

Onset: 30 minutes - 1 hour
Peak: 2 - 6 hours
After Effects: 2 - 8 hours

5.2 Syrian Rue tea

Syrian Rue seeds are RIMA's and can be combined for their MAO effects with any DMT plant brew. As can it (just like Caapi etc.) be used in conjunction with other routes of administration.


Syrian Rue is easy to prepare. Simply simmer (don't boil) the desired amount of ground up Rue for about 20-30 minutes and strain it. You can also do three 10 minute steeps (no cooking, no evaporation), combine them and if needed simmer down to say 100ml/dose. An acid such as lemon juice can be added to the boil. Grinding the seeds prior use could increase potency and worsen taste.


The Rue tea is consumed orally combined with DMT. Mimosa and Rue are said to compliment each other well, as does Acacia.


Syrian Rue seeds: light 2g, moderate 3g, strong 4g


Low dosages only have RIMA effect. High dosages cause a intense psychoactive effect.

Rue and Caapi have different ratios of Harmalas. Rue usually has a lot of Harmaline and little Harmine. Caapi usually has a lot of Harmine and little Harmaline. Caapi has much more Tetrahydroharmine than Rue. Each also has an unknown amount of other alkaloids /actives. This contributes to a difference in effect. As well as set and setting, dosage, natural variability, and one's expectations to the plants effects.

Tastes of which is "better /nicer" seem to differ. Probably due to expectations and personal preference.

Some report feeling more ill with a heavier body load from Rue compared to Caapi. Others say that those who do should simply decrease their dose of Rue. Some consider Caapi to be more meaningful and deep than Rue. Others say that such statements are based on superstition as Caapi is traditionally used by the indigenous cultures of South America where Rue doesn't grow.

An interesting comparison is given by those who consider Caapi to be more feminine and Rue more masculine. Caapi is a caring and guiding mother. She has the power to steer the DMT in her direction of choice, even blocking the experience if she sees fit. Her presence and guidance is felt very strongly. Rue is more forgiving when it comes to letting the DMT do its thing. This can be a good thing for those who wish to experience strong DMT effects, but it can also be overwhelming as less guidance is felt. Its manly energy is only vaguely present in the background compared to the loud motherly voice of Caapi. Rue's teachings can be raw and direct, yet intelligent in its own way.

Finally, some report that the combination of both is better than each on themselves.

Warning: At higher dosages Rue has more MAOI effects (as opposed to RIMA at lower dosages). This means special care should be taken on diet restrictions in order to avoid headaches or worse.

5.3 Vinho da Jurema

Vinho da Jurema (aka: Jurema Preta) is a cold water extraction (CWE) of Mimosa for oral use. It can be consumed without Harmalas. However, its potency will be greatly reduced so it's recommended to combine it.


- Put some Mimosa in a small jar
- Pour some cold water in it
- Shake it up a few times throughout the day
- Let it settle for a few days in a sealed container
- 3-5 days seems enough for most of the particles to sink to the bottom
- Poor out when the solids sink and it's easy to filter
- Optional: repeat another CWE pull /boil it /extract with DMT tek

Mimosa contains Yuremamine, a new class of phytoindoles. Yuremamine is said to be responsible for Mimosa's own MAOI effect. Heating destroys the Yuremamine and its build-in activation. Acid also destroys the Yuremamine, don't add any. Tap water can be used, but distilled (or at least filtered) water is better. No heat, no acid, no chlorine.


Drink with Harmalas.


MHRB CWE: light 1g, moderate 3g, strong 5g (combined with Harmalas)
Some report dosing 8-12g with Harmalas. Always start low!
Without Harmalas: 10-30g MHRB


Those who have tried both say they prefer CWE over a hot brew: CWE effects feel the most clean - the sense of pure clean spice. Cooking it seems to diminish it's particular magic. Cooked Mimosa also fights the digestive system quite a bit more. If properly decanted, Mimosa isn't much more nauseating than Pharmahuasca. CWE is more sedating than standard Ayahuasca. The extra alkaloids seem to have a pain killing and sedating effect. Update: I tried this and the tannins taste is horrible, couldn't even swallow it.

4.4 Formosahuasca

Formosahuasca is a brew made of Asacia Confusa as the active DMT plant. It is also known as Chinahuasca or Asian ayahuasca. There are reports that Confusa may have a traditional history of use as an entheogen by the original peoples of Taiwan. Today it is currently used in Chinese medicine with whispers that the old herbalists know that it can take one to another world.


- Make Syrian Rue tea (see above)
- Steep Acacia root bark in three 1 hour boils (no cooking, no evaporation)

Note: Muricata can be used instead of Rue - said to combine well (Taohuasca).


Drink the Rue first, 20-30 minutes later the Acacia. Or drink at the same time. Note that Acacia can also be consumed without Harmalas. The dosages will be higher for effects to be felt.


Syrian Rue: 2-4 grams (start low)
Acacia: light 5g, moderate 10g, strong 15g

Note: Acacia dosage reports vary greatly. Some report using +30g. Probably depends on batch quality. Until you're familiar with your bark - experiment with low doses first: 2-3g - 4-5g.


Users reports having been through extremely blissful states of peace and harmony and overwhelming hard to handle experiences on big doses. NMT has its own effect.

5.5 Pharmahuasca

Pharmahuasca (Pharma) is a pharmaceutical version of the entheogenic brew Ayahuasca. Instead of using plant material, extracted Harmalas and DMT is used. The advantage is that extracted Alkaloids enable to accurately dose the Harmalas and DMT levels. Each traditional brew can have different strengths due to batch variations and cooking quality differences. Pharma is therefor great for accurate dosing and experimentation. The down side is that it takes know-how of how to extract. Luckily Nexus is here to help with plenty of extraction teks.

Harmalas preparation

Harmalas needs to be extracted from plants. There are numerous teks on how to do this. Caapi contains +-2% Harmalas, so from 10g of Vine you can extract +-200mg of Harmalas. Rue contains +-5% Harmalas, so from 5g of Rue you can extract +-200mg of Harmalas. Harmalas can also be taken as a pure isolated form of Harmine or Harmaline. Most online vendors sell Syrian Rue Harmalas extract (around 50/50 Harmine/Harmaline). Harmalas Freebase is not water soluble while Harmalas HCL is. Both can be used for pharma. HCL is said to be more suitable for long term storage.

Harmalas dosage

Usually a dose of one of the following is taken: 200mg of extracted Caapi /Rue full spectrum Alkaloids; 100-150 mg Harmaline; 150-250 mg Harmine. Any of these can be combined with 150-250 mg Tetrahydroharmine. As a rough guide, 100-150mg of Harmalas will be sufficient for most people. 200mg is considered a strong dose. Some people need doses up to 400mg. Preferably one should aim for a threshold dose. Everyone is different so you must experiment to find your own optimum dose. Take you time and increase slowly. Keep in mind that high Harmalas dosages can lead to nausea and stomach cramps. Vomiting is normal and considered therapeutic in Ayahuasca ceremonies. But too high a dose of extracted Harmalas can make you extremely sick.

If Caapi contains +-2% Harmalas, 50g of Vine contains +-1000mg of Harmalas. Meaning, one dose of Caapi brew contains 5 doses of Pharmauasca! How can this be? The alkaloid content of Caapi varies so much that it’s impossible to say what’s going on. Some speculate that Caapi brew has something in it that slows or regulates the absorption of Harmalas. People also report that the duration of Pharmahuasca is shorter than traditional plant brew. Only lasted for ~4 hours instead of 8+.

Harmalas effect

Harmaline is about twice as strong as Harmine. It's more sedative while Harmine is more stimulating. Some people like the sedative effects of Harmaline and find that it helps to make a more relaxed dreamy experience. Most people however prefer the stimulating effects of Harmine. They find it makes a more clear headed experience. Most people who do use Harmaline combine it with Harmine.

Tetrahydroharmine (THH) is reported to be too weak an RIMA and does not orally activate DMT. Purposively some sellers sell a mixture of THH/Harmine labeled as pure THH. Combining THH and Harmine / Harmaline results in a clearer, more focused, vivid, enhanced, controlled experience compared to Harmine / Harmaline on its own. THH is not available in all countries.

DMT preparation

DMT needs to be extracted from plants. There are numerous teks on how to do this. For Pharma it's best to use DMT Fumarate. In order for DMT freebase to become active orally, it needs to be converted to a salt. Your stomach will do it, but most people report that it's extremely uncomfortable. Better is to chemically change it prior to intake. This can easily be done by dissolving the freebase DMT in vinegar (DMT-acetate), orange juice / lemon juice (DMT-citrate), or Coca-Cola (DMT-phosphate). Most people dissolve it in orange juice, but Coca-Cola is also excellent because DMT phosphate is one of the most potent forms of oral DMT. If you use a DMT-fumarate tek, you end up with a salt straight away and don't need to convert it. DMT-fumerate is the only DMT salt in solid form. The rest are all oily making it hard to dose and handle. However if you add DMT to an acidic liquid, you just drink the liquid (the DMT-salt is dissolved inside).

