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#1 Posted : 2/21/2009 5:59:31 AM
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Had a real breakthrough last night. I think i've broken through before, but this was one of a kind. Think i caned through at least half a gram within the space of a few hours.

Will try to put it as briefly & sanely as possible -

Did my first hit in the bath... as recommended. I was in a pretty calm state of mind & instantly transported to the Goddess layer. I find this very different from a lot of the other places. When I talk about Goddess, i'm referring to the entity with manners. She is very subtle & soothing. I find many of the other spirits to be overplayful & sometimes downright rude!

Anyway, I went into the experience praying for love. Which was something she seemed very impressed by & needless to say gave it out in abundance. I always feel when in her presence that she has so much to offer me - but what do I have to offer back. I channeled light at her & almost saw a smile that could make a heart melt. I told her that I was scared of the other entities that i've encountered. They quite often feel threatening & give of very cold vibes. She assured me that she was there for me, whenever I needed her. I almost broke down in tears at this point, the positive vibes, eternal love.

I strongly believe that if you go into the trip with the aim of love, the results can be life changing. Always remember that like sailing stormy seas, you are always the captain. Never let the seas take advantage of you. (sorry i'm almost channeling the messages that she was sending me last night)

Anyway, I had a few good smooth hits in the bath & decided to go lie down in bed & carry on the journey!!!

I rolled a joint up. Packed with DMT, almost like you would with weed. Looking back at the experience, i think at least 100-200 mg must have been in there.

Took a few tokes & I was confronted by a hurd of these "threatening" entities. I think this is the best way to explain it, although I no longer see them as a threat. So I called on the goddess that i'd met earlier. Within moments she was there (time on DMT!!!)

She appeared behind my right shoulder. Almost as if she was watching over me all the time. She always comes across as so calm & polite. Never wanting to impose.

I asked her why I was being punished, why these entities where ridiculing me. Instantly she set a partition off. It was almost like creating another bubble, giving it a seperate place in my brain (to the right, behind me where she was standing)

I followed her into this new space she had created, asking questions on the way. Within moments, I was in her space. The entities around me now where all keeping a polite distance, only approaching when I felt easy. They where friendly & I (with the guidance of the goddess) began chaneling light at them. They where chaneling light back. When I say chanelling light (in bad spelling) it was communication. But on a DMT level. I'm sure most of you will know what i'm talking about Very happy

Anyway I began asking questions. I asked her why these other entities who i'd met earlier where so rude & obviously disregarding my feelings completely. She told me that they where not yet as advanced on the spiritual path as us.

Later on in the trip, I encountered a few of these entities again although not so rude as before. I asked them if they would give me the chance to make them feel good. Some ridiculed me, the Goddess told me to ignore them - they will learn.

Others lit up. They seemed taken back by my gesture. It almost fealt like I was leading people from hell to heaven. And it fealt good. The Goddess was proud, I could tell. I think she is very proud of me - and the approach I have taken to things. It seems I asked the right questions at the right times. Maybe it was just that I was focussing on love... healing.

Entities that dont understand love seem to dissapear when this is channeled. Almost like vampires, immune to the light. I think we have a lot to learn from folk law, metaphorically.

I'd also like to add that this trip report is a fictional story in a way. Thers no way of expressing profound experiences without using metephores.

One of the entities I converesd with seemed midly offended that I kept offering to the Goddess. He had a kind, wise vibe about him & I understood what he said. God is neither male nor female. It is "the light" however our minds express it.

Also I would like to add that i'm a firm believer this is in our mind, just as much as being "out of our mind". We are one with the universe, we are all part of God.

Its interesting to note that God, sounds very similar to Good. And in a similar way the devil to "evil".

I was watching a fascinating documentary earlier about the egyption philosophy & how it releats to DMT. If it does prove to be true that DMT is released through the pineal gland, then this has very close associations with egyption beliefs. They belived the pineal gland to be the third eye. There has also been strong speculations made that they believed it to be the doorway from life to death & likewise.

Unlike Christian religion, they did not believe in heaven & hell as such. For them, harmful species would simply sease to exist. The Good species would eventually end up in a Nirvana, free of harmful forces. This appears to be much more of a scientific way of looking at things, from a more grounded level.

Mother nature has kept us alive for all these years. And we are advancing. Only a few years ago, blacks where sold as slaves. Children where sent off to work in cole mines, before they knew how to walk.

The world is advancing. Maybe this is what the Goddess meant when she said, those spirits where not yet that advanced. On a large scale we are all heading in the same direction.

This however poses another philosophical question. Why whernt we given Nirvana in the first place. Wouldnt it save all this hassle.

I think thats a question that will only be answered when we get there. No drug on earth can help us understand the true workings of God.

Its all good saying one cannot exist without the other, but understanding it is a different matter.

Why do we watch horror films? Would a love story be the same if they kissed, got married & lived happily ever after all on the first page?

Hope this (rather longwinded report) is semi-digestable. In a way i'm trying to channel some of the learnings that ive bought back with me from the last few experiences.

Its a teaching in Buddhism, that the meditator must always come back to earth. But teaching what he has learned can be much more of a challenge. There simply isn't the means to express it, other than using loosely translated metephores (i'm sure this will make sense to most of you)

We will all rise. But we must rise together. Its the act of being together - that is the rising.

Smiles to all Smile


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This kinda report deserves a reply Very happy

That must have been very cool indeed! Now you have someone who can bale you out of any hyperspace troubles at any time...nice

I've not met 'God' yet on DMT, but have on a very strong dose of K. I was judged and considered ok so that’s cool with me and now I have no fear...just respect.

Safe Travels Smile
acolon_5 wrote:
Welcome to club hypersex.

I've been there is amazing.

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yes, thank you for sharing.
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i like this.

Advertising is tax deductible, so we all pay for the privilege of being manipulated and controlled.
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The proper term is "taken aback" but yeah good report. I've seen the goddess as well, she was made of smooth red energy and seemed to be bald or have dreadlocks and was massaging my scalp with her fingers and fingernails on my first trip.

I could tell she was barely smiling and I didn't know what that was about until I read your post, it was politeness, not trying to scare me and calm me down lol.
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" - Sir Isaac Newton

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
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thepureskunk wrote:
This kinda report deserves a reply Very happy

That must have been very cool indeed! Now you have someone who can bale you out of any hyperspace troubles at any time...nice

I've not met 'God' yet on DMT, but have on a very strong dose of K. I was judged and considered ok so that’s cool with me and now I have no fear...just respect.

Safe Travels Smile

Thanks Smile))

thepureskunk wrote:
Now you have someone who can bale you out of any hyperspace troubles at any time...nice

I wish it was that easy mate. Set & Setting play a huge part for me.
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"It almost fealt like I was leading people from hell to heaven."

Yes - I don't mean to jump all over your vison, but I have 'watched' exactly that ... the total transforming of the devil's best efforts with one 'forgiveness' ! Hah " have love" ! and you watch 'them' morph' away with one heart-shake, from somewhere your hyperspace eyes can see them, so you can beam them the compassion that'll shrink the lowly back !

On a tangent - since I've seen the devil try, I wonder - Is it possible that by beaming the devil's best efforts with love we release some of the 'spirits' for their upward journey..? As if when you offer a flood of love, you 'scare' some away but exhalt some others, and then these 'drag you' up with them ..!?...

... this is where I could re-tell my "star child' story... when I went as high as the 'ufo' ... in a love-beam-abduction ... shortly after the scared part of me saw twistedness like the devil, I went to 'heaven'/ufo with a flock of spirits !.

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