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Mescaline extraction and cactus yields.... Options
#21 Posted : 5/20/2012 12:30:42 AM
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jdf121 wrote:
So is the NP cloudyness you guys are speaking of before, after, or during salting? My NP is clear when put in the sep funnel, but becomes cloudy when the dilute HCL is added and mixed. The NP stays cloudy until it is put into jars and sits for a few days. Is this indicative of Calcium Chloride formation? Or does NP cloudyness only matter if it is before salting? (Ie. is the NP suppose to be cloudy before the salting?)

he means before salting

as for salt contamination, yes it can happen and

a basic flame test for sodium is easy to perform as is the taste test and bioassay
(500mg of pure mescaline is a generous dose for most)

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#22 Posted : 5/19/2013 11:12:24 PM

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A year necro to the date! Cool!

Calcium Chloride is soluble in anhydrous acetone, while Mescaline HCL is not. Wash with anhydrous acetone to remove the CaCL2.

"Easily soluble in cold water, hot water, acetone. Freely soluble in alcohol. Soluble in Acetic Acid"

I first realized these chloride salt problems when extracting harmalas. My end product looked very odd to me, which I concluded was excess table salt. For hamalas I would extract using HCL and water, then basify with NaOH, which precipitated sodium chloride and freebase harmalas. However freebased Harmalas are not soluble in water, but sodium chloride is, so as long as I did not add to much HCL or NaOH I would not saturate the water with too much salt to fully dissolve. That is to say, the salt produced would be dissolved in the water, which could be discarded via filtering. If however you add more than the volume of water can dissolve, salt with precipitate out of the water.

Often I see pictures of mesc, harmala, or DMT crystals that looks very suspect indeeeed!
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