DMT dosage

Oddly enough the dose of DMT in Pharmahuasca needs to be higher than that in Caapi brew. As opposed to Harmalas for which the opposite applies. Maybe this is due to a more diverse presence of Alkaloids from the Harmalas & DMT plants. These probably have an additional effects compared to the isolated alkaloids in Pharma. Oral DMT dosages vary extremely from person to person. Some people are overwhelmed with as little as 30-40mg. Others need 200mg+ before any effects are felt (no matter what type or how much Harmalas is ingested). Strangely there is no correlation between body mass or sensitivity to smoking DMT and using other psychedelics. In general: Low: 20-50mg, mid: 50-100mg, strong: 100-150mg. Keep in mind that a high dose of DMT can be an overwhelming experience. Start low and build up slowly. Additional dosages can easily be taken. Take your time to find the optimum dose.

DMT effect

People report Pharma to be a lot of hit and miss. If you don't get over the 'threshold', you don't experience what you're seeking. Luckily additional doses of Harmalas and DMT can be taken. Always take your time and build up slow. The trick finding your "sweet spot". Example: take 150mg of Harmalas with 25mg DMT. If after one hour you aren't where you want to be, take another 50mg of Harmalas and 50mg of DMT, until you find your optimal dose.

Pharma administration

Pharmahuasca can be put in capsules consisting of DMT Fumerate crystals and powdered Harmalas (freebase/HCL). Freebase DMT can also be dissolved in an acid to form a salt to which Harmalas is added.

Tip: Eat something light just prior/after administering. This actives your digestive system out of standby mode. Some smoking DMT during the come down and say it results a very meaningful experience.

Pharma effect

It is commonly reported that the effect of consuming plants holistically is different than consuming an extract. Pharma is said to miss out of some aspects of the indigenous experience. The common argument is that the plants contain additional active alkaloids and substances other than the isolated compounds alone. And that the effect of these unknown alkaloids are lost in Pharma. Others call this superstition. They argue that the difference can be attributed to the ratio of Harmalas and DMT. In Pharma the proportion of Harmalas is usually kept to a minimum. While in Ayahuasa, a bigger proportion of Harmalas is usually present. However: if different varieties and even batches of the same variety of plants give different effects, there is probably also a difference between consuming extracted Alkaloids or holistic plants, with different effects for different individuals.

Onset: 30 minutes - 1 hour
Peak: 3 - 5 hours
After Effects: 1 - 2 hours

Time delay between RIMA and DMT

The best advice is to take DMT and the Harmalas together. This works for most people and is according to tradition. However, metabolism, diet and personal resistance to Harmalas may play a role. Also, Harmine and Harmaline might have different timing effects. You might need to experiment with a time delay if taking them at the same time does not have the desired effect for you. Maybe start by waiting 5-10 or 20 min to bind the Harmalas before taking the DMT. 30 min is probably the end of the window before the Harmalas passed through the gut into the bloodstream. Take note that if the desired effects are not felt, it might be that the dosage is not sufficient for you personally.

5.6 Safety oral

Be aware of RIMA dangers (see chapter 1 Safety).

Ayahuasca ceremonies can be life changing experiences. Unfortunately there are also risks involved. It's a booming business in South America with a lot of money circulating around. This questions the knowledge, skills and intentions of many self proclaimed shamans. In Western countries many "spiritual healers" make large profits giving aya ceremonies. Some use Syrian Rue instead of Caapi because it's cheaper and easier to brew and call it Ayahuasca.

An experienced knowledgeable healer can steer the energy level of a ceremony. An analogy of a experience healer versus an inexperienced "aya giver" could be that of a stable parent calming their newborn with positive energy versus an insecure babysitter who doesn't know what to do when a baby cries, panicking and worsening the situation. In a ceremony it is not rare for people to scream hysterically when their trauma's surface. An aya giver not knowing what to do could panic, escalating the situation for the rest of the group.

Another disadvantage of inexperienced aya givers is ego. The ego can inflate itself by retaliating again aya's ego breaking tendency. Comparable to bacteria gaining immunity when an antibiotic cure is ceased prematurely. Ego can influence the intention of ceremonies when 'power' gains a central role. It can also lead to "elitism" such as feeling gifted, or extraordinary special, or "better" relative to inexperienced or non-aya users. This is the result of persuading made-up thoughts and believes which trick people into feeling better about themselves.

A pit fall of aya ceremonies is frequent participation. Attracted to the 'being protected from the outside world' feeling and sense of group belonging. Seeking to revisit this experience over integrating lessons in real life. However consuming aya is proven to be physiologically healthy and when the time arrives to really stop the insight to do so will be strong.

If you find the right people and place ayahuasca can be an unforgettable experiences with the finest musicians and ecstatic group synergies, impossible to re-create by yourself at home. If you use outside of an organized ceremony create a proper set and setting. Preferably don't use alone, but with close friends or people you trust. Especially if it's your first time.
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6. Smoking DMT


By using extraction techniques, DMT can be extracted from the plants to be smoked. To smoke you need freebase DMT. For more info about DMT extraction refer to Section 7.4.


DMT can be smoked in several ways. It can be infused in herbs and burned in a bong or joint. I can also be vaporized pure using various devices. Some use the heat of a lighter, others electricity. Vaporization occurs when a controlled temperature is applied that vaporizes the DMT without burning/combustion of any material and potential impurities. This is achieved by using a heating apparatus which distributes the heat until the DMT reaches the point of vaporization and can be inhaled. Vaporizing at a temperature around 200 degrees Celsius will make the DMT evaporate. Usually convection (contact with hot air) is preferable over conduction (contact with hot glass/pipe/material) while combustion (direct fire) is least preferred.

Aim for a device and technique with enables you to inhale the full dosage in no more than 3 hits, preferably 2, or even 1. Each hit needs to be held in at least 10 seconds. After the second hit the effects of the DMT will be felt strong and doing a 3rd hit is difficult to manage.


Light: 15mg, moderate: 20mg, strong: 30mg, very strong: 40mg. Start at 15-20mg and work your way up by increments of 5-10mg. If you don't feel anything with 10-15mg it means you are not properly vaping the DMT.


Smoking (smoalking) is a very powerful way to administer DMT. The onset is extremely rapid. The effects can last between 3-15 min, usually around 4-6. The afterglow is very short compared to other methods. You can feel completely sober in 15 minutes. Most people experience 'pre-flight anxiety'. The best way to deal with this is to preload with Harmalas and start each session with a smaller dosage.

The oral route is a more stretched out, slower and smoother experience - staying within the realm of your ego working on improving life. Smoking is an instant ticket to an other universe where this world and your self no longer matters.

If pharma is a marathon, then vaporized DMT is a sprint.
If pharma is a deep inward journey to the center, then vaporized is a distant journey to the edges.
If pharma shows me my inner-self, vaporized shows me my higher-self.
If pharma helps me in the here and now, vaporized helps “me” in the hereafter.

6.1 Enhanced Leaf

Enhanced Leaf is a method of infusing freebase DMT into smokeable herbs and smoking the infused herbs, usually in a bong.


Melt DMT into herbs.
See Section 8.1 Step 3 (Warm Water Bath Tek) for details on how to make Enhanced Leaf.
See: "A Guide to DMT Enhanced Leaf" for a extensive list of herbs known to work well.

Warm Water Bath Tek summary:
For 1g of 1:1 Enhanced Leaf place 500ml of herbs in a shotglass. Add 500mg of DMT on top. Place the shotglass in pot of hot water.
The DMT will melt into the herbs. After drying it's ready for use. DMT can also be dissolved in 96% Alcohol, IPA or Acetone.
Add the DMT solution to a smokable herb and allow it to fully evaporate.


Enhanced Leaf is best smoked in a bong (with water):

- while inhaling, heat until it ignites. When it does try to let it continue to burn on its own
- it is essential to go easy on the fire. Too much heat will degrade the DMT
- keep the lighter far away enough so that it will light up without over-heating your DMT
- inhale slowly and deeply. Try holding the smoke in your lungs for 10 seconds. Exhale and repeat
- you should aim to inhale 60-80 mg in no more than 3 inhalations
- keep the last inhalation in for as long as you can while sitting back or laying down in position for the journey
- having someone give you a hand with the lighter and guide you through the process is recommended
- after the second inhalation it becomes very hard to focus
- several inhalations are usually required. With a big bong you might get it all in one

Another option is role a joint (no weed) of Enhanced Leaf and a tobacco alternative:

- fill the rolling paper with a smokable herb or tobacco alternative
- place a dose of Enhanced Leaf packed together at the tip of the joint
- put a bit of tobacco alternative on top which will get lighted first
- after a few puffs the Enhanced Leaf is reached
- it only takes a few inhalations to smoke the dose this way compared to spreading it out


People report Enhanced Leaf to be just as effective as freebase, easy to dose, smoke and breakthrough. It allows for experimentation with different blends of herbs. The DMT is said to amplify the effect of the botanicals, allowing to experience the power of plants you couldn't without.

6.2 Changa

Changa is Enhanced Leaf with both DMT and Harmalas. The Harmalas can either be full spectrum Caapi extract or isolated alkaloids (usually from Syrian Rue). There are many herb mix varieties of Changa, but the key active ingredients are DMT and Harmalas.


Melt Harmalas alkaloids and DMT into herbs. See Section 8.1 for details on how to make Changa.

Another option is to create Enhanced Leaf with only Harmalas and no DMT. Smoke it in a bong /pipe, followed by vaporizing DMT in a vaporizer. Harmala alkaloids can also be vaporized on their own. They have a higher boiling point than DMT.


Follow the same procedure as Enhanced Leaf, see above.


