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#1 Posted : 11/1/2012 7:57:15 PM

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Hi all members of the DMT-Nexus,

Due to the ongoing attention from law enforcement agencies all over the world for MHRB and other 'ready-to-go' entheogens it has been decided that we cannot maintain the current supplier subforum. This means that from now on the 'normal' supplier subforum is officially defunct and removed!

At the same time we want to have an alternative for the lost 'ready-to-go' entheogens. We do this in the form of encouraging people on the DMT-Nexus and all over the world to grow their own entheogens.

So specially for the encouragement of growing your own entheogen we created a new subforum:

Sustainable plant and seed suppliers

In this subforum you can discuss suppliers of live plants and viable seeds. This new subforum has a new set of rules that should be obeyed at all time, so please read the rules carefully:

[RULES] for the Sustainable plant and seed suppliers subforum

I hope you all understand this new direction and that you will join us in the growing of your own entheogens.

Kind regards,

The Traveler

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#2 Posted : 11/1/2012 7:59:04 PM

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Thank you Trav Smile
#3 Posted : 11/1/2012 8:03:50 PM

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Yup - thank you!
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#4 Posted : 11/1/2012 8:31:11 PM

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Thanks for this, it's an encouragement for what the future should be.
#5 Posted : 11/1/2012 8:37:05 PM

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I think this is a healthy course. First, it sends a clear message that we do NOT wish to PROMOTE illegal activity of any kind--and indeed, our only goal has ALWAYS been to promote full and honest information about entheogens (including any shortcomings they may have) as part of a concerned effort at HARM REDUCTION for those who may wish to make individual decisions to explore with entheogens.

It should be abundantly clear that anyone who makes the decision to purify an entheogen FOR themselves has made that decision BY themselves--even if they utilize factual, scientific information available here and elsewhere (including published scientific papers).

Finally, I'd like to personally add that, IMO, anyone who grows ANY plant in their homes or gardens is adding to the ecological robustness of the planet, and to the psychological health of civilization--by bringing us closer to our natural "roots."
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Thank you! I feel like this really is the best way to go. Thumbs up
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#7 Posted : 11/2/2012 2:49:42 AM

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good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love all of you!
#8 Posted : 11/2/2012 3:28:40 AM


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thanks Traveler

this is certainly the best direction to be heading
this will bring the focus back to the community we have here , the philosophical debates , the scientific inquiry , Art , Music , Humour ...... that is what i am here for

lately the overabundant posts regarding supplies and suppliers was cramming up everything
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#9 Posted : 11/2/2012 5:28:32 AM

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This is a wonderful idea. It'll really push the people, who want it enough, to begin cultivating themselves.
Ever since I became a full member here, seeing what's going on, I've been keeping myself busy looking for this specific idea. Seeds. What kinds are good where I live. Where in my yard I shall plant these lovely friends of mine. Where to get these seeds. How to help them along in the early stages of life.

A year ago, I would never have thought about growing my own, anything, never mind entheogens. I didn't even really know/understand that word back then.

A year later, my views have changed, quite a bit. Lemme wash all the grime, and rust off of these green thumbs, and see what we can do!

Good choice Trav. Everything you do, you do with love. And that love flows right on back.
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Naww. MJ sandwich is the way to go the first time.
Then next time after the WTFOMG moment, realize your ready to changa things up.

It's more special that way.

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#10 Posted : 11/2/2012 5:48:42 PM

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Good ideaThumbs up
I am completely convinced that there is a wealth of information built into us, with miles of intuitive knowledge tucked away in the genetic material of every one of our cells. Something akin to a library containing uncountable reference volumes, but without any obvious route of entry. And, without some means of access, there is no way to even begin to guess at the extent and quality of what is there. The psychedelic drugs allow exploration of this interior world, and insights into its nature. - Shulgin
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