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#1 Posted : 10/24/2008 10:51:12 PM

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my idea would be to use one of these:

with a normal bong line this: http://partner.head-shop...product/00350/00350.jpg

instead of using the straight glass tube which is sticking into the bulb of the smoke bubble one would need a bent glass tube so one could fit it in the chillum of the bong without the bubble pointing upwards. all one would need to have is some sort of adapter piece.

i have a glass blower in town who makes very nice bongs. i thought about asking him about a bent glass tube with a standard bong adapter on one side. if one had a big bong one could probably suck the breakthrough dose up in one puff.

the second idea i had would be to use one of these things instead of the smoke bubble: http://www.flutschkopf.c...ngs/Ehle_Vorkuehler.jpg

that way one wouldn't need the adapter piece to be made.

what do you think about this? it would probably also be very cool to have some ice cubes in the bong so that the smoke will be nice & cool.

any other ideas?
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