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Dr Psychonaut
#21 Posted : 10/23/2011 7:21:31 PM

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I just wanted to say that having recently had my first third plateau experience I am truly amazed by this compound. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I want to thank HF for sharing this knowledge with the community. I've experienced other dissociatives but nothing ever came close to the depth and understanding I achieved with DXM. This thread seemed the appropriate place to share my experience report:

I dosed 700mg as at 10mg/kg this should take me well into a third plateau experience. I had been mentally preparing myself all week and was ready to go deep. I did some yoga then waited for the effects which began to come on around an hour and a half after ingestion. I had a small joint ready for the nausea on the come up, however I was just too late as right when I was about to spark it up I purged 3 times and just couldn’t hold it down. Soon enough any discomfort didn’t matter one bit though, as I began feeling good with a rushing speedy kind of feeling I could only describe as an MDMA rush without the intensity. This got more intense before leading into a profound dissociation, at which point I lay down with my headphones in and let myself pass into this heavily detached state. The music began to surround my being and soon it was leading the whole experience. Faint pastel-like shades of purple and greys were shimmering and rotating, and I began to feel a brief detached anxiety of my ego realising I was heading to a state of consciousness far from where it could keep any kind of track on reality. This didn’t last though, and soon enough the boundaries of my ego had dissolved, and I felt a direct communication with my higher self. Suddenly there was an understanding of everything on a much deeper level, and abstract meaningful thoughts popped up as if from nowhere.

I certainly felt the sensation that I was travelling great distances around this beautiful inner realm, and as the music built up I felt myself at the foot of this almighty being who was channelling this incredible energy to me which I then chanelled to my loved ones. I had absolutely everything I could ever need right there and then, it felt like a profound satisfaction of purely existing, and my entire being felt invigorated. After putting on the band ‘Explosions in the sky’ I began to ascend higher to a state of pure bliss. The music and the DXM were in perfect synchrony and somehow channelled an energy that allowed my frequency to ascend to the highest level I've ever experienced, where I was just pure consciousness experiencing eternal bliss with no internal dialogue and no sense of time. I could imagine being in that state for eternity with no desire for anything more, it was a truly profound feeling. I began to feel such strong loving forces, and I could feel the strong sensation that love is the ultimate foundation of the universe and it’s immense power can heal and cure anyone who can channel it. The notes in the music began saying ‘love, love, love, love’ and I fully understood that this feeling of eternal bliss was orchestrated by the ability to accept and feel this love in all it’s capacity. I felt this love wash over my soul and I gave myself the self love that I had often denied myself in life. I then began sending this loving energy to my family who I could feel so vividly, that it felt as if I was in direct contact with their higher consciousness. I felt them as a part of me, and how we are all in the same soul group, wanting to help each other in anyway possible through the power of love. This feeling of bliss continued and continued and I never wanted to come back.

I felt distant rumblings of my stomach and realised how truly dissociated I was from my body, I regarded it as a vehicle that I’d vacated and now it wanted more fuel. I thought about how much mainentance our physical bodies require and how we have to feed them and wash them and keep them healthy. It was bizarre thinking about the body in this way but made complete sense that it was just the vehicle through which our higher self functioned on the physical plane. These stomach rumblings led me back into my body and I gradually allowed myself to come back into my body more, though I could still immediately go back and access my higher self by closing my eyes and letting the music flow. I felt like I had achieved true enlightenment, I felt such a strong connection with the music and felt like these tremendously higher beings had made this symphony just for me to experience this blissful state.

I awoke the next morning feeling incredibly drained and slept in as long as I could. Despite feeling so very depleted of energy there was this incredible afterglow that felt like I’d been reborn. I am so thankful that I had the chance to experience this.

Once again thanks HF for giving such good guidelines on how to use DXM correctly. I think it does have great therapeutic potential in terms of dealing with inner issues, while being detached enough to not become too distressed by any difficult memories or emotions. I did find the side effects paricularly troublesome however, namely the stomach aches, the nausea and the itching, but these were a small price to pay for such an incredibly deep experience.


