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09.08. big edit

Hello Nexus!
I have tried All-In-One Cubensis Growkits, changing to Substrate Inoculation, trying Amazonas, Golden Teacher and Mexican. Amazonas was my last grow, it tends to an emotional, top-heavy (translator spitted this out, dont know if its right) trip, wich i did not like so much. Alltough it also made me laugh so hard i cried my eyes out, so all in all ok. Now I want to grow - if possible - exotic Psilocybe-species that one can grow indoor. For that I searched the Net and Spore distributors to distinguish the available and common Species. I will update this List with useful Information I find or you post.

Psilocybe Cubensis (Thai, Hawaii, Mexican, Equadorian, Cambodian, A+, B+, Z-Strain etc.)

All Cubensis Subspecies grow under the same conditions and all contain roughly the same amount of Psilocybin/Psilocin (~0,7-1,0% of dry material). Cubensis are the easiest to-cultivate mushrooms. My preferred Technique works with pre-sterilized Rye for Mycelium Growth. I inoculate with a disinfected Spore Syringe. After shaking the Bag gently to spread the spores I've putted it in the desired conditions (dark and around 25+°C, indirect heating through heating mat) and wait 2-3 Weeks. The colonized Substrate is being tranfered to 1200ml containers on top of Perlite. On top of the Mycelium you put 1-2cm of moist Vermiculite, put the cap on on the box and put it back to the conditions from before. Max two weeks later you can see the Mycelium grew through the vermiculite, then you can put the boxes into Autoclave Filter-bags. The first Shrooms will need a little over two weeks, then every flush takes approx. 10 days. Per Box and Flush i got about 10-15g fresh shrooms and around 7 Flushes. Drying took place in the dark chamber on a few pieces of paper with light ventilation. This Tek is imo as easy as it gets. Look for a shop that has reasonable prices for -Filter Bags -Containers and -sterilized Rye or other sterilized Substrate. If you clean the Bags and Boxes after they are done you can use them several times, Boxes forever. I'm planing on making a Picturial the next time i grow (Pan Cyan)

Panaeolus or Copelandia Cyanescens

...and its relatives Cambodginiensis and Tropicalis (Synonymes: Cyanescens:'Hawaii,Jamaica'; Cambodginiensis:'Goliath'Pleased
Panaeolus / Copelandia Cultivation is simillar to that of Cubensis, with a few important differences. Palaeolus are Dunglovers, grow on Straw and have a high Alkaloid-content. This Species is my next goal. They need Dung and Straw mixed within their substrate and as a casing layer vermiculit (there are other methods of course).

Psilocybe Mexicana

...and its relatives Tampanensis, Atlantis and Galindoi (below)

form Sclerotia (Truffles) their Mycelium if being put in the right conditions. It is a hardened Form of Mycelium that contains up to 0,7% of Psilocybin/-cin. Still those Species also grow normal Fruitbodies if put in fruiting conditions. They were known as Philosophers Stones. I haven't yet cultivated them nor further researched them but some friends like this species alot because of its taste, wich some find more pleasant than Cubensis. Their Trip is differently coloured! There are Sclerotia Growkits available.
(Synonymes: Mexicana 'Jalisco'; Tampanensis 'Pollock'Pleased

Psilocybe Azurescens

and Cyanescens

...are Woodlovers and suitable for Outdooor Cultivation only, though indoor cultivation might be possible [wiki, 1]. It needs a bed of Woodchips and a cold shock to fruit. Those two Species have the highest Psilocybin Count in the Mushroom World, so it might be worth a try to grow them somewhere outside...

other Psilocybe's
Ovoideocystidiata (Woodlovers, maybe suitable for Indoor-Cultivation)





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from this Thread I took the following Climate Condition Summary:
workman wrote:
"Order of indoor cultivation ease (1=easiest).
1. Tropical/subtropical dung lovers: This makes sense since dung is quickly degraded and these species can't be very choosy about when to fruit. (cubensis, panaeolus species).
2. Tropical/subtropical grassland species: The tropics don't have sharply defined seasons so when its wet enough, these species fruit. (mexicana, tampanensis, atlantis, samuensis, antioquensis, etc)
3. Temperate dung lovers: About the same as the tropical grassland species, but require lower temperates. (hispanica, venenata)
4. All climates woodlovers, trees and logs: Not the stuff on the ground in chips and twigs. Oysters, Reishi, Gymnopilus all fruit pretty easily on sterile substrates. The temperate species require cooler temperatures, but otherwise are just as easy to grow as the more tropical species.
5. Temperate woodlovers: These species prefer small wood with contact with soil. These are pretty hard to fruit but the mycelium is very robust and contamination resistant. You need good climate control, patience and most prefer an unsterile casing or at least some exposure to soil organisms. Most also seem to need a dormancy period before they will fruit, a likely adaptation to a seasonal cycle. (azurescens, cyanescens and allies, arcana is the only one I have observed that will fruit on sterile substrates after a long dormancy period)
6. Temperate grassland: The most difficult species to grow. They have all the difficulties of the Temperate woodlovers but the mycelium is very fragile and prone to contamination. (semilanceata, stuntzii etc.)

