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Iboga disappearing from the wild in Gabon Options
#41 Posted : 11/13/2016 11:47:37 PM

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dragonrider & peeps, this should be of interest regarding Voacanga africana extraction and ibogaine production, from some of my email exchange with ibogaine expert Dr Chris Jenks.

"In my own studies, acetic acid doesn't remove alkaloids from root bark as fast as dilute HCl does, but I don't know if that matters in extracting alkaloids from solvent. Actually, based on my recent work with Voacanga, I would expect acetic acid to be most likely to leave behind voacangine in the limonene extract because that is the least basic alkaloid. That's not a bad thing since voacangine seems to only cause stomach aches.

You can extract powdered Voacanga bark with a non-polar solvent and remove most of the more basic alkaloids with weak acid like dilute acetic acid, then remove the weak bases like voacangine with a strong acid like HCl. Bob Sisko uses toluene for the initial extraction of root bark, showing that this is feasible. However, on the scale needed to make a difference in the market it would be much more economical to extract the bark with strong dilute acid and recover them by precipitation with base - or make the extract less acidic and extract out voacangine directly. The only other thing I would like to emphasize, although it is covered in the above presentation, is that these extractions need to be repeated to be efficient, just as the extraction of iboga bark with dilute acid is best repeated at least six times."

...so selective use of solvents may produce a cleaner alkaloid profile from the Voacanga.

A link here (which needs updating), but it might be worth contacting Chris about this:


There will definitely be some visionary overlap between high dose harmaline and ibogaine...the former in some sense may be more user friendly and less time demanding, but one highly experienced iboga practitioner (who introduced me to it), described a hangover lasting days after experimenting with really high doses of harmaline. Ibogaine can produce a hangover before one managed to fall asleep, but post sleep for many there is a noticeable (and prolonged) afterglow (although I did not experience this after experiencing pure ibogaine, only TA and root bark). Both substances have the potential for neurotoxicity, but in ibogaine's case, the dosage levels required for this would likely already be causing some pretty hefty physiological toxicity issues anyway...I'm not sure at what dosages harmaline would start to become neurotoxic.

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#42 Posted : 11/14/2016 11:28:31 AM
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So how hard to grow are we talking? I live in (want to say) zone 7...? Georgia wherever that is. I'm a noob grower and can barely keep my kratom alive but i'm into the challenge. I have some basic LOA grow lights inside, nothing fancy since i'll be moving out of this house in six months. Think it's doable? Can live plants be ordered? Or only seeds? I have no interest in using ibogaine for a long time if ever (health concerns), but i can absolutely not tolerate the decline of herbalism from unscrupulous behaviors. If i can get some seeds/live plants i would love to do what i can. This is truly sad to hear.
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#43 Posted : 12/14/2016 12:30:29 AM

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iboga is a banned plant in the USA, its pretty hard to find a plant. Good seed is tough to come by too. Im in Z10a, they seem to love it here. Individual climates and ecologies may differ. They are from equatorial Africa, so you can guess what they like. Razz
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#44 Posted : 7/5/2022 5:17:29 AM
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I see that seeds are being sold for terribly high prices on the internet. I would love to get involved in growing iboga in the Amazon jungle, if I was able to obtain the seeds at a good price, I would start a campaign here.
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