All events described in any posts by Dr Psychonaut are entirely fictitious and for educational purposes only.

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#22 Posted : 10/23/2011 11:07:11 PM

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Very nice trip report Dr.

I think you captured what it is that people find amazing about Dex.

Only comments I can say are:

A) There is no real qualitative difference between 7.5mg/kg and 10mg/kg - As much as the experience of other drugs leads us to believe in a gradual curve of effect to dose, the plateaus of DXM are just that... plateaus. The minute you take enough mgs to tip the bucket into 3rd plateau, you are basically in 3rd. There might be some minor deepening of the effects as you get past the threshold range, but SWIM finds that taking exactly 7.5 plus a pinch for weight fluctuation or good measure is ideal, and eliminates excess waste or body load.

B) If you decide to play with it again, try drinking ginger and peppermint tea (or any other anti-emetic) before starting to dose. Break up your dose into 3 or 4 segments as well. This should eliminate the purge. You could also try getting to your spliff right away...

C) Try taking a bath in the dark. The bath eliminates the itchiness... and it can be HEAVENLY. Take precautions, don't do anything silly. But now that you know the zone, you can see that even when OOB, you aren't likely to pass out or drown. It isn't like heroin.

As for the being drained the next day... them's the breaks. It is, perhaps, what keeps DXM from becoming a fiendy MOAR type drug. It is probably a good thing that it takes some time to recover from it.

All the best amigo...
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#23 Posted : 4/26/2014 12:16:25 PM


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Hey great thread really excited. Sorry for bumping an old thread just thought it would be better here than to start a new one.

You see I live in a country where its difficult to import entheogens and recently discovered through a friend I can acquire this dxm. Funny supposed to get some lsd this weekend, just like the buses nothign for ages then 2 come along at once hehe so googled dxm read erowid and drugs forum and the majority was stupid teenagers getting wasted and falling about but did read a few decent reports which made it seem worthwhile then today googled nexus dxm and got this, gold. I remember reading this at the time as well but never bothered busy with other things.

Ive had about a 2 year period where only had occasional ketamine and mdma, its ok but get bored of ketamine and for me the stuff I can get it just isnt deep enough, dont want to eat it anymore as heard bad things, after eating it a few times, had really good deep experiences and a good afterglow but after the deep part it was like all these visual distortions that I just wanted to go away, more recreational for me as the side effects of high doses arent worth it and its an awful lot of stuff to be snorting now Im not eating it.

Anyhoo excited about this, bought some pure tablets took one for allergy then next day took 225mg im 75kg so 3mg per kg. Only got a mild stoney effect and some color saturation, reading dosage calculator this is beginning of 2nd plateu, didnt feel very psychedelic at all so going to take the 7mg per kg when I get the chance, will report back but im wondering wasnt sure but should I stagger the dose or not?? Cheers
#24 Posted : 4/26/2014 10:59:05 PM

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A couple notes of caution on this subject if I may.

I and many others have noted obvious, persistent signs of neurological damage in people who've abused high doses of DXM over long periods of time (a couple years in the case of the fellow I met who stammered badly and had difficulty focusing which he acknowledged being caused by his abuse of DXM). While Onley's lesions in humans due to DSM use hasn't been proven as far as I know, there are plenty enough former, heavy users who will acknowledge a negative impact on their mental functioning. Point is, if you're going to use this stuff, don't do it regularly and particularly not if you're using high doses.

There was once a very well known figure in the entheogenic community who went by the name of D. M. Turner. He's no longer with us after drowning in his bathtub on Ketamine. Bathtubs and high dose dissociatives don't mix safely without a sitter.

Finally, DO NOT USE DXM WITH A MAOI. This can be a deadly mix, so please don't use changa or ingest any MAOI when you're doing or going to take DXM.
#25 Posted : 4/26/2014 11:17:12 PM

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what you just said, can apply to any NMDA-antagonist, including alcohol. cessation of use may
mitigate those symptoms, the brain is surprisingly elastic.
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#26 Posted : 5/2/2014 10:31:45 PM

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Appreciate the cautionary input Coja. Never can err too far on the side of safety.

