Do you still feel like your dieing during a breakthrough? Options
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After multiple breakthroughs does the feeling of dieing disappear completely or does it just become easier and less traumatic?

I ask because the first few times for me was horrifying and the last few I can't remember
dying at all,but I still have the very real feeling of being dead.

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For me its more like one part of me dying and another part blooming, but it can be like a total death as well although i mostly experience that during aya/pharma, not so much smoked dmt. But yea sometimes hyperspace really does seem like some eternal realm of dead spirits

The transition can get easier over time as you become more accustomed to it.. but its never not going to be mind blowing and very very intense. The longer i go without doing it, the harder it is and and the more fearful i am upon re-entering
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Yes it has for me, I've lost all fears and thoughts of death before breaking through. Than again I don't really perceive it as a spirit world more so a combination of every theory shared about hyperspace. That is exactly what it is hyperspace. Also the only reason I feel safe taking off is it almost feels as if something/s are guiding me. In a way I feel the safest I've ever felt in hyperspace.
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When I was more of a novice to the molecule I swore I had died several times and thus was scared to tears a few times. Having used it more over the years I accept it more and if I use it often enough ( once or twice a week,) I seem to be able to stay in the "mode" of entering with joy rather than fear. I guess that because of using it so many times, I've gotten to the point now that I have no fear that it can kill me so I'm well past that.
Many times I am so far gone that I totally lose my self. Usually I can still feel or hear myself breathing and that is assuring, but I've had times where I couldn't find my self at all. I guess if fear is attached to this, then it can very much seem that if there is no more self, no more body, it is death, but only fear would bring you to that conclusion I think.

BTW, if you look at your avatar a lot, those kind of pictures can put recurring images in your head, much like the song that you can't seem to get out of your head some days.

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Not dieing , just a new and super alien way to be . Closer to an abduction than a death. Difficult to adjust to. I,ve been getting better with practice.
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I cannot say i felt like i was dying my first time smoking DMT, it was extremely alarming and felt like something was happening, i was very afraid on the edge of a cliff it seemed about to fall.
It was totally overwhelming, a connection was made, maybe what being face to face with a black hole is.
I do not think i thought i was dying? but it was as scary, something felt not right, alarm.

I did not break through on DMT till i had smoked it for 4 or 5 years, i did not know one could break through in the beginning,
When i break through it is only scary the first few seconds then i am striding the universe, diamond cutter.
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#7 Posted : 5/8/2012 2:55:12 AM
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I compare it to dying because my first couple breakthroughs I fought alot. The first one it felt like I just couldnt breathe anymore and I would see a bright light and this looped several times until I realized I died.

The second time I was convinced I had poisoned myself and really panicked and fought it alot that time as well.

Before this I had one brief OBE on lsd years ago.I just didnt understand what an ego really was and that it could die like that.I think I will always consider hyperspace as the afterlife at least while im there anyway.

But sitting here typing this sober I can only imagine the afterlife is even stranger than anything DMT can produce.
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Yes, this happens to me every time for at least a moment or two...I call it the fight or flight response. Generally when this happens to me, the DMT Aliens attempt to calm me down by making fun of me a bit,

It never gets less scary, I just become more and more trusting of the DMT entities, that they are not going to snuff me out like a candle.

I personally subscribe to the theory that the DMT "fear factor" has a lot to do with whether or not you were born by C-section or live birth. I was a C-section birth so I was sort of denied my "birth rite" of endogenous DMT release.

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Early on in my DMT experiences, upon loading the largest dose I've smoked to date with 60mg in the GVG and taking my hits, I had this sense of "impending doom". I didn't really view it in terms of dying because the rational part of me that was still left knew that DMT could not kill you. But nevertheless, the sensation scared the hell out of me, and I became too scared to close my eyes. If I had closed my eyes, it probably would have been my first breakthrough, but I didn't...but it was beautiful anyway, and ultimately nothing bad ended up happening which I took note of.

So a couple months later I took 4 hits out of the GVG (my vaping technique was pretty poor at the time, but 4 hits was more than usual even for me). I once again had this sense of impending doom. It's the kind of feeling and intensity lingering in the air where the lamp is whispering to the cable box, "he's really done it this time. he's really f*$#@ed now." It's sort of like the feeling that a nuclear bomb is going off and the whole world is coming to an end. Luckily, I didn't let fear and poor memory get the better of me. I thought to myself, "well, this has happened before, and when it happened last time, nothing really bad happened, so nothing bad will probably happen now," and so with that thought, I took a fifth hit (I don't know how it's possible either, never done it before or since) and my surroundings and reality were going so overboard, they didn't even know how to react or behave. I sat back, closed my eyes, and had my first sublime breakthrough. It was everything I could have hoped for and more.

Fast-forward to this past Christmas. I loaded up and vaped 15mg harmine followed immediately by 15mg DMT. Upon holding in my single hit of DMT, I got that familiar and now welcome feeling of impending doom (or dying as so many of you like to put it). Recalling my success from pushing the boundaries at this stage in the game from the past, I took another hit, ignoring the alarming tension in the air. I sat back and closed my eyes as one holographic scene after another layered themselves on top of one another so that each scene was unique yet contributing to the larger whole at the same time. There were many Egyptian holograms, and I recall seeing the face of the Sphinx in the last scene when all of a sudden white began ballooning out of it all. I ended up concluding that with all these holographic scenes or "dimensions" layered one on top of the other that eventually all the colors of the spectrum began to be present on top of each other such that there was a sort of "reverse Zeeman effect" causing white to appear (being the culmination of all other light frequencies). As the white began appearing, time went from hyper fast to being non-existent almost entirely. This grand, over-joyous, loving white entity came out of the middle of what was now a completely white scene with the absolute euphoria that accompanies a white light encounter with the godhead.

Now this sense of impending doom is not a frequent phenomena for me, but when I see the warning signs in the air, instead of reacting with fear, curling up in a ball and trying to abort or back down or something of the sort, I welcome it wholeheartedly. My body may be going through a fight or flight fear response, but my mind reassures me that everything is perfect, and the stage has been set for what's about to be with no doubt, a very special experience. If you feel like you're dying, and you can just throw everything to the wind, fantastic things can happen (only on DMT Wink ).
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I like the impeding doom term better than my dying one,I will try to start using that.SmileI have recently changed a few of my methods regarding trip preparation and fear management and so far I have been having mostly pleasant experiences.

My last two I have viewed them as a science experiment and just observe and try to remember, no matter how odd things get.It has really helped to look at things objectively.
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Yeah when i have a smoke and do not breakthrough straight away and am on edge with the DMT blowing its vibrations blowing me up like a balloon, but do not breakthrough, it is like yeah a sense of doom.

But it is also like the DMT is trying to signal me to relax, its ok relax relax.
It is pending Doom, but also a SHHHHHHHH its ok its ok, just be, its just, oh its.....
"Given enough Time even Hydrogen starts to wonder where it came from, and where it is going"
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