DMT, Quantum Mechanics and the 5th Dimension Options
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Often people make the unfounded argument that DMT is responsible for dreaming in humans. This argument misses the point entirely and allow me to explain why I think DMT is rather a key to unlocking the natural next phase in the development of our consciousness.

Hear me out...its a long read.

As all matter is ultimately energy I propose that all matter observable within the physical reality has a vibration that can be attached to it. The physical brain is only capable of interpreting and observing these vibrations within the confines imposed upon a subjective experience of reality with three (plus time) dimensions. This is what our physical brains were designed to do, to ask more of them is the same as asking a television to bake a cake. So to try and make sense of the DMT experience within the limitations of the physical brain is an exercise in futility.

Instead I propose we try to “open out minds” and adopt the perspective that the DMT is briefly giving us permission to experience the next dimension, allowing us to pull our experiential consciousness away from the window of 4 dimensional space and briefly witness the full scope of our potential.

I was struck with this notion when smoking DMT for the third time while under the influence of some mushrooms and while not a “breakthrough experience” (I have yet to break through and have only smoked spice 3 times) I was struck with the familiar feeling of enlightenment one achieves at several points along their physical timeline.

Experiential existence in 4 dimensional space is basically a consecutive string of 3 dimensional moments woven together along a string of time, wherein we link individual “states of being” to summate to a lifetime, the interpretation of which is left to a consciousness (which I propose ultimately aims to reside in the 5th dimension and beyond). We begin in a state of infancy, then a state of childhood, to a state of adulthood and on and on. We’ve all been told “you’ll understand when you’re older” and we inevitably all experience a subjective “eureka” moment that lets us know we’ve moved into the next state of being.

Things we previously did not understand (because our brains had not reached a sufficient stage of their development that would allow them to understand) suddenly “make sense”.

To have asked for this to occur before the necessary developmental changes had taken effect would be asking for the impossible. The DMT experience gives you a glimpse of the “eureka” to come, placing us into the appropriate vibration to resonate with our higher self, letting us experience this higher vibrations so we can then aim to achieve it naturally (hence why spice experiences can feel like being born again.) Our higher self, which is sitting outside the boundaries of time, effectively looking down from the mountain and viewing all that can be. This is because the physical reality, based on time, is finite. As it is finite, it can be said there is such a thing as “all there can be”. I’ll get back to this when I link it to quantum physics.

I propose also that the physical brains serves two purposes: 1. to safe-guard the physical mind until the self (which learns through experiencing) is mature enough to leave it, through death or transcendence or otherwise, and 2. to calibrate itself to resonate in-tune with our selves highest vibration, allowing our consciousness to leave behind our physical body and begin its residence within the next dimension.

DMT lets you walk through that door to experience the vibration that goes along with being in that state. DMT paints the hash-marks on the receiver that allow you to more accurately/quickly tune your pineal to receive the vibration of your higher self.

How Quantum Mechanics are involved:

Studies into quantum mechanics are beginning to show that endless possibilities of potential are streamlined to create what we know as a subjective experiential reality through observation.

All things that can be are, until somebody watches to see how time factors into play. I propose that all that can be is, but it cannot be so at the same TIME.

Our physical mind is only designed to be aware of a single timeline and so takes all of the waves of potential inherent in every bit of energy (and therefore in every bit of what we call matter) and places it in a specific location at a specific time (where it behaves as particles are expected to), to be experienced. Then, our pre-existing belief system governing our experience of our subjective universe; things like temporal continuity, physical concepts like inertia and gravity, things that allow us to predict the movements of physical systems then cause our experience of reality to follow a chronological sequence of “moments”, strung together out of the sea of potential.

Our brain interprets waves of potential from the higher mind and tries to integrate it with the immediately prior experience of physical reality to form a chronological “experience”. Hence our eyes “see”, our ears “hear”, our hairs and skin “feel” the potential energy as behaving in a manner that is in harmony with our prior experience and understanding of physical reality. Even though, from the next dimension, all possibilities are true.

How to tune your receiver:

All my experiences with psychedelics have taken place within the last 2 months (I’m 26) and have given me a new belief in a “God” concept, though it is much more empowering.

Each of our own subjective realities (that is the single timeline that makes up what we have known to be our “life”) is influenced from above by our higher self. We create our experience of reality (we agree to follow a timeline) but our higher self is trying to give us information to guide us like a compass to our true-north, or our next “state of being”.

Thinking quantum-ly every time you are presented with a choice or a conflicting idea you have the option to behave in a manner consistent with your own highest excitement, or to not behave consistent with your highest excitement. Every time you act on one of these decisions, you are tuning your dial. All possible outcomes from all possible conflicting decisions exist, and they must in order to allow “all that can be” to be, however only one of the timelines will, over time, create the temporally defined “result” of resonant vibration. As we still live within the confines of 4D experience, we have to achieve this state for a moment of time, so that we can then seek to make this our default state.

In conclusion, the whole purpose of life is to tune yourself to your highest vibration, by following the guiding insight of your higher self through seeking of your highest fulfillment at every possible opportunity so humanity can exit the 4th dimension and realize what we are truly capable of. Physical reality is a temporally defined illusion, get out there and master it Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy Very happy

Enlightenment is real, and not as far off as we think.

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not bad margaret,not bad at all
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Makes sense to me.
Well, y'know, it's like this experience that I had was like, y'know, erm, it was kind of the most profound experience I've had in me life, like
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I think for the most part you're preaching to the choir. However I wouldn't place too much importance on the conclusions you can come to whilst tripping. Learn to question these as much as you would question anything else.
Changes come.
Keep your dignity.
Take the high road.
Take it like a man.

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