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Hello,I'm new to this forum and ID like to introduce myself. my name is Dee, I am 25 years young and I love nature and hiking. I have much experience in the psychedelic world and I always had a strong respect for them.I haven't crossed paths with DMT yet though...and it is now my time to experience the world of DMT. AFOAF is very excited to make DMT for the first time. Right now all she has is 100 Grams of mimosa hostilis. Is that enough for an extraction or should she wait to get more? If not much too knowledge is known about chemistry, what method should be used for extraction? She figured a simple STB extraction might be good to learn withSmile So her and I am very excited. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thank you

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Thats plenty. SWIY could even do two 50 gram extracts if one wanted to practice. STB is good for starters. and Welcome!
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There is a lot of good info here on STB's and Acid/Base extractions.

I know almost nothing about chemistry and started with an A/B extraction. It really sounds complicated until you sit down and realize:

cook 3 hours, remove water/vinegar, add water+vinegar again
repeat for a total of 3 cooks
Add base until very black
add naphtha
remove naphtha
put in freezer.

That's it!

Granted it is a little more involved than that but really it is very simple.

STB's are even simpler, but you may want to do a little research on recrystalization (which honestly is not hard either) as STB crystals can be a tad harsh.

100g is more than enough for a STB. Just remember to use lots of water and a small amount of naphtha (like 100mL pulls).

I'm glad you are learning to extract your own. There is something very rewarding when you are looking a crystals that you extracted from a plant.
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Yo DMT Gnome, what's poppin'?

"She figured a simple STB extraction might be good to learn with" ---> yes.

Welcome Very happy
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Welcome DMT Gnome!! Smile Great site, great/knowledgeable people also. Yes STB seems to be easier from what everyone has been saying. But they all boil down to what alcon_5 said. Those are the bread and butter of the extractions. A/B and STB are two very simple extracts. SWIM is actually in the process of doing an a/b. And knowing everything about the a/b..SWIM is still asking questions lol
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