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They never got in, swim's foaf swears that the mushrooms + rue told him exactly what to do and when, as if every action... from denying the police entry to finding that very last capsule behind the dresser he lost months ago... was guided by a higher force. Listening to that higher force is the only reason he escaped with his life and liberty.

That higher voice shouts loudly, DO NOT SELL SPICE. Trading and giving are fine tho, getting it out there is important I agree... but there are better ways than selling the sacrament.
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Heretic wrote:
mushrooms + rue told him exactly what to do and when ... finding that very last capsule behind the dresser he lost months ago.

Hehe, a few months ago a dose of bufo did something similar to me, not under such extreme circumstances fortunately though!
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..bumped this thread as i hadn't read this interesting ethical discussion before..
personally i feel that treating it as a commodity undermines it's true value and potential...

Edit: now i've read the whole thing, i single out these two quotes (& there's some great quotes back there!)
ohayoco wrote:
The best way to combat the profiteers (and therefore also the attention of the authorities) is to undermine their market by telling everyone who ever mentions DMT about how they can make it themselves for only 15% of the street price with the help of the Nexus.

the Traveler wrote:
Great post ohayoco.

Sharing knowledge is indeed our best weapon against those poor greedy fools.
..well said, ohayoco & Traveler...
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Thank you for bumping this nen888, I hope that sharing the knowledge about how to extract your own DMT really makes a difference.

To the other people who strangely thought that they should ignore this post and the attitude page and suddenly started talking about buying/selling and prices of DMT: dmtk2852, smokerx and Purges were all suspended for a week for this!

I cannot believe that I make a thread WHY we should not talk about buying/selling ([IMPORTANT] No buying/selling, why?) and suddenly people feel they are allowed to talk in this thead about buying/selling and prices. Rolling eyes

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You definitely shouldn't sell the sacrament, take it from Someone who knows its power and what it can do.

So, after becoming more and more obsessed with the molecule Someone realized the potential to make some money. People wanted the spirits and Someone had them...seemed innocent enough at first.
Then a festival came up and really got the ball rolling. Several ball games were unloaded at this festival by Someone, friends were made, and a lot of weird money came in.

The reason you don't want to sell is because you will get everything you want, then it will eat you. Someone used the spirits to 'get ahead' selfishly and showed others how to use its power too, not even just for material gain. Very, very few are really responsible with this stuff though.

They speak very loudly, but you have to listen. Although, Someone doesn't have quite the material gain once had, some things are more important and harmony is much more easily achieved through ones' ideals than most think.

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