Cannabis infused Hemp seed oil Options
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Yeah that is what I was referring to and the oil will get much hotter than the water so watch the temperature. I think it's better to use an oil here instead of water as it gets hotter.

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Could this be used in an oil burner or as incense?
Forgive my ignorance if that is a stupid question.
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I have tried this method with great success. I used canola oil to heat up safflower oil. The only modification I made was that I added a little bit of water to the oil and cannabis. Separating from the water was not to difficult with a syringe, but still inconvenient.

I have to recommend safflower oil for those of you who are looking for something cheaper then hemp oil and healthier then coconut (debatable). Safflower oil has a very mild taste, and high flash point. It also is high in antioxidants.
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