The effects of Changa are considered to be more deep and meaningful than DMT smoked on its own. The RIMA’s and botanicals work together to give a smoother experience. The intelligent alchemy of the combination between DMT with Ayahuasca vine gives Changa its unique nature. The effects have been reported as being similar to a short Ayahuasca trip. The duration of effects is a bit longer than that of DMT alone (factor 1.3x to 1.5x), lasting up to 12 minutes in some cases. Changa can also be used in conjunction with Ayahuasca brew to intensify the experience or revisit it during the come down.

Apart from infusion DMT with herbs and smoking them in a bong, DMT freebase can also be smoked directly in its pure crystalline form in various ways. See the following methods:

6.3 Direct flame

A common mistake inexperienced people make when smoking DMT is placing it in a pipe on top of herbs and lighting it up. This type of smoking leads to the break down of DMT and potential toxic nitrogen oxides from impurities. Smoking freebase is harsh, it's less healthy and there is a significant loss of actives.

An better method is the layered approach. Use a water bong. Place a couple of metal screens. Add a thick layer of ashes or thin layer of herbs on the screens. Place the DMT on top of the herbs. Add another thick layer of ashes or thin layer of herbs on top of the DMT. It is essential to go easy on the fire. Too much heat will degrade the DMT. Keep the lighter as far away as possible so that it still vaporizes but doesn't over-heat your DMT. Inhale slowly and deeply, holding in the lungs as much as possible (at least 10 seconds). Exhale and repeat as desired.

Another way to smoke DMT with a lighter is to heat it in steel chore. People have constructed their own DIY vaporizers such as "The Machine". However, usually there is a lack of adequate buffer between the fire and the alkaloids. This often burns the DMT instead of vaporizing it.

Don't use glass vape pipes. High temp conduction will burn some or all the DMT. This is a hit-and-miss outdated route.

6.4 Glass Vapor Genie

The most famous device used for vaping DMT with a lighter is the Glass Vapor Genie (GVG). The best way to operate the GVG is to melt the DMT prior use into a steel pad. Hot air from the lighter is sucked in through a ceramic filter above the pad. Convection evaporates the DMT.


Use a torch lighter instead of a regular one. More heat is produced and the flame won't block the ceramic filter with carbon buildup. The Arc Turboflame comes recommended. Don't worry about the torch lighter flame getting too close to the ceramic filter. The GVG manual states that this is the method to clean it when carbon build-up forms from regular lighter usage. Regular lighters are not allowed to touch the ceramic, torch lighters are. Move the flame around, don't hold it on one position. Excessive heat differential could shatter the glass surrounding the ceramics. Keep the flame away from the glass!


You can make a pad from a metallic cleaning scrub like chore boy, but this is not recommended. An original pad can be bought for the GVG which fits perfectly. People report good results. Another option is to buy the Volcano Pad. Made for another vaporizer, it needs to be cut to fit the GVG. Compared to the GVG pad, the Volcano pad is less densely packed (more air flow), flatter and can be pushed further down (more separation from the hot ceramic). The original GVG pad is denser and higher which results in a smaller buffer between too little and too much heat. This makes it harder to operate (steeper learning curve) compared to the Volcano pad. Buy both pads to see which you prefer and cut the Volcano pad to the right size using the GVG pad as a reference. Use large scissors and make sure that every little steel splinter is off prior use. Burn each pad clean on a stove until glowing red, removing the shiny metallic layer.


- hold the pad with a pair of tweezers and burn it clean on a stove from any previous usage residue
- after it cools down place your DMT on the pad and use a bic lighter to carefully melt it in
- use a torch lighter to pre-heat the bottom of the ceramic lid prior placing it above the pad
- start inhaling by aiming the lighter at the ceramic with the blue flame edge just touching it
- end inhaling with the flame close enough to turn the stone orange where it is directly hitting it
- aim to get everything in, in one hit. if you haven't, hold breath for 10 seconds and redo
- after each turn, burn the pad clean from any plant oil residue

If the smoke is too harsh, the DMT burned. This can happen due to two variables:
1) Inhalation speed. The slower you inhale, the longer the air travels through the hot ceramic, the hotter it gets.
2) Lighter distance. The closer the flame, the hotter it gets.
The trick is to find the sweat spot for inhalation speed and lighter distance.

This learning curve takes practice. With the availability of new electronic vaporizers which are easier to use, many people choose to buy something other than the GVG. However for people who mastered it, the GVG is an excellent device enabling one hit breakthroughs.

6.5 Dabbing

Dabbing is a method of consuming concentrated oils by dropping a small amount on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize.
If you want to learn about the basics of dabbing, refer to Section 8.2.


A smaller sized bong with a (larger holed) single percolator and a male joint. Or buy a male-to-male cross-over.
Maintain low water level. If you already own a bong, try to use that one.

A seasoned Quartz domeless female nail (banger) with carb cap. Same size as the bongs joint. Or buy a cross-over.
E-nails are perfect for temperature control, but more expensive. Prices should drop as time goes by.

A large butane torch. It's more expensive than propane, but recommended for Quartz nails.
A Turboflame Arc Lighter or similar sized will be too small to apply sufficient heat.


Temperature control:
Dabbing is all about timing and technique to maximize either flavor or efficiency. It requires some experimentation and practice.

Some say heating the nail red hot and waiting for the moment it switches from glowing to colorless (maybe after 10-20 seconds) is the optimal time to dab spice. One user reports heating a seasoned Quartz domeless nail for 11 seconds and waiting 18 seconds work perfect to dab 40 mg spice in one hit with ease and zero residue. However, every single nail is different and has its own properties. You must experiment to find the optimal temperature.

DMT melting point 45°C
DMT boiling point 60-80°C @ vacuum
DMT vaporises at 160°C
Electronic vapes are usually set at 200°C

Most people believe that the optimal dapping temperature for DMT is the range in which the Leidenfrost effect occurs. The Leidenfrost effect is a physical phenomenon in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer keeping that liquid from boiling rapidly. Due to this ‘repulsive force,’ the droplet hovers over the surface rather than making physical contact with it. This makes it vaporization by convection. If this is true, temperatures below the Leidenfrost effect could result in the DMT either oxidizing on the nail, or vaporizing incompletely leaving residue. While at too high temperatures the DMT will no longer "hover" on the vapor but contact the surface and burn /degrade.

The Leidenfrost effect occurs when the DMT jumps and pops like hot oil as it instantly poofs up in a cloud of vapor on/above the nail shooting droplets which poof into smoke before they touch anything. Look for this to happen. Some say the Leidenfrost effect occurs in the 250°C - 350°C range.

Other users reports that a cooler nail will cause smooth vapor and ensure nothing gets burned. They prefer having their nails too cool over too hot. A carb cap is used to compensate for lower temperatures. One user even says he sometimes loads the nail up cold and slowly heats it, waits for the vapor to start and throws his carb on.

As can be seen opinions differ. At this moment there are insufficient reports of users and experiments to say much conclusive. What you can do is start with (too) low temperatures and work your way up to (too) high temperatures. Observe the chance in efficiency (harsher vapor, less effect, more burned residue) and find your sweet spot.

1) Heat the nail manually with a butane torch and let it cool down to the right temperature.
2) Before loading the dmt onto the nail, start inhaling. It is essential to inhale a second or so before the dab to ensure the vapor won't escape into the air. The faster you inhale, the more the nail and the air above it is cooled and the lower the pressure gets. If you inhale too fast though, you might not have enough breath to make it to the end of the vape. You want to get everything in one breath.
3) Use a dabber to load the DMT onto the nail. Don't use a piece of folded paper, the DMT will melt into it.
4) As soon as you place the spice on the nail, place a carb cap on.
5) After about 5 to 10 seconds of inhaling you should get all the spice in.
6) Hold your breath for 10-15 seconds.
7) Warning: Blasting while holding a bong with a very hot nail is dangerous! Have someone give you a hand to place it away.


Dabbing hits you fast and hard. Luckily you get all the vapor in one hit. People report having been hyperslapped (too intense experience). Note that burned DMT not only burns, but also influences the effect for the worse. If you feel you are having hard to handle experiences with dabbing, try decreasing the temperature.

6.6 e-Cigarettes

An e-cigarette is a device that converts electrical energy into heat to vaporize a viscous liquid composed of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerine (VG). Sub-ohm Clearomizers make it possible to inhale a large amount of e-juice with sufficient DMT in a single puff. In the past, if you wanted to sub-ohm it would require considerable skill. These days all it takes is the purchase of a sub-ohm Clearomizer and Box Mod with sufficient Watts. If you want to learn about the basics of e-cigarettes, refer to Section 8.3.

Advantages /disadvantages
The benefits of e-sig are very easy to administer, no harshness, no bad taste, nothing burning, nothing to shatter or spill, stealthy. The disadvantage is that it's not possible to measure exactly how much DMT a puff contains. Experienced travelers will not find this a problem. New explorers should approach with caution. Another issue is that many people experienced broken coils and dry hits. This is probably because the DMT makes the e-liquid too thick to pass through the cotton fast enough, burning and breaking the coil. Because of this not all atomizers work with DMT. The correct DMT/PG/VG ratio with DMT is also atomizer specific.

Possible health hazards
Some studies on e-cigs suggest that toxic and carcinogenic chemicals are emitted at high power /sub ohm outputs (see sources). Other debunk these statements saying the liquid was burned dry during the tests - something which doesn't happen when smoking. However, no valid studies currently exist showing that high powered e-cigs do not emit unsafe levels of dangerous chemicals. A safety measure could be to increase the DMT concentration and lower the power output. Another measure is to use non-flavored e-juice as some studies claim e-juice flavors are toxic when smoked.