Panaeolus Teks:
Shroomery: How to cultivate...
Shroomery: Panaeolus Cultivation
Mushplanet: Panaeolus Tek

Azurescens Teks:
Funghi-Fun: Azurescens Outdoor Cultivation Tutorial
Mushplanet: Azurescens Outdoor Tut 2
Also very informative: Mycotopia: "Woodlovers Indoor?"[1]
Shroomery: Indoor Woodlovers

Erowid: Table with comparison of Alkaloid Content of Psilocybe Species *a bit outdated*

Wiki: Panaeolus, Pan Cyan, P. Azur/Cyan
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Bud Shizzler wrote:

-Is Copelandia Cyanescens = Psilocybe Cyanescens,

Psilocybe cyanescens are cold weather wood lovers.
Panaeolus cyanescens (also known as copelandia) are warm dung lovers, also grow well on straw.

You should just buy a copy of this book, it'll save you the time.

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I'm trying to collect most Information in least Space, not everyone want's to digg as deep into the subject as this book for example, also it costs 20 Bucks. Also, if one wants to cultivate Shrooms, he must orientate after the market in the way that he has to use the commercialy available Strains. But with so much money made with these AIO-Packs, it's meant as a list of Species that are not available as such still one can obtain them easily. I realize that all non Cubensis Species are much harder to cultivate/outdoor-strains. I want to collect all necessary information for this here, it would be nice not to critizise but to contribute. So do you know if all Pan Strains are Woodlovers?

edit: please keep in mind that i update the first two Posts with Information I obtain in your Posts!
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Bud Shizzler wrote:

-Are all Panaeolus Strains Tropiccal Dunglovers?
-Is Copelandia Cyanescens = Psilocybe Cyanescens, so there are only two Cyans: Cope/Psil Cyan and Pan Cyan???

1) Wikipedia on the genus Panaeolus: "These fungi are mostly dung and grassland species, some of which are quite common in Europe and North America." They're saprophytes...the specific substrate they prefer will depend on the species you are talking about.

2) Copelandia cyanescens = Panaeolus cyanescens. There are other mycological epithets that contain the species name "cyanescens" but I do not believe they contain psilocybin/psilocin or are otherwise psychoactive. So Panaeolus cyanescens/Copelandia cyanescens are distinct from Psilocybe cyanescens, which both vary drastically from other cyanescens spp.
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Think of it this way, if cubensis=beer than pan cyan=hard liquoir

Panaeolus strains are indeed tropical and dungloving. You must use poo or worm castings, i havent tried straw and i wouldnt.

I have much experience with growing panaeolus cyanescens, and copelandia cyanescens, which seem to be the same thing. and they are indeed an order of magnitude more potent that any cubensis species, and even much stronger than the famous psilocybe cyanescens and azurescens (wood loving species)

Its by far the most potent psilocybin mushroom we know of yet, and the experience it provides for me is very clean and mystical, very visual and dmt like.

and the ideal growth conditions for them are much more hot/tropical. i believe there is a species of panoleus cyan native to florida though, but the common mushrooms in europe are , not pans cyan, but other panoleaus.

There are a few strains of pan, that contain psilocybin, but in less quantities than cubensis, and they are considered weed mushrooms that can pop up in any culture at random, even when seemingly no spores are introduced. These are very similiar to many lawn mushrooms, little skinny guys.

They require similiar growth conditions to cubensis, the main difference being a casing layer is required instead of optional. They tend to like heat and humidity more than cubes, and also i find i have much higher sucess rate if i put the end substrate in jars to begin with, and innoculate it with the spores right off the bat.

1 gram of pan cyan is easily equal to 5 grams cubensis, this is no joke

They are often confused with psilocybe cyanescens and azurescnes, but they couldnt be more different. afaik, the only way to get a good source of psilo cyan is to live in the right area and find or start a patch, because indoor cultivation is doomed to fail.

Psilo cyan is supposed to be about two times the potency of psilo cubensis. I havent done them, i have heard the trip is more robust and visual than cubensis, but many accounts say they have similiar potency to cubes.

All this said, theres nothing wrong with cubensis, they are beautiful and amazing, i think you would be making a mistake if you ommited them from your list for cultivation. I love the cube strains Wollongong, Pesa, and SA. Wollys being the favorite

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Welcome! Perhaps the Shroomery is a more fitting place to seek the info you desire. I don't mean that you're not welcome, just that that site has an AMAZING amount of resources on mushroom growing. Good luck. Smile
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shamelessly bumping my own thread for stickiness, i've worked hard on it this time
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Thanks for the bump, I didn't saw this one before.

Great work mate !
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