Of course brother Benz is correct in saying that basically all Dissos can have negative side effects... particularly if you abuse them. Personally, the idea of doing DXM even 2 days in a row seems crazy, but there are walking cautionary tales around who managed to take the stuff like it was vitamins... and paid the price for it.

The fact that people who seriously abuse a substance can be found with lasting negative effects does not indicate that a substance can not be used safely by people with a bit of intelligence and self control. People who get addicted to DXM and regularly 4th plateau for days on end, for years can not be too surprised if they have some cognitive issues. I think the equivalent of that in classical psychs would be like taking a 10 strip of acid 5x a week for a few years. (you can find some fools with stammers, inability to cope or full on residency in a nuthouse who followed that diet)

I guess you could mess yourself up pretty badly if you abused Fatburgers and milkshakes.

I don't think anyone needs to Dex more than 2x a month and even that might be overdoing it. Furthermore, no one really needs to ever take more than 7.5mg per kg. Say 8 to be sure if you are a hardhead. 4th plateau is NOT better than 3rd. (and Sigma is just stupid)

Most important IMHO is drinking tons of water. And the need for darkness.

As for the tub issue... DM Turner got electrocuted taking a bath during a thunderstorm as far as I know. A slightly different situation. I think a sitter is a good idea anyway, but if your tub is not so big that you can easily slip underwater, you should be fine. (i.e. If your feet touch the far end) IMHO DXM is not meant to knock you out or have experiences where you have no connection to your body. At the ideal dose, you can travel the cosmos without losing contact with your body. K-Holing is not really equivalent to upper plateau DXM in this. I can not speak for others (we're all different), but back when I was taking DXM there was very little chance I could drown on it... short of someone knocking me over the head with a 2x4.

At any rate, be safe. Do not take anything on this thread as any kind of encouragement to use DXM... and certainly not to abuse it.

Take care.
"Curiouser and curiouser..." ~ Alice

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." ~ Buddha
#27 Posted : 1/26/2018 9:14:49 PM

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The last year ive had a few life changing experiences with dxm.
Untill now it hasnt been avaiable to me since its not sold at the pharmacies here.

My only previous times were in india where i first tried it.
Its funny since many people enjoy ketamine in india whereas i was happy to finally try dxm when i was there.
Also doing it in a very spirutual part of the world helped me to fully appreciate the powerful entheogenic properties of this drug.

Anyway the reason im posting is cause of a common side effect which is urinary retention from dxm.
Not everyone gets it but for some people like me it can cause a very bad situation mentally and possible physsicly.
I noticed it first in india on my second of three trips with it there, i was unable to pee for a very long time.
But somehow i finally managed to do it after long time.

However when i started experementing with it again last summer i had an experience that really frightened me.
I did a low third platue with a bunch of n20, had a great mystical experience where my hi end stereo system became a god of sound speaking through the music.

After the peak i really needed to pee but just could not.
I had zero feeling in my genitals and could not connect to my bladder, it got so painful i ended up going to the hospital after a few hours.
After that i told myself that was the end of dxm for me, i thought it was a side effect that made it impossible for me to do this safely.

But after a few months i looked around for others who had this issue, and I found a workaround tactic that actually worked for me.


What im suggesting might not be safe and one should truly know your body and limitations before trying what ive now done a few times.
Im in good shape and do regular fasting and have a good knowledge of nutrition and how the body works

I basicly restrict water intake before the trip and load upp on some carbs a few hours before to further increase water retention.

Ive calculated that about 4-6hours after ive efter the dxm i start to have problems urinating,
So the trick is not to have a need to urinate untill i regain the ability which is usually about 12-15hours after dosing.

Now here is the tricks part, dxm will make you very hot and not drinking during the whole trip might feel dangerous and/or very taxing on your system.
So i recommend having a bottle of very cold water that you can swirl around in your mouth and then spit out most and only drink very little here and there when really hot and thirsty.

This sideeffect is also common with iboga and ive read of similar protocols for that.
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