Mod Box
For DMT 40-60 W is sufficient. A 100W box able to power a 0.5 ohm coil gives plenty of over-capacity for vaping DMT at around 50W. Look for a Mod Box with a large range eg. 10W-100W. This enables you to find your preferred spot. A good Mod Box displays voltage, watts and coil resistance. Get one with variable temperature control (TC).

Sub-ohm Tank Clearomizer
A Clearomizer is a tank which holds e-liquid with an atomizer inside containing a low resistance coil. 0.5 Ohm OCC works good for DMT. Make sure your batteries and mod box can handle the coil resistance. A relatively small Tank is preferred (2ml max) that can be refilled from the top and isn't prone to leakage.

For sub-ohm vaping your batteries are the most crucial component of the setup. 3.7V, 30A MCD, 18650 type, IMR batteries from a well-established manufacturer are the best you can get. Make sure your batteries are compatible with the mod box so they don't blow up.

Buy flavorless e-juice with zero-nicotine. Get one bottle of pure PG and one of pure VG. Mix PG/VG to the desired ratio. When you add new juice in your tank, let it settle for 15 min for the wick to soak. Check the position of the wick holes. Make sure that the juice level doesn't drop below these openings or you will risk getting a burned hit.


DMT dissolves well in PG, not well in VG. 1ml of PG can dissolve 1g DMT (1:1 ratio), so 1ml of 50/50 PG/VG can dissolve 500mg DMT (1:2 ratio). Warm and stir when dissolving DMT. You can make a 1:4 (250mg DMT/ml), 1:3 (333mg DMT/ml), or 1:2 (500mg DMT/ml) DMT ratio with 50/50 PG/VG. Start out with 1:4.

VG lowers the vape temp and causes smoother smoke compared to PG. But it makes the solution thicker. DMT also makes the solution ticker. Too much of both could block and burn your atomizer. PG gives less to no smoke and is thin (less viscous). But it vapes hotter and causes harsher taste (throat hit). Too much PG can make the DMT vape too hot and give unpleasant hits. People report different ratios of PG/VG to work, from 50/50 to 70/30 PG/VG.

6.7 Wax atomizers

Brands such as Yocan, Longmada and Saionara came on the market with wax atomizers for Cannabis concentrate vaping. These have universal modbox connections for power and coils which heat up ceramic or metal elements. Unlike traditional e-sigarette atomizers no e-juice liquid is used. Vaping DMT with conduction (hot surface) is more sensitive than convection (hot air). Because of this wax atomizers usually don't work well for DMT. Some people report success stories vaping DMT using certain wax atomizers such as the Yocan Evolve. However, many others report the same devices not working well. Users actively promoting success are usually new to DMT with insufficient reference. Always research bad reviews prior buying.

6.8 Direct e-mesh vaping

Mesh RDA atomizers (connectable to e-sig modboxes) originally used for dripping e-juice are one of the best methods to vape DMT. Advantages: no learning curve, one hit break through, very consistent, perfect vaporization, near tasteless, no dmt smell. The downside is you need some basic e-cigarette understanding, but this is quickly learned.

- 75W (or higher) sub-ohm capable Modbox of choice with TC (temperature control)
- 18650 battery
- VandyVape Mesh RDA, or an imitation
- VandyVape SS316L 0.9ohm/ft 150 mesh roll, or preferably a SS 100 micron filter sheet
- long glass drip tip. For the VV you can either get a 510 or 810 drip tip as the RDA includes a cross-over

A modbox with a good TC algorithm giving a stable temperature is a must. A poor TC modbox will pulse the temperature, raising and dropping it. It needs to stay constant. The Geek Vape Box Aegis Solo 100W modbx is reported to have excellent TC. You can use a VandyVape SS316L mesh roll, but buying a 100 micron filter sheet (ebay) is better. The thicker wires help vape the DMT faster and you can cut it wider so there is less DMT spilling on your RDA while loading spice. A drip tip lengthens the distance to the mesh, cooling the vapor. Don't use any e-juice or cotton wicks.

Device settings:
- Temperature Control mode @ 190-210°C
- Manual TCR 090-110 with 35W limit for SS316 mesh, or TCR 140-150 with 60W limit for SS304 mesh

If you already own a modbox with TC use the manual TCR setting. If this option is not available try the SS (stainless steel) preset. In this preset the TCR is preconfigured by the modbox manufacturer. You might need to adjust temp as this can variate. If your modbox doesn't have TC, or if the TC mode doesn't work well (large temp fluctuation pulses, not steady) try Wattage mode at around 22W. For Wattage mode use inhalation speed to control temp. If the vapor becomes too dense inhale faster to cool the air more. If you are not sure what settings to use, check that the mesh glows dimly red in a dark room, that's the correct temp you need.

- cut the bottom sides of the mesh wire to fit in the RDA holes
- burn the mesh coating clean prior use at 250°C, it should give off smoke
- The resistance of the mesh should be between 0.20-0.30ohm. Lock the resistance at room temp

- load the spice on the mesh, don't go over 30mg as this device is very efficient
- carefully pulse to melt it in (lower temp)
- place the cap on the RDA and open the air holes around 30%
- set vape temp, press fire and inhale
- you should get everything in within 10 sec, if not keep inhaling
- hold your breath for 20 seconds

The VV mesh spool is a bit narrow, but can be used for testing purposes. Instead of loading 30mg at ones, you can load 10mg, melt in and repeat 2 more times. It works, but takes effort and care not to spill on the RDA. When you are happy with the device you should preferably buy a 100 mesh screen and either cut it wide to load spice vertically, or cut it long to load spice horizontally. For the last option you need to build a custom RDA top.

6.9 Safety smoking

Effects on the lungs

No scientific information is known about possible (long term) health issues regarding smoking DMT on the lungs. The common argument that DMT is safe to smoke /vape is that DMT has been smoked since the 60's. Would there have been health issues, they should have been addressed. An argument against this is that back then most psychedelic enthusiasts rarely came across DMT. So long term effects are hard to come by. Only of late is there a larger audience for DMT and a wider pool of participants from which to draw data. The are no known cases of health issues.

The lungs are not very sensitive to pain. They don't give an adequate warning about damage. Some people report temporary feeling pain from smoking /vaping. This probably reflects stimulation of pain receptors in the larger airways. The most distal parts of the lung, the alveoli, are devoid of pain receptors.

Some people worry when they notice condensed crystal residue forming in their pipes. They worry that the deposits don't stop in the pipe and continue in the respiratory track. The condensation of the vapor is caused by the relative cold temperature of the glass pipe in comparison to the warm temperature of the vapor. The windpipe and lungs of a human are not cold enough to cause this immediate condensation and thus crystal formation. Further more, the humidified nature of the airways should not allow DMT to re-form in a crystallized fashion. Also, DMT is a biological molecule, capable of being metabolized /broken down /excreted like any other biological molecule. So even if it crystallize in your lungs, it would immediately dissolve again to be absorbed into your blood stream.

Hot vapor
Inhaling hot vapor can upset the function of the cilia which keep the mucus lining the airways moving. When using incorrect smoking devices and techniques people can feel a burning sensation on their tongue when inhaling hot DMT fumes. This suggests that high DMT temperatures could cause some lung irritation as well. If it actually does is unknown. Vaporizers reduce heat as do bongs. Don't use small pipes which cause a lot of hot air.

Chemical irritation
Any chemical is potentially a tissue irritant. Irritation can cause local tissue destruction and scarring. Chemical irritation can be caused by pH levels. Molecules with strong redox potential can also be irritants. Theoretically, DMT might be converted to DMT-oxide when in the body and cause irritation in the lungs by doing so. Whether this is the case is not known. There have been reports of people experiencing wheezing after smoking DMT.

Home extracted DMT will invariably have some contaminants. Either as a result of residual chemicals used in extracting or additional compounds in the final product.

Burning and combustion
Some suggest that Enhanced Leave, Changa, bongs, spliffs, ect, may be more risky than using a proper vaporizer to vaporize freebase DMT. In theory by vaping you are limiting the production of toxic pyrolised organic matter. If so, then in terms of harm reduction, correct vaporisation may be the least harmful option for most people inclined to consume their DMT by 'smoking'. If you had 100% pure DMT and a device which vaporizes it at only the correct temperature then this should reduce potential adverse effects on the lungs. However, the increase of toxic pyrolised organic matter produced by Changa and Enhanced Leave compared to vaping freebase, if any of significance, is unknown.

Reducing potential adverse effects

Make sure the DMT is of as pure quality as possible. Purify /clean if needed. Don't smoke DMT fumarate. It contains fumaric acid, which when partially combusted can become maleic anhydride (toxic). Try not to directly burn the DMT when vaping or smoking. Always apply as little flame for as short as possible. Burn the metal pad of torch vaporizer clean with a torch lighter, or wash the electronic vaporizer container after each use. Smoke sporadically to give your lungs time to heal.
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7. Other DMT routes

Warning: The following routes are explained for informational purpose only and are not recommended due to safety hazards!
The only safe other ROA is sublingual use of Harmalas. This is very effective combined with vaping DMT if no Changa is used.

7.1 Sublingual

Sublingual Harmalas (Linguahuasca)

Harmalas is very active sublingualy both in freebase and salt (HCL) form. In theory freebase is less effective than a salt as salts are easily soluble in water. Salts could cause more build up of saliva and accidental swallowing. Freebase doesn't have the bitterness and aftertaste of salts, yet doesn't taste great either. In the end both will do the job. It's up to personal preference.

