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so SWIM was wondering about extracting LSA with alcohol and then adding peppermint oil to the mix to form "LSH"

here is a tek that he found somewhere


ill go into detail with the LSA Vadka if you dont mind... however this should only be done in places where its 100% legal.

1. Grind your seeds as much as possible (the finer the better)

2. Soak the seed powder into your non-polar solvent (i use acetone) , zippo fluid, ect. can be used. the most important thing is it must evaporate clean. they should soak for around an hour with vigorous shaking every now and then.

3. Filter the seed mush through coffee filters or somthing. Discard the liquid and save the seed mush allowing it to fully dry and make sure that all n/p solvent has evaparated, if you're not sure you can smell the seed mush if it smells like the n/p solvent you used either its not done evaping or the solvent you used doesnt evaperate clean.

4. ok so now you have your dried seed mush after the solvent soak. Simply take the seed mush and soak it in a high proof alcohol for 1-3 days shaking it whenever you think about it. Filter off the seed mush and discard it, all of the LSA'S are now suspeneded in the alcohol. You can drink the alcohol and get the desired effects.

thats pretty much it... hope i didnt leave anyhting out and that you can read through that mess

later in the thread it went to say that acetone would pick up some of the alkies..SWIM was just wondering what thoughts all of you had on this tek

it's a sound

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I wouldn't be surprised if that initial wash with acetone does pull out some of your alkaloids.

If I recall correctly from the reading I've done in the past, a simple coldwater extraction results in a better quality brew than any of the more complex extractions.

With regards to LSH, I still haven't seen any evidence that it will be generated in the presence of acetaldehyde or mint oil. 69Ron says he has a paper that describes its formation in the presence of aceteldehyde at low pH, but I haven't seen any such paper. Until I do, I remain skeptical.

What I can attest to is that treating an LSA extract (coldwater or otherwise) with peppermint oil (in the presence of a minimal amount of ethanol) will substantially change the experience. The actual reason for this change is up in the air, as far as I'm concerned.
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SWIM Soxhlet extracted LSA from HBWR using acetone. MEK also works.

Sorry...I still haven't found that paper...I should have book marked itSad
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I think a simple cold water extract with ground LSA seeds and peppermint/mint foliage and oil added is best.

Shake for 36 hours. Then strain and drink.

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