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#1 Posted : 10/15/2012 7:48:25 PM

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I think, and when i think it i know it, i've never experienced a real breakthrough, i smoke DMT for over 4 years now, not too often, and have been experimenting with high doses a lot, i need large doses and even then i'm lucky i get to the place i always go, some times i felt like going through a wormhole really fast, and also the sound of my surroundings pitches up, but i never get somewhere, i kinda snap out of it and don't recall much later, just the buzzing sound so many people hear when they are about to break through.

More then often i just experience a very intense body high, it happens that it becomes so intense that i feel like fading out, but when i close my eyes it's usually the same visual surrounding, over and over again.Orange, yellow and very thin lined patterns, slowely moving, then later a white surrounding with green squared elements.
I enjoy it a lot, but it's not a breakthrough, and it's definatly just a tiny fraction of what DMT is capable off.

I often felt presences of something, multiple "things", beings maybe, watching me, but it's just a feeling.

I really want to break through so bad, but no matter what i do, it won't work.
Can it be a mental border that i need to cross, maybe i'm protecting, fighting too hard to prevent myself from doing it, i try not to, but i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

Anyone else recognizes my frustrations, or can help me?

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What are you smoking out of and how
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Have you read this? Your problem is exactly why I wrote this sticky. Let me know if you need further explanations but its pretty complete.
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Troubles Breaking Through? Click here.
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More information is needed in order to be able to help you truthfully.

Like what device do you use and how do you use it.

How much DMT do you load? Are you weighing it?

Olymons thread is great and I couldn't recommend it enough. Also have a read through my vaping guide, link in my sig.

I wish you luck, I had the same issue until just recently. I had an accidental breakthrough on a smaller dose than I was planning the breakthrough with.
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I'm sorry for this thread, Olympus' thread is exactly what i needed, i've searched for threads like this, but somehow i didn't notice it.

I do not weigh my doses, my scale does'nt go below 100mg., maybe i should buy a better one, but i dose high, that's for sure, i've seen a lot of people break through, hard, on doses way lower then what i smoke, sometimes i have my VG filled up and my bong (ash layer method) aswell, i first empty the VG, then the bong, and even then i have no real breakthrough, but the body high is sometimes too much, i often felt like fading out, i guess this should the beginning of a breakthrough, but somehow i don't get passed the body high.

There's time's i have amazing visuals on one day, and no visuals on the other while the amount of DMT is the same.For me it's very important to have the right energy when i smoke DMT, when i'm tired i usually know i shouldn't bother 'cause i often have no visuals then, no matter how much i inhale.

I actually bought a VG in the hope i could use less precious DMT, but i need even more, my technique is way off probably, but i've tried more heat, less spice, tried to centre it more, use less bed layering etc.

I'm going to read Olympus' thread first and if i did not manage a breakthrough after that i'll come again, if i do i will open a topic about it and describe what happened, i hope for the latter.

Thanks anyway though! Smile
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I couldn't tell by your OP, but it seemed like you may be keeping your eyes open too long, or open and close them too many times. When you're done taking your last hit, close your eyes, and keep them closed until you're pretty sure nothing else is gonna happen. Every time you open and close your eyes, you can hinder the progress you make in hyperspace. Often times, it's like hitting the reset button, so close those eyes and keep them closed if you're having trouble breaking through, opening your eyes (though not impossible to break through with eyes open) will make it pretty difficult.
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