Advantages pre-dosing with sublingual Harmalas and smoking DMT versus Changa:
- it reduces the amount of vapor/smoke you need to inhale, making it easier to get a full dose in one inhalation
- most solvents are inefficient at dissolving Harmalas which means there is always a small amount left in the dish after the leaf is dry
- changa on its own is inflexible, you can't play with the dose of Harmalas afterwards
- there is a maximum ratio of Harmalas you can insert in Change in order to have sufficient DMT and herb
- it's nice to be "Harmala'd" before launch so you are not totally sober going in - reducing pre-flight anxiety
- efficiently vaping freebase with sublingual use of Harmalas could be better for your lungs (less burned smoke vs Changa)


See teks on how to extract Harmala alkaloids from plants.


The best is it to effectively "paint" the Harmaloids under the tongue. With powders use a finger to spread it out and rub it in. With tinctures only take a few drops at a time. Spread it by working the tongue around. Preferably swallow minuscule amounts rather than allowing saliva to buildup and dilute it. The trick is to absorb the undiluted tincture in the mouth or top of the throat, not letting it reach the stomach. Too much saliva will carry it to the stomach. In any case, do not simply pile or puddle the Harmaloids under the tongue.


Usually a dose of 20-30mg Harmalas is taken sublingually followed by smoking DMT 20 minutes later.

Harmalas slows down the onset of DMT by 15-30 seconds, but when the peak comes it is intense. Taking a breakthrough dose of DMT after sublingual Harmalas will not extend the breakthrough by much, but will extend the come-down period. So if a "normal" DMT breakthrough without Harmalas lasts 4 minutes followed by a 5 minute comedown, with sublingual Harmalas you'll get maybe a 6 minute breakthrough and a 15 minute after glow. Sublingual Harmalas is effective for at least 2 - 3 hours after administration. Users report that smoking/vaping Harmalas or taking it sublingual is similar.


Large dosages of sublingual Harmalas can cause nausea, just like oral use. It's good to have an empty stomach. Don't eat food high in tryptamines for the day and avoid alcohol. As stated don't combine any form of RIMA administration with psychoactives such as antidepressants, stimulants and SSRI medication.

Sublingual DMT

Extracted DMT does not rank high on effectiveness when administered under the tongue. Taking DMT this way is also quite uncomfortable. DMT freebase can cause burning sensations and is not recommended. DMT acetate can be made by adding a few drops of vinegar to freebase and is easier to take. But there are users who report having taken 100mg with no effect. Best would be to administer DMT Fumarate (converted from freebase using FASA). Some users reports success with 20-30mg DMT Fumarate combined with sublingual Harmalas extract.

There is one account of making a sublingually active DMT mix by mixing 1 gram of Virola calophylla resin with 60 mg of Calcium Hydroxide. The Calcium Hydroxide will burn a bit but not as much as pure DMT does. A pH of 9 is required to absorb everything better. 1g produced decent visuals and a light trip. An other suggestion is to use the Virola calophylla resin as a quid in the cheek. Mix about 1g of resin with 60 mg of Calcium Hydroxide and add a little water. Add just enough to make it sort of like clay. Roll it into a long capsule like shape and put it in your cheek. Slowly suck on it for 10-15 minutes. This traditional method is said to work very well, with no pain at all. 1g induces a moderate trip. Several grams a strong one. The advantages are that it it doesn't burn and the duration is longer than smoking DMT. the disadvantages are that big doses are hard to hold without saliva buildup /accidental swallowing and not everyone reports to experience sufficient intensity.


Sublingual DMT causes burning sensations and is not recommended.

7.2 Insufflating

Snorting DMT gets very opposite responses from different people. For most the pain hurts too much and is not worth the effects.


There are reasons to believe that DMT-salts would be less caustic than DMT-freebase. It's reported that DMT Fumarate does not snort well. The effects are too weak. Some state, suggest, think that Fumarate should be less painful to snort than freebase. Others report to have tried it and find it just as painful.


Crunch the DMT to powder. Weigh the desired amount and lay it out in a line. Use rolled up paper to administer. Don't inhale too strong.

Snorting DMT can be combined with Harmalas. Administer the Harmalas orally and wait about a half hour before snorting the DMT. 40 mg Harmalas taken orally is reported to be sufficient. 20-30 mg Harmalas taken sublingually should work as well.

Although not commonly done Harmalas can be snorted. Harmalas is very active this way. 5-15mg per dose of DMT is sufficient. On the other side, Harmalas is active through other ROA aswell. Considering the possible health issues of snorting, its better to choose an other ROA.


Snorting DMT without Harmalas:
Low: 50mg, medium 70mg, high: +100mg

Snorting DMT with Harmalas:
Low: 10mg, medium 20mg, high: +40mg


Snorting DMT lasts longer than smoking. The come-up is said to be more scary and less smooth. The onset takes approximately 5 mins. At 10 mins the plateau is reached. The peak lasts 30-45 mins. Snorting DMT combined with Harmalas prolongs the duration to around 2 hours and increases the effect - less DMT is better for your nasal passages.


It is unknown what possible health consequences snorting a basic alkaloid such as DMT can have on nasal passages. Especially long term use. There have been reports of bloody snot after snorting. Have a sterile saline solution to wash your nasal cavities afterwards. Although speculated, it is not known if snorting a salt form (DMT Fumarate) is less damaging than freebase. Snorting burns which is a sign from the body that somethings not going smoothly.

Snorting DMT causes burning sensations and is not recommended.

7.3 Nasahuasca

Nasahuasca is the dissolving of DMT-salt into a (preferably saline) solution which is sprayed or dropped into the noise.
The advantage is less irritation than snorting.


Hyperspace Fool's COCO Tek For Insufflation Of DMT:

1) Take your dose of DMT and place it in a small shotglass.
2) Mix with enough mildly hot water so that 1 drop will equal 20 mg spice (use more water if needed to dissolve everything).
3) Add a touch of vinegar to convert freebase to acetate (not needed with salt spice).
4) Add a few drops of COCONUT CREAM (not oil, not water)... until solution is cloudy and white.
5) Mix thoroughly and suck it up into an eyedropper.
6) Drop the drops into your nostril while inhaling to spread them over a larger surface of your nasal mucosa.

That's it folks. No burn, and a painless route into deep hyperspace. The end product should be like 10-15 mg per drop. Make it too watery and you will have too much drip. Using a nasal spray with a fine atomizing effect is nice, but not necessary, and for small amounts of solution, maybe impractical.

The longer duration than vaped spice makes this a rather attractive ROA.

NOTE: You can go ahead and add Harmalas to this tek if you want to potentiate the spice further... longer effect and less DMT required. Be warned that with enough Harmalas, insufflated spice can last a long time and be more like Aya than anything else. And, of course, using this technique when already up on orally administered Harmalas is fantastic.

2nd NOTE: Actual amounts and precise measurements have been avoided on purpose because this is a very flexible ROA. Given that some people only need 15mg to get effects and others require well over 100mg, and the fact that most people prefer slightly different ratios here... it makes no sense to be overly specific. Harmalas make a big difference in dosage as well. If you used vinegar, than you might want a bit more cream as well, for instance. Don't worry if it doesn't make sense to you at first. You really can't mess up with this. Just make sure you fully dissolve the spice, and cream to taste. If your drops wind up being only 5mg per drop... don't worry. The drip isn't really that bad, tbh, and you can always lean your head off of a mattress or couch to keep the solution in your nasal cavities for a while.

People still get burn using the method above. Evaporating the acidic solution leaving behind only DMT-salt is a better way. Adding table salt to the solution is also good as nasal passages are a salty environment.

- Put DMT-freebase in a small shot glass
- Add a bit of [room temp] pre-boiled water (= disinfected) to the shot glass
- Create an acidic solution of choice (or use vinegar eg.)
- Add drops of the acidic solution untill all DMT dissolves - steering helps
- Apply heat /airflow to evaporate the solution in the shot glass
- Oily DMT-salt is left behind
- Add some table salt to [room temp] pre-boiled tap water (or buy nasal spray)
- Add the saline solution to the shot glass as per desired ration of DMT
- Add Harmalas (HCL form) if desired (can also be administered through another route)
- Add a pinch of Sodium Bicarbonate if desired
- Pour the solution into a nasal spray bottle / glass pipette

Ideally the solution needs to be as close to neutral pH as possible to avoid discomfort and max absorption but also as concentrated as possible to require the minimum amount of drops. Sodium Bicarbonate can be added to increase pH to neutral, but too much could freebase the DMT and/or cause irritation. DMT-acetate is the most soluble form of DMT, so the least amount of saline solution needs to be added to make it dissolve.


Pour the saline solution with the dissolved DMT-salt into an empty nasal spray bottle / glass pipette.
A spray might work better due to more surface area.
Administer into noise.


Users report mild effects at 50mg DMT and intense sub-breakthrough effects at 100mg.
Accounts are limited so you will have to experiment.


Onset 5-10min. Effect 30-45min.


If it burns try adjusting pH, alter the salt contents or other ratio tweaks.
For experimental purposes only. Frequent usage is not advised.

7.4 IV

DMT can be injected, but it is not recommend - see below.


If one is going to do it in spite of contrary recommendations, then: take care in making many purifying steps (several recrystallizations /washes). Make sure it has no solvent or other chemical traces in the final product (redissolving the recrystallized product in USP grade acetone or ethanol and re-evaporating, scrapping and letting it dry completely before converting to fumarates in a sterile solution, etc.).


