Increase Mescaline Content: Cacti Chemical Supplementing Options
#21 Posted : 10/26/2020 6:00:45 PM

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downwardsfromzero wrote:
Surely freezing would release all the enzymes that happened to be present at the time? How would you guarantee that Tyr hydroxylase and COMT would get a look in? If, through a stroke of luck, freezing temperatures prove to be a trigger for gene expression of the target enzymes this could then be a winner.

Considering the way the CAM metabolism works - the cacti absorb CO2 at night to form malic acid and, it is claimed, the pH balance is maintained through the formation of alkaloids - it appears that darkness would have a particular set of triggering effects on gene expression. It would be worth checking to see whether any studies exist on the effect of low temperatures on gene expression in mescaline-producing cacti. This could inform any decisions made on the rate and degree of cooling used during a nutritionally supplemented cactus freezing experiment.

If this is true, darkness and higher CO2 would be something to experiment with. Or maybe using pure malic acid diluted in water to cause the cactus to create its own buffers (alkaloids).
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