Can Pharma be taken as Sublingual Powder? Options
#1 Posted : 7/29/2011 1:55:31 PM

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I know this is done with tincture.

But what about just putting double-powder in mouth.

Would this have to be as Double Freebase to be most effective?

For Example 50mg Harmala Freebase and 50ml Dmitrius Freebase?


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#2 Posted : 7/29/2011 2:00:22 PM

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I think amor fati was doing what he called linguahuasca (I think) and mucosahuasca, do some search and I think you'll find, or send him a pm, and let us know if you try Smile
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I’ve tried this, and have never had any success: Large doses of sublingual harmala alkaloids can cause just as much nausea as when taken orally. DMT freebase sublingually causes intense burning sensations – I don’t recommend it. DMT acetate made by adding just a few drops of vinegar to freebase is much easier to take sublingually, but I’ve taken doses as high as 100mg without any effect.

Other than avoiding the taste of oral harmalas and DMT, there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to sublingual administration – “linguahuasca”.
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Oh Yeah, I guess Fati's research is coming back to me now.
The Tincture must have been a progression after trying powdered form.
Sorry to ask self-answerable questions...

I wonder if a little DMSO has been tried in Amor's tincture style.

I'll have to do a search...Shocked
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splendit idea!!!
but if you take the taste into the equation ...Rolling eyes
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For some reason, dmt doesn't seem to work well sublingually, but harmalas seem to work just fine. It seems that different substances have different degrees of effectiveness when taken sublingually, but unfortunately, dmt does not rank high on effectiveness when taken sublingually. Plus, dmt is quite uncomfortable sublingually.
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Plus, dmt is quite uncomfortable sublingually.

I guess you mean in the mouth...

Irritating etc...
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yh dude sub-lingual literally means under-the-tongue, sorry i know an old thread but just read it and thought it might b worth adding if anyone else reading may hav been wondering.
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it does work..or at least it worked for me. I used harmine/harmaline hcl salts and DMT fumarates. It is shorter than oral which is a plus in some situations. I only tried it once with an eyeballed lump of harmalas(50-70mg maybe) and a small ammount of eyeballed DMT(20-30mg)...I think I could have gotten away with less harmalas, but the way I feel after larger harmala doses is soo great.
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..that's really interesting, fractal, never thought of that particular method, thanks...
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How about sublingual harmalas followed by insufflated Spice? That could be a winner, no?
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Purges wrote:
How about sublingual harmalas followed by insufflated Spice? That could be a winner, no?

Sublingual harmalas + DMT vaped with a GVG sounds yummier to me Smile
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