Apply using a clean and unused syringe.


Intravenous: moderate dose: 0.2mg/kg; very strong dose: 0.4mg/kg
Intramuscular: 1mg/kg
Subcutaneous: 60-100mg

For the first try, take at most 0.2mg/kg, preferably less. And VERY importantly, do NOT do it by yourself, have a sitter that is experienced with needles inject for you and be there to make sure you are physically safe.


The effect is comparable to a high dose of vaporized DMT.


Injecting DMT is not recommended mainly for two reasons:

1: The only official research done with DMT by Rick Strassmann used FDA-approved ultra pure DMT fumarate. The quality of home extraction products is questionable, one may have solvent traces and other impurities that could be uncomfortable, painful or downright dangerous to inject.

2: The onset of the effects are so quick that one might not be able to take out the needle in time and accidentally ripping their vein out while in hyperspace, or putting it down too near and rolling around/puncturing oneself

Please consider why you would choose the IV route over other ROA, which are just as effective, like vaping.

7.5 Plugging

Plugging is administering substances from the bottom up.


Don't use freebase, convert into DMT-salt eg. DMT Fumarate. Use pre-boiled water (preferably distilled). Dissolving into vinegar, orange or lemon juice should work too. Add baking soda to reduce the acidity.


Cocoa butter is a good vehicle for introducing substances this route. The melting point is below your internal temperature, but above room temperature. This makes it easy to handle because it's solid prior to administration, but it rapidly melts once administered. Or make a 2-5 ml solution and insert via a needless syringe.


Harmalas: 1/3 to 1/2 of an oral dose
DMT-salts: start with 100mg, add 50-100mg, 250-300mg is considered very high
Brews: 3g Mimosa + 3g Syrian Rue. Note: +10 ml liquid might be hard to keep in


This route bypasses the first-pass metabolism and liver. Administration without Harmalas will have effect. But the intestines also contain MAO. Plugging DMT is therefor 3x less active when taken without Harmalas. Most users report that the DMT is less potent than orally. The effect of Harmalas is 3x more potent than orally.

Effects start at about 20 minutes with a powerful initial body load, the peak lasts 1 hour with an afterglow of several hours. The pharmacodynamics of plugging vs. intranasal administration seem to be very similar. There are no unique effects compared to other methods. It is reported that the plugging route does not burn or hurt. It also eliminates nausea due to stomach irritation. However it can still give a bloated feeling. And it's possible to get nausea just from the vertigo of high amounts of tryptamines or RIMA.


The pH of a brew should not be detrimental to tissues. However, a large dosage of acidic Mimosa brews may not be good. Adding baking soda reduces the acidity. Note that substances going in this rout don't get filtered by the liver. They go right in to the bloodstream. Plugging is closer to injecting than swallowing. Being less active than orally and oral purging being considered medicinal, this route makes little sense.

Consider why you would choose this route over like oral which is just as effective. Purging is part of the process.

7.6 Safety - other routes of administration

When using these other routes always make sure that the alkaloids are as pure as possible and of good quality. IV is the least safe due to injecting possible impurities straight into the blood stream. This is the least advisable route and should definitive be avoided. Plugging is closer to injecting than swallowing as it bypasses the liver. Snorting and using sublingual DMT causes irritation. This is a sign from the body that somethings not going smoothly.

As can be seen, most of these routes have potential safety issues and are not recommended.
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Op-Awesome work and this is what makes this place so amazing. This has the potential of much more than just a thread to be lost in the archives. Keep working out the minor changes and see what happens.

Amazing job mate!
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some one,

Your contribution is amazing, wow. Wonderful job!

Thank you! I am still taking it all in.


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8. Additional info

8.1 Changa teks

Making Changa from 10x Caapi leaf

Step 1 - boost some Caapi leaf

Option A) boiling in water:
- place 9g of Caapi leaf (or powdered vine) in a pot and add water
- bring to a slow boil or simmer for a couple hours adding water to keep the level consistent (or do multiple boils)
- filter and discard the plant material
- simmer the volume of the liquid down to a low level
- add a fresh gram of Caapi leaf (or other herb if you can't find) to the reduced liquid
- simmer the liquid into the leaf, evaporate the last bit of moisture dry
> now you have 10x Caapi leaf

Option B) soaking in alcohol:
- place 9g of Caapi leaf (or powdered vine) in a jar
- add 96% alcohol or IPA and close the lid
- let it soak for +2 weeks (1 month)
- filter and discard the plant material
- place the jar with the solution in a warm water bath (double boiler), use an electric heater, no open flame
- simmer the volume of the liquid down to a low level
- add a fresh gram of Caapi leaf (or other herb if you can't find) to the reduced liquid
- simmer the liquid into the leaf, evaporate the last bit of moisture dry
> now you have 10x Caapi leaf

Step 2 - add other herbs
- add the 10x Caapi leaf to a blend of herbs chopped to a good consistency for smoking
- if desired boost some of the other herbs as explained above
- a herbal blend example is: 50% 10x Caapi + 25% 10x Blue Lotus + 25% Mullein
> now you have the herbal base for Changa (note: this can also be smoked separately if DMT is vaped pure)

Step 3 - infuse with DMT (Warm Water Bath Tek)
- weigh the amount of herbs and DMT you want to combine
- a common ratio is 1:1 (1 unit of DMT to 1 unit of herbs) down to 1:3 DMT/herbs
- put the herbs in a shot glass and carefully spread the DMT evenly on top of the herbs
- place the shot glass in a bowl of boiled water. Don't get the inside of the shotglass wet
- the hot water outside will heat the shot glass and melt the DMT into the herbs
- covering the bowl with a towel creates steam which helps to melt the DMT faster
- repeat with additional sessions of boiled water if needed
- remove the shot glass from the bowl when the DMT has completely melted into the herbs
- mix well and let it cool down
- see: "Warm Water Bath Tek" for more info and pics
> now you have Changa

Note: DMT can also be dissolved in 96% Alcohol, IPA or Acetone. Add the DMT solution to a blend of herbs and allow it to evaporate. This will take much longer to dry than the 'Warm Water Bath Tek' explained above.

From Harmala alkaloid extract

Step 1 - obtain Harmala Alkaloid extract
Option 1) From boiled down powder
- reduce Caapi leaf solution (as explained above) without adding any new leaf
- evaporate the remainder of the liquid and scrape up the powdery residue
Option 2) From a proper extraction
- refer to the Nexus Wiki for various Caapi /Rue extraction teks
Option 3) From an online shop
- various sites sell it (search)

Step 2 - infuse with DMT
- dissolve the Harmalas into a solvent and add DMT (use about 40ml solvent per gram of DMT)
- alcohol or an other form of ethanol can be used as the solvent. Eg: 96% Alcohol, IPA or Acetone
- a common ratio is 1:3 Harmalas/DMT up to 1:1 Harmalas/DMT
- add the solution to a blend of herbs on a dish (usually 1:1 DMT/herbs)
- spread the herbs out evenly, about 5-10 mm high
- if needed, add some more solvent so all leaf is well covered

Step 3 - evaporate dry
- once everything is soaked up, fluff it up and let all traces of solvent evaporate
- place the dish somewhere where it will stay undisturbed for several days
- it can take four days for Acetone to completely evaporate and the leaf to dry
- once dry, the leaf can be weighed. It should be heavier by the amount of alkaloids that it was enhanced with
> now you have Changa

8.2 Dabbing info


Rig: Can be an ordinary bong (water pipe). Custom bongs sold as dabbing rigs exist (usually with male joint).

Joint: Part of the bong. Outer glas extension sticking out of the bongs body. The joint holds the nail. It can either be male or female. A male joint fits inside a nail, a female joint goes over it. There are 3 universal sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Male joints are better for dabbing. The glass can't break if a hot nail expands.

Percolator: Part of the bong. Inner glass extension of the joint, reaching under water. Has holes for air flow. The number and size of the holes influences the air flow (pull force) and bubble size (temperature drop). There are various types of percs with specific air flow properties.

Nail: The actual dabbing unit which gets heated and holds the extract. The nail is connected to the joint. Nails can be made from glass, quartz, titanium and ceramic. There are domed and domeless nails.

Domed nail: A nail combined with a dome. A domed nail has no holes on top where the oil is. Airflow travels over it, to underneath into a pipe. A glass dome surrounding the nail is placed over it after the nail is heated and dabbed.

Dome: The glass part that is placed over a domed nail. The dome holds the vapor inside. It has a small opening at the top. The opening helps to capture and direct the vapor back down through the pipe when it comes off the nail.

Domeless nail: Open nail without dome mechanism. Has holes on top where the oil is. When inhaling air through the holes, the vapor is sucked in. If the nail cools too much, vapor can escape into the air.

Carb cap: An external cover for a domeless nail. Has holes for air intake. Doesn't let vapor escape in the air, constricts airflow, holds in heat. Usually put on the nail at the last stage when the nail cools. Can be use for low temp dabbing on if the nail is heated less and covered directly. Created the same advantage a domed nail has.

Banger: A banger is a type of domeless nail. Instead of having an open roof with holes round a circle, it's shaped like a small shotglass with a hole at the side.

e-nail: Nails with electric heating. Can also be a normal nail that fits in a separate electric coil with temperature control. Eliminates the need to use a torch. Can be used to accurately set different vaporization points for different materials.

Dabber: The rod used to apply the extract to the nail. Shaped as a long thin screwdriver.

