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Hello and welcome to the transdermal DMT thread!

I am starting this thread because I have experienced transdermal DMT to be active before and I think we need to experiment more and get some proper data.

Just a quick background, the first time I noticed any effects was when I rubbed my finger all over a pyrex dish I scraped DMT up with and rubbed it into my index finger. My finger then felt like it was glowing, as if I had poked it through hyperspace. It was the strangest feeling, and purely topical. No effects were noted on the rest of my body and mind at the time.

Then a couple years later I messily spilled DMT saturated limonene on my skin and it was very active just like oral DMT in intensity and effects, no harmalas were needed. Please note that limonene is bad for your skin, so don't try that!

So today I dissolved ~1 gram of N,N-DMT in 30ml of coconut oil. I will attach some pictures of the process. I added the DMT to warm coconut oil and stirred with a chop stick until it reached saturation and would no longer dissolve. Then I stuck it in the fridge to cool. The color of it compared to normal coconut oil indicated that the freebase dissolved and is mixed throughout evenly, except for a tiny bit that didn't dissolve that is crashed out at the bottom of the shot glass.

My plan is to apply 5 ml of coconut oil to my arms later tonight after not having ingested harmala alkaloids for at least 12 hours completely sober. This equates to about 166mg of DMT that will be applied. If effects aren't noted, I will double the dose tomorrow and use a bit of ethanol combined with the coconut oil to aid in passing through my skin.

It could be possible that skin types are a factor in this, so for the record, I have "oily skin."

Feel free to experiment and post your results in this thread. If this works out like I think it will, then we have DMT massage oil!

2014EDIT: I have realized over time that shea butter would be better than coconut oil for this purpose due to how it absorbs more readily. EToH / Iso would not be needed for my skin type.
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Okay Boss,

Be sure to tell us folks about your "unauthorized research." If not for that bromo-LSD would never have been developed.

Peace & Love
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This is exciting!! Never thought of DMT and this route of administration before, I am looking forward to hear about your night.
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Thumbs up Sounds fascinating Pleased
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This sounds exciting, if this ROA works, then the massage spice will be !!
Happy ointment House !
Smell like tea n,n spirit !

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really interesting for sure thanks House to share, please let us know how it goes. I'd be into spiced massages...
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house, you are a f'n boss; thanks for risking a whole gram of spice for the knowledge of others! (as you know) let us know how it goes. a similar harmala lotion thread needs to exist (if it doesn't already)
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absolutely incredible.
best of luck and i cant wait to see how this turns out! Very happy

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your going to want to put it on your pulse up a bit on people who use tropane "flying ointments" and how they apply them...bottom of the feet there is a main pulse point I think as well as some other areas where these things should be more readily absorbed..Some DMSO might help as well.
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If it works, it would make an excellent additive for the Trans-dermal Cannabis "Annointing oil" recipe given in the book of Exodus where the word Cannabis has been famously mistranslated as "calamus".

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..thanks for your report so far House,
oil of wintergreen kinda worked once for me (led to strong buzz, followed by absolutely lucid dmt-in-dream experience), just be careful where you rub it!

also, derivatives of Nitrogen Mustards (used in Chinese medicine) are available for transdermal application of medications..

purified oil of garlic (odorless) can also to an extent carry compounds through the skin..

good luck with your experiments..!
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Good luck Very happy
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@ 10 PM - 5 ml DMT saturated coconut oil applied transdermally to neck, temples, wrists, feet and hands. A small bit remained and was rubbed onto my chest and arm pits. The first thing I notice is the aroma. Incredible. I smell like hyperspace. I would swoon anybody who was wearing this, it's STRONG. I laid down and meditated.

@ 11 PM - After meditating for an hour I check the areas of application and notice still a strong spice aroma and oil that hasn't absorbed. I used a bit of ethanol in my hand to rub it into the areas of application and almost immediately I noticed the areas dry up and the aroma disppapear. By this time I am noticing slight tracers, a bit off fuzzy vision, and mood enhancement. I did not feel any discomfort from the DMT on my skin at all.

@ 12 AM - By now there's definite tracers, the corner of the wall looks slightly rounded, and I am experiencing a mental clarity that I do not normally posess. I spent a good amount of time tuning into my muscles and did some self massage on my neck and shoulders, having minor insights into a few things in my life. This feels akin to a low dose of insufflated N,N-DMT without the sinus damage. Mydriasis is only very slight. My solar plexus feels "full", hard to explain, but definitely an effect from the DMT. Neuroelectric ringing (carrier wave) is only slightly amplified, nothing extreme. I just got the DMT munchies, and the effects are still persistent, it's quite nice.

@ 12:30 AM - Effects are still persistent. My temples are glowing, this feels wonderful. Solar plexus keeps getting rushes of intense bliss.

@ 2 AM - Baseline


This was probably only 1/2 as strong as the time I spilled DMT saturated limonene on my skin. I assume it is dose related but can not say for sure at this time. DMT is such a humbling and content feeling at this dose. I also think that if you were to massage somebody with this amount that they would both enjoy the aroma and the effects it has on both muscles and consciousness, I feel extremely relaxed right now.


Tomorrow, for the sake of any tolerance present at this time, I will apply 2x the amount (10 ml) with ethanol at first and compare the results.


- You could also eat some ayahuasca pancakes with the DMT saturated coconut oil, or use it for baking.
- I wonder if this could be used rectally? People report freebase burning, but coconut oil may convert it to an acid, I have no idea.


Staresatwalls - A couple years ago I rubbed harmalas into my face with my girlfriend under blacklight and it was pretty fun and cool looking. The next day I noticed slight pain in the area and definite skin irritation (she didn't). A week later even after intense washing I still had harmalas in my pores that would glow under UV. I am not going to pick up the torch for transdermal harmala application, someone else will have to do that, but it could be done and would make a lot of fun for a party that has a black light for example.
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..thanks, interesting House..getting somewhere step by step..keep the reports comin..Smile

1 quick question..what did the limonene do to your skin?

& forgot to mention: 'flying ointments' (the witch's kind) are often meant to be applied prior to sleep, the experience unfolding with the dream-architecture..

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When I spilled saturated limonene all over my hands and arms I didn't realize at the time it's bad for the skin, this was something people told me later on when I began talking about it and people didn't believe me or that it was possible, that's why I make the warning every time that I mention it. It did feel a little dry, but that's about it. No rashes or anything.

As for the coconut oil and ethanol it just absorbs fine seems pretty healthy for the skin afaik.

Maybe I will try my next experiment before sleep. My sleep schedule is currently off so this was conducted a few hours after waking up.

Experiment 2 coming soon.. I will also edit the last post with the time when I baseline, which hasn't happened yet.
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Getting dlimonine on my skin makes me welt like vinegar does
im a ph basic person (i cant be in the same room when someone eats salt and vinegar chips, its too offensive)
lye doesnt seem to have any effect on my skin yet even the vapour of an acid is enough to make my skin react
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Update: I won't be able to test again tonight. The trip relaxed me so hard that I got the the best sleep I have had in over two weeks and have felt quite pleasantly lethargic all day. Besides, I already know this works. Other people are going to have to experiment if they want to. Cheers ya'll! Thumbs up
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Brilliant ! thanks for opening the door.
Smell like tea n,n spirit !

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fark-yeah house! This is a pretty sweet idea. I wonder if DMSO would be a better options and to have harmala beforehand would definitely make it more effective. I wonder if a full topical breakthrough is possible....!! More tests definitely needed! *Highfive!* Stop
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Does anyone know how nicotine patches work?...cos they definitely get the actives into the bloodstream.
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