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So you get this crazy idea and you THINK you want to make it a reality. It seems possible? Right? I mean, people travel to Tikal all the time from all over the world. I gotta admit there was a ton of crazy luck behind being able to make that amazing adventure happen.

The easiest part was getting the airline tickets. Once I purchased the tickets I had a moment of near panic.

Now wait! Dude! What are you doing?

I wasnt taking off alone, I am happily married to a wonderful woman who I love dearly. We have been together for 11 years. She gets me! She understands me, and she accepts me. How on earth am I going to sell this to her. My wife likes to indulge a bit. She isnt into DMT though. She did go to burningman with me last year, she doesnt like spiders and snakes or walks through the jungle at night. How was I going to convince her that what I was planning was really going to be fun for her also. How was I going to convince her that it wasnt some DRUG INDUCED FANTASY! Better yet, How was I going to convince her that I wasnt going to get US in allot of trouble attempting this. This story would never be told were it not for the wonderful woman that is Mrs Ice House. She was the ever present voice of reason that kept me on task and thinking things through.

Once Mrs Ice House was on board things didnt get any easier, at least not as easy as it seemed it should be. I knew the solstice was on the 21st of December so that was good. I wont discuss the fact that changa was on the wish list for that evening and the logistics of that. There are rules in Guatemala. Tikal is a federal park with a military base at the front entrance. The Guat military patrols and runs the park. There are strict rules in the park. 6:00 pm the park is closed. There are several gates all manned and there are night patrols conducted by the military security. The nearest town is Flores, about an hour drive from the front gate to the park. Inside the park are two small hotels, these hotels are about :45 minute walk through the jungleto thr ruins. Mrs Ice House wasnt sleeping in the jungle or in the ruins, so we lucked out and were able to book a room at The Tikal Inn.

A link up had to be made with Olympus mon who was in Honduras. The Link up would happen in Belize and we would travel to Tikal by bus.
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