Seasoning: The removing of unwanted polish and coating materials from new nails. Must be done prior first use. The nail is heated and oil is applied. Usually Cannabis oil is used. DMT can be used as well. Nothing is inhaled. Seasoning improves vaping efficiency and taste.

Domed nails vs domeless nails vs e-nails comparison

Domed nails:
+ helps to hold in vapor
+ protection from hot nail
+ heats up quickly
+ cheaper
- dome must be slid in place, additional action
- dome can break, more fragile
- harder to place spice on
- cools down quicker, less time for functional use
- less air flow, less efficient for DMT

Domeless nails:
+ easier to place spice on
+ takes longer to cool down, more time for functional use
+ more airflow, better for DMT
+ carb cap holds in heat and vapor
- longer to heat up
- no protection from hot nail, more dangerious
- more expensive

+ eliminates the need to use a torch
+ precise and constant temperature control
- much more expensive

Use a domeless nail (banger).

Nail material comparison

Glass: breaks very easily and doesn't last long. Retains the least amount of heat.
Ceramic: more prone to breaking; retains heat the longest; reported to have worse /harsher taste compared to Quartz.

Don't use glass or Ceramic.

Quarts vs Titanium:

+ cheaper
+ much better flavor, less harsh hits
+ impossible to overheat
- takes longer to heat up
- retain less heat, less time for functional use
- shorter lifespan and more prone to breaking

+ virtually indestructible - impossible to crack
+ heats up quicker
+ retain heat longer
- must be re-seasoned after several uses with spice
- risk of overheating and burning the extract
- worse taste
- more expensive
- health risks from inhaling hot metal vapor (Titanium dioxide is a possibly carcinogen)

Use Quartz.


Some say Titanium can be seasoned by heating with a torch then cooling with cold water. Others say this is not good and that it's best to season it with what you will use it for. Quartz also need to be seasoned. Do some lower temperature DMT dabs until it gets gray and opaque. Some mention seasoning with Coconut oil, but insufficient information is available.

Torch fuel comparison

+ very cheap
+ larger tanks and more efficient: lasts longer
- will damage some nails over time, especially Quartz

+ no damage to nail
- smaller tanks and less efficient: more refueling
- expensive

For Quartz use Butane.

Note: a large torch is needed to light the nail. An Arc Turboflame sized ligher is too small.

8.3 e-Cigarette info

An e-cigarette is a device that converts electrical energy into heat to vaporize a viscous liquid composed of vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol (e-juice). Every e-cigarette has at least three main components: a power source, a tank and an atomizer. The atomizer sits in a tank filled with e-juice and exists of a coil surrounded by a liquid absorbing material called a wick. The coil is electrically heated by a power source, heating the e-juice turning it into vapor. The wick regulates the flow of e-juice to the coil. This produces the right amount of vapor at a reasonable rate.

Types of e-cigarettes

Dripping Atomizers
The atomizer coil is located on the bottom with a metal mesh or silica wick on top. Dripping Atmomizers have a fairly small capacity and are best for people who prefer dripping. Users drip small amounts of e-juice directly on to the coils and wick before every few puffs. Dripping Atomizers are complex, inconvenient and needs to be continuously refilled. Rebuildable atomizers (power increase) require considerable skill. Its hard to track amount of e-juice left inside. All this makes them not suitable for what we need.

Cartomizers have their artomizers housed inside a cylindrical tank. This allows a cartomizer to hold a lot more liquid than a dripping atomizer. The coil is surrounded by Polyfill which functions as the wick. It absorbs e-juice allowing for a longer vape time. The main disadvantage of cartomizers is that they are not suitable for heavy vaping - which we need.

Clearmizers are the newest devices on the market. They differ from cartomizers by having transparent tanks. This lets you see how much e-juice remains. Instead of polyfill they have a wick made from a fibrous material, usually organic cotton. This allows for heavy vaping. Some designs feature top coils with longer wicks. Others have bottom coils with short wicks. Bottom coils produce cooler vapor, have better wick saturation and allow for lower e-juice levels.

+ prefabricated, no need for manual building
+ large capacity of e-juice for sufficient vapes
+ transparent tank allows you to see exact amount of e-juice left
+ atomizer heads are easy to snap on and off and cheap to replace
+ allow for easy customization if desired (different Mod Boxes, OCC, RBA)

The development of sub-ohm vaping

Sub-ohm vaping is vaping on a device whose atomizer coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. This increases the power output to create more vapor. When vaping using sub-ohm coils a substantial amount of vapor is produced compared to using coils above 1 ohm on the same device. This is because sub-ohm vaping utilizes the principles of Ohm's and Joule’s laws of electricity: a non-variable voltage source (battery) in a mechanical vape mod will increase the overall power output (wattage) of your device when you decrease the resistance (ohms) of your coils. As you decrease your resistance you will increase the amperage your device uses to supply the current needed. Up to recently, sub-ohm vapes were not sold so you had to build one yourself.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA)
Rebuildable drippers are the original way to sub-ohm. They are small devices that attach to Mechanical or Box Mods. They contain a deck where coils are built wicked with cotton attached using a screwdriver. Rebuilding requires considerable skill.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA)
For people who want to build coils but do not want to drip. RTA’s are essentially clearomizers that require the user to build their own custom atomizer (sub-ohm coil and wick). Rebuilding requires considerable skill.

Sub-ohm Tank Clearomizers
Similar to RTA’s except that Clearomizers can be bought 'sub-ohm ready'. This means you don't need to build anything yourself anymore. The internal atomizers come in the form of pre-made disposable coil+wick packs called OCC's (Organic Cotton Coils). OCC's are easily swappable when due for replacement. Instead of OCC's you can also buy RBA's (ReBuildable Atomizers) The wick of a RBA can be easily manually changed when due for replacement while the coil is left inside. RBA's are cheaper to maintain than OCC's and are said to vape better.

As can be seen, if you wanted to sub-ohm in the past it would require considerable skill. These days all it takes is the purchase of a sub-ohm Clearomizer with OCC /RBA and a Box Mod with sufficient Watts. This setup makes it possible to inhale a large amount of e-juice with sufficient DMT in a single puff. A couple of years ago with the pen-type vapes this was not possible.

What you need

Mod Box
For DMT 40-60 W is sufficient. A 100W box able to power a 0.5 ohm coil gives plenty of over-capacity for vaping at around 50W. The batteries will run cooler than a 50W box. Look for a Mod Box with a large range eg. 10W-100W. This enables you to find your preferred spot. A good Mod Box displays voltage, watts and coil resistance. Some Mod Boxes support both variable Wattage and temperature control. Certain metals increase in resistance when the temperature goes up. By applying power and measuring to reach a known resistance at a certain temperature, a mod box can reach and stay at that temperature. Note that some coils are 0.15 ohms. When using these, make sure your mod box and batteries can handle it!

For sub-ohm vaping your batteries are the most crucial component of the setup. Only a few lithium battery types are suitable. Batteries can either be high storage capacity (mAh) or high drain capacity (Amps). High storage requires less charging. High drain gives more current. Sub-ohm coils should only be used with high-drain batteries. ICR (LiCoO2 or LiCd) batteries are usually rated for their higher storage capacity (mAh). They are often unable to safely deliver the amperage needed for high power, low resistance devices. Being high risk, ICR's are commonly sold with protection circuits. IMR (LiMn) batteries allow higher drain rates compared to ICR's. This makes them much more suitable for low resistance devices. IMR batteries use safer chemistry than ICR's and don't have a protection circuit built in. Note that they should never be discharged below 2.5 volts or cycle life/performance will be reduced. Packing your Mod Box with 3.7V, 30A MCD, 18650 type, IMR batteries from a well-established manufacturer ensures you have the best you can get, so you can't go wrong.

A relatively small Tank is preferred: 1.5 - 2ml. Allows for experimentation with spice concentrations. Also saves on making large amounts of spice to mix in. 2ml should be good for 10+ hits. Buy a tank that can be refilled from the top, this is convenient. Also, make sure the tank isn't prone to leakage. The 'Kangertech CL tank 2.0' is said to be good.

Coils come manufactured in OCC's or RBA's. Your Clearomizer will come with them included. When buying new ones make sure they are compatible with your Clearomizer. Coils can be made of different metals such as Stainless Steel, Nickel, Nichrome, Titanium and Kanthal. Some can be used for temperature control mode (Ni, Ti), some for wattage control (NiCr, Kantal) and some for both (SS). Nickel and Titanium can release hazardous chemicals when heated over a certain temperature, that's why they should only be used for temp control. Note that no one talks about this danger for titanium dabbing nails.

PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are odorless liquids that are combined with flavor to create e-juice. They produce vapor when heated, which allow them to be inhaled. PG is a petroleum by-product. The fluid has no odor or color, and is less viscous than VG. In vaping it is used to provide a ‘throat hit’. Some users claim is similar to the sensation experienced when smoking tobacco. It also carries flavor more effectively than VG. VG is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oil. The hit from a high VG fluid is a lot smoother than with PG, making it more suitable for sub-ohm vaping. The increased thickness of VG means it can reduce the life of Atomizers quicker than PG-based juice. High ratio VG liquids clog up coils more rapidly and will not work well in certain tanks. Reports of what works vary from 50/50 to 70/30 PG/VG. This is atomizer specific. Note that some studies suggest that e-juice flavors are toxic when smoked. For DMT buy zero-nicotine 100% pure flavorless VG and PG and mix them to your desired ratio.

Clearomizer kit components (for reference only)

- Batteries: The power source of the device. Located inside the Box Mod.
- Box Mod: The unit which controls the power output and holds the batteries.
- Tank: Holds the e-liquid and Atomizer. Sits on top of the Base.
- Base: The bottom part of the Tank. Screwed into the Mod Box. Usually has airflow control.
- Atomizer head: Either OCC or RBA (see below). Located inside the Tank.
- OCC: Organic Cotton Coils contain the coil and wick. They come pre-built and get replaced when used up.
- RBA: ReBuildable Atomizers are designed to be refurbished with new wick when used up.
- BTC: Bottom Turbine Coil is prefered over top coil.
- BTDC: Bottom Turbine Dual Coil has two coils for cooler vapor. More batteries, more Watts, shorter battery life.
- Wick: Usually made from organic cotton. It either fills the empty space inside the coil or is wrapped around the outside.
- Coil: Wire from a metalic alloy. Comes pre-made with the resistance desired.
- e-juice: Stored in the Tank.
- Drip tip: Tube on top of the Tank from which you inhale.

8.4 Jungle spice

Jungle Spice is the name given to 'full-spectrum' DMT extract, using solvents like Xylene, Toluene and d-limonene.

Some people claim full-spectrum spice to be stronger or produce a different experience than pure DMT. This may be self-suggestion. It may also be that the inactive oils/impurities present in jungle spice somehow protect DMT from heat, making a more effective vaporization. It may also be that beta carbolines or other compounds have a synergistic effect with DMT, causing a different experience. Or it may be that these beta carbolines would only really be noticeable if they were in a larger quantity as is the case with some Acacias. It may also be a mixture of any or all of the above possibilities. It cannot be said for certain that oily /yellowish spice has compounds which have a different effect from pure white.

8.5 General dosages

Below is an summary of dosages and combinations of the routes of administration covered in the next chapters.

Oral brew dosages

Caapi dosage: light 50g, moderate 100g, strong 150g
Muricata dosage: light 15g, moderate 30g, strong 45g
Syrian Rue dosage: light 2g, moderate 3g, strong 4g

Mimosa heated dosage: light 3-5g, moderate 5-7g, strong 7-10g
Mimosa CWE dosage: light 1g, moderate 3g, strong 5g

Viridis dosage: light 25g, moderate 50g, strong 75-100g
Chaliponga dosage: light 7g, moderate 10g, strong 15g
Acacia dosage: light 5g, moderate 10g, strong 15g

Harmalas extract dosages

Harmalas oral dosage: 100-250mg
Harmalas smoking dosage: 20-30mg
Harmalas sublingual dosage: 20-40mg

DMT extract dosages

DMT oral dosage: 30-200mg DMT in salt form
DMT vaping dosage: 15-30mg freebase DMT (efficient)
DMT smoking dosage: 20-40mg freebase DMT (less efficient)

8.6 Combinations

Oral plant brew combinations

Mimosa and Rue are said to compliment each other better than Mimosa and Caapi.
Caapi seems to go very well with Viridis and Chaliponga.
Banisteriopsis Muricata is said to go very well with Acacia Confusa.

DMT / Harmalas combinations and time delay

Oral Harmalas and oral DMT (Ayahuasca /Pharmahuasca): at the same time, or wait 10-20 min
Oral Harmalas and smoked DMT (Vaporhuasca): wait 45-60 min
Smoked Harmalas and smoked DMT (Changa): at the same time or straight after
Sublingual Harmalas and smoked DMT (Linguahuasca): wait 20-30 min
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Wow, this is very comprehensive - Excellent work!
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9. Sources


DMT Dosages and consumption methods
The Nexian DMT Handbook - Administration
FAQ - Methods of administration
Ingestion Methods
Different forms of ingestion and dosages

DMT and MAOI plants:

Erowids MAOI vault
Topic: The Great Chaliponga Debate
Topic: MHRB or Psychotria viridis
1st B . Muricata Caapi black powder alone experiences
Banisteriopsis muricata questions.
B Muricata and Acacia

Caapi varieties:

The Caapi Analysis Thread
Poorly understood family of AYAHUASCA vines
Which B. Caapi vine should I get
Poorly understood family of AYAHUASCA vines
Alicia anisopetala](Black ayahuasca) & macrodisca and related vines workspace

Ayahuasca brew:

All about Aya
Visual Diagram for Ayahuasca
The feared and misunderstood purge
Some thoughts on working with shaman's
The risks of doing Aya improperly / unsupervised
Thinking about a solo journey
Combining Rue with Caapi
Ayahuasca Addys
recipe for who has problems breaking through


Acacia confusa
Acacia confusa & Formosahuasca


Pharmahuasca dosage
Pharmahuasca vs traditional Ayahuasca brew
Poll: Is Pharmahuasca as Healing as Ayahuasca
Is Ayahuasca more healing than Pharmahuasca
Caapi extraction tek
Caapi Copy
Pure Synthetic THH does not activate oral DMT
Freebase or Mimosa tea
Poll: How soon after MAOI do you injest DMT for best results
How soon do you take your DMT after the MAOI
Help/suggestions on dosage
Redosing during a pharm trip


Extraction Teks
FAQ - DMT Extraction
DMT Extraction Overview
The Chemistry of Extraction
Art of Liquid-Liquid ext. The Basics
Cyb's Hybrid ATB 'Salt' Tek
Cybs' Hybrid ATB 'Salt' Tek (wiki)
Cybs 'MAX ION' Tek
ACRB TEK 100g "PICS" (Newbie Friendly)
Simple clean-up for NPS pulled from ACRB ( mini AB )
The FASA Method
The FASA Method: A Summary - DMT Fumarate and Beyond
FASA Method Outline for Beginners
Spice Extraction-The FASA Approach
Amor fati's Nontoxic Approach to Spice Extraction
BLAB - The Big Leisurely A/B
Jorkest's D-Limonene and Fumaric Acid Approach
Extracting DMT with ethanol, vinegar and sodium carbonate
Fumarates to Freebase Conversion Tek

Jungle Spice:

Jungle Spice - Mystery Alkaloids of Mimosa Root Bark
Summary of jungle spice analytical work
Entheogenic effects of NMT (monomethyl-tryptamine)
Using Different solvents to extract different ranges of spice

Smoking DMT:

DMT vaping guide
E-mesh method howto step by step with images and video
Time frames for smoking, and tolerance
Glass Vaporizer Bongs
Thoughts on using a VaporGenie
New GVG - The Glass Bat VG
Recommendations for torch lighter with GVG
Should it burn?
Favorite setting to smoke Spice
smoking DMT vs oral DMT/ayahuasca
E-liquid success: An express ticket to the Alien Pool-Party
E-liquid warning: toxic chemicals released
Dabbing DMT: The Way of the Future
OFFICIAL Dabbing Thread [?]

Changa and Enhanced Leave:

The Art of Changa, a guide to making the perfect blends
A Guide to DMT Enhanced Leaf (Changa)
Changa DMT-Nexus wiki
Ayahuasca vs. Changa
Changa: A smoking blend containing Ayahuasca and other herbs
Bufotenine IPA Extraction & Bufojam Changa Tek
Easy Guide for Changa Preparation
How much harmala's to put in Changa
Smoking DMT/Enhanced leaf in a shisha
Solvent free DMT enhanced leaf - warm water bath TEK

Smoking with MAOI:

Pharma Redosing Strategy
Comparison of breakthrough duration
Changa vs sublingual harmalas + DMT
Oral Harmalas + smoked DMT (extremly intense journey)
Sublingual harmalas advice needed
Sublingual Harmalas + Smoked DMT - Changa's Cousin
Sublingual/maoi and Vaped/spice
Toking after minimum MAO Inhibition


Sublingual Harmalas + Smoked DMT - Changa's Cousin
Sublingual harmine and smoking spice
sublingual harmalas freebase or salt
Changa vs sublingual harmalas + DMT
Can Pharma be taken as Sublingual Powder?
sublingual dmt furmate... bioassay
Sublingual harmalas advice needed


Snorting works
Preparations to make insufflated DMT more tolerable
So I snorted some freebase


Entheogen Review article on safe injection proceedure
iv dmt
Injecting DMT
FASA safe for injection
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I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to give a shout-out to OP some one. Excellent resource and I've never seen any other source comparing all the different routes of DMT/MAOI administration in this way - which is what I was just looking for and knew I'd seen in the past, but couldn't remember where. Re-found this thread and just had to say something.

Much appreciated!
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some one wrote:
Formosahuasca is a brew made of Asacia Confusa...Dosage

Acacia: light 2g, moderate 3g, strong 4g. With 0.5 tbsp Rue.

Acacia without RIMA: light 9g, moderate 12g, strong 15g (15g = 5 tbsp)...

Its a year later now, and in that time most first hand reports of A. confusa usage differ markedly in dosage from what is stated here. People seem to be using from 7 (light or moderate) to 20 (strong or very strong) grams of ACRB with rue.
The '(15g = 5 tbsp)' part is somewhat suspect. One user here weighed his ACRB powder in at 9 grams per tbsp and the USDAs average of the weight of cinnamon (which shouldnt be far from ACRB powder density) is 8 grams per tbsp.
Were the above quoted gram doses calculated from volume with the assumption of there being just 3 grams per tablespoon?
What would be the up to date consensus on light, moderate, and strong doses by directly measured gram weight?
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This